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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunday Reruns - Frogs and Snails


Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

Today I want to use Sunday Favorites to celebrate the birth of our oldest son, Kelly.

Those of you who are regulars here have already noticed that we have celebrated the birthdays of TWO of our children within the past two weeks. Well - - - guess what??? I managed to have THREE of my children within a two week span. Oh, they weren't all born in the SAME year - - - but how in the world did I manage to have three of my four babies in the same two week span, I ask ya!?!?

Actually, I've already run this post about Kelly TWICE before, but this time I am editing it to add more photos and stories. Kelly IS what stories are made of. Enjoy.

"Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails"

(First posting 3/26/2008)
(Second posting 5/29/09)

This is my favorite
Portrait that was ever taken
Of any of my babies.

Notice, I did NOT say
This is my favorite child.
I have FOUR favorite children.

But this is the cutest
Portrait that was ever
Captured of any of them
When they were in their
Baby phase.

This is Kelly.
He is our oldest son
And is now 28.

The stories I could tell.
Oh I think I will
Share just a few:

When he was this size,
He loved to have
"pecial" time with his mommy.
That included stories
And songs - - - while the
Other children napped.

One day when he was
About three, I found him
Trying to sell the gravel
Out of our driveway
For 5 cents per rock.

I told him no one wanted
To buy our gravel.
He said,
"Uh huh, Mommy!"
And opened up his chubby
Little paw in which
Were three dirty nickels.

When he was in Grade School
He once took his little sister,
Korie, by the hand
Door to door telling people:
"Our grandma died
And we don't have any food
To eat."

I still had to LIVE
In that neighborhood after that!

During his high school years
His sense of humor and adventure
Kept us all on our toes.

Here he is posing with some of
His youth group friends
In what I like to think of as their
New York City Immigrants look.

I don't want to make you lose all your hair,
So I won't describe what it was like
To ride in a car with him as
He learned to drive - - -
Let it just suffice to say
I won't ride with him yet today.

He still delights in picking on his mama.

One of the reasons I
don't grocery shop
Is because he takes
every opportunity
tear the labels off the
Canned goods on my pantry shelves.

OK - - - so that has nothing

To do with why I don't shop - - -

Now he's all grown up,

And is the manager of
A thriving Pizza Hut
In Fort Wayne.
I am not surprised - - -
He was ALWAYS a good worker
If pay was involved.

And STILL his antics continue.

Antics like posting
A faux Las Vegas wedding photo
On his Facebook,
And getting all of us REALLY excited
Because we all LOVE Cathy
And want to keep her.

Or how about entertaining the crowd
By dancing with the groom,
His childhood friend, Matt.
(Who is all grown up now too)

One day he shall have a son of his own,
And his son will be

His little nephew, Mackinley,
Already is!!!


We are so proud to call you our son.



Connie N. said...

What a neat post!

Kristin - The Goat said...

What I want to know is if you figured out what was 9 months prior to the births of those children. What happens in Feb/March?? LOL

I thought we'd celebrated a few births already. Goodness, you must really celebrate the coming of spring :)

Ann in the UP said...

Ohhh, yes. Just like him! Batten down the hatches!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sweet post. Happy Birthday Kelly.

Rhonda said...

Happy Sunday Keetha,
Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I enjoyed your birthday post to your son, very sweet.
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Lori E said...

Hmm. Ya, Kirby is right. Very interesting. I'll bet it is the start of football playoffs or something.
Go Team!
Oh yes, birthday wishes for your son too.

Keri said...

Oh how I love that brother of mine!!

(disclaimer...I love BOTH of my brothers!)

I have lots of stories of my own I could share about growing up with Kelly. And I wouldn't trade ANY of them for ANYTHING. (Yes, even the ones which at the time made me want to strangle him!)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hmm, do you REALLY want us all to speculate on what YOU were doing 9 months before the births of 3 of your kids within a 2 week period? :-P

Cute story! I know what you mean about the driving lessons -- I'd come home after going out with Alida and tell Howard, "Well, I cheated Death again today...."

She drove like Pee Wee Herman's love child wearing a blindfold.


Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend...

Ahhh...sending your Kelly lots of great birthday wishes!!! Ohhh my gosh, Girl...your Kelly is quite the guy! Loved reading about some of his cute little shinanigans!!! Selling gravel? Too cute!

Now...I will say that these children must have learned this behavior from somebody??? Could it be that their mama leans a bit toward shinanigan-ville herself? Hehe!!! I love it, Girlfriend!!! Thanks so much for sharing your Kelly with us for Sunday Favorites...and again, Happy Birthday, Kelly!!!

Warmest wishes and Christmas Blessings to you and your family, my friend!

Love ya,
Chari @ Happy To Design

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

LOL, he sounds like a nut, said lovingly, I have one of these 2...never knew what to expect next out of
You are a lucky lady, if he didn't love you he wouldn't pick on you...or at least that's what my son keeps telling me. I sometimes want to say could you just not love me soooo
Have a great week and Merry Christmas too you.

grammy said...

Another cool Kelly trick was calling you on April Fool's Day from the jail, asking you to come and get him. And selling his Dr. Pepper to other family members for a dollar a can...guess we shouldn't be surprised that he is now manager of not just ANY Pizza Hut, but a Black Roof Pizza Hut!!! There is a big diffence between Red Roof and Black Roof Huts. Wish I could go pick up one tonite!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Brown Roof

j said...

I really like your son! He sounds like he loves life and enjoys making others laugh.

Have a great week Keetha!

Anonymous said...

He has the greatest smile

Nancy said...

Fun post! Your kids seem to love life -- just like their mom.

Did you get tired of birthday cake by the time his birthday rolled around each year?

grammy said...

Ooops!!! Thanks for correcting the roof color. I've told everyone traveling thru IN to look for wrong color roof!!! Do they have the brown roof Pizza Huts in other States? I sure wish we had one close to us. The salad bar, decor, FRESH herbs, garden rooms...they are like no other Pizza Hut!!! I have never seen a manager treat customers so well as Kelly did...opening the door, thanking them for coming...Kelly really knows how to treat his customers.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Great post! I dont know how you made through the fake facebook photo. Or I should say your son, bc if he was mine I wouldve lost it I think! in thinking he published w/o telling us.LOL

Cathy said...

I had to visit and see the post! Oh the stories I could add. It was two years ago about this time when Kelly was driving around with a lit Christmas tree in the bed of his Chevy S10. He received a lot of honks from cars driving by and he loved it. I thought he was crazy!

Speaking of customer service, Kelly recently received an award from PHI (corporate) for his outstanding customer service. The award is sitting on his mantel. He is very proud of it and should be! He works so hard.

grammy said...

Cathy, it's so good to read your comment. I miss seeing you guys and can't wait to get back there. When I saw how well he treated his customers, he deserves that award. Congrats to him and for choosing to be a part of our family. We are so proud of you also.

grammy said...

Cathy, my comment s/h read "congrats to you for choosing to be a part of our family"...see, we have staked a claim on you my dear!!! That is so funny about the tree in his Chevy.

Keetha Broyles said...


Why would I be surprised about the Christmas tree in the truck idea - - - one year, when he was driving a 1975 Park Avenue (which he paid $75 cash for, but was having to pay double that each MONTH for insurance) he WRAPPED the whole thing in gift wrap and drove it around that way.

I don't believe he has one shy bone in his body.

Cathy said...

LOL, he placed blue neon lights underneath the Astro and to this day I feel like he did it just to make me cringe. How I despised riding in the car with him with those lights on.

He doesn’t make life boring!

Keri said...

I am not surprised at all that he got an award! He works so hard and it shows in his store that it's important to him. I've wondered before if the Pine Valley customers have noticed a difference there since he left.

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm POSITIVE they noticed a difference since he left.

I tried to visit him at his new store one Saturday as I was passing through Fort Wayne - - - and I knew the SECOND I walked in the door that HE wasn't in the store - - - no one greeted me, the floor wasn't clean - - - it didn't look like a "Kelly"

Cathy - - - I'm LOVING all these comments from you!!!

I reread my first comment to you and it didn't sound, without voice inflections, like I intended it to sound - - - I MEANT, why SHOULD I be taken by surprise about the tree - - - meant it in a laughing, agreeing with you tone - - - I hope that's what you "heard" when you read it, cause without knowing me, it might of sounded kinda, well not like I meant it.