Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

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For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris Go to Church


Read all about it here.


Color Me - - -



(graphic from

Our trip from Indiana to Wisconsin through the dead of the night went off like a charm.

Well, there was that one time when Fisherhubby's boat trailer lights stopped working - - - but he pulled over and fiddled with them for a few minutes and we were off to the races again.

Even Chicago was kind to us. That'll happen when you hit it at 4:30 AM and folks with BRAINS in their heads are still snoozing in their beds and NOT driving through the loop.

We did pull into the Wisconsin Welcome Rest Stop and snooze for about an hour. That was wonderful.

So - - - it is NOT the trip here which is overwhelming me. Nor is it the packing that we did back in Indiana, nor the cleaning either - - - those tasks are checked right off the old list.

No, what is overwhelming me today is trying to imagine WHERE IN THE WORLD we will put all our earthly possessions in that tiny duplex. Even after drastic sorting and weeding out - - - the stuff from our two story four bedroom home is going bulge out the walls on our duplex.

Oh well - - - if we cram all our furniture in there, slam and lock the door, I guess Fisherhubby and I can sleep on the street in the bed of his pick up truck.

The Clampets have arrived in Wisconsin Rapids.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

We are Wisconsinites!!!


We arrived safe and sound in our new Wisconsin home town at 11:30 AM today!!!

More news later - - - but I knew some of you were worried about us since we started out at 2 AM.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

And Then He Went Fishing - - -


Today was the day to pull out the old elbow grease and do some scrubbing and cleaning at our empty house.

Fisherhubby started out helping me - - - he was wielding a mean vacuum cleaning machine.

His fishing buddy Mark, who is also a landlord and therefore has learned some pretty cool and quick cleaning methods joined us and began scrubbing the baseboards.

Now - - - before you get tooooo carried away with praise for how wonderful these men are to HELP like that, let me tell you the REST of the story. By the way, they ARE for the most part pretty wonderful, they just have ONE HUGE FLAW - - - they have a major addiction - - - FISHING.

Before all the work was done, when I still had a list a mile long of things that needed to be completed, they decided it was time to go fishing.

Away they went - - - happy as clams and twice as carefree.

I, on the other hand, stayed behind and scrubbed away until well after 4 PM BY MYSELF.

Oh - - - but I'll get the last laugh!!!

MY part of cleaning over there is FINISHED. So when Fisherhubby has to go back tomorrow to clean out his garage, I shall be living the life of Riley somewhere RELAXING!!!

(photo credit:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going - - - Going - - -


We started out this morning (5:30 for me) with all our furniture still in its place. About 9 AM, that began to change - - - drastically.

My dad and our pastor came to help, and it didn't take long for things to get "going."

Going - - - going - - - out of every room!!!

All that sorting and packing we did for the last couple of weeks paid off.

Some things boxed to "go" with us. Some things boxed to "go" to the mission for resale. And some things (this is PART of them - except the jacket, that belongs to Pastor Mark) to "go" to my friend Vangie's antique booth.

Oh, as I was boxing these things up to go to the antique booth - - - I THOUGHT of all of you who love to thrift, and I gotta tell ya - - - I'd have GIVEN you my "stuff" if you'd just have come to PACK and CARRY! (That's just like "cash and carry" without the cash.)

Then the Arkansas Bull Frog began to get his fill. I can tell you, he ISN'T hungry tonight!!!

And this??? This is our PASTOR with his sleeves rolled up, down in the belly of the whale - - I mean frog, loading and adjusting the load!!! Does YOUR pastor do this for you??? Oh goodness, we are going to MISS him and his family.

Thank you, Pastor Mark! You rock. And roll.

About 4 PM, the Bull Frog hopped on down the road. Mission accomplished.

We are totally exhausted.

Tomorrow we "get" to clean.

(See Brunhilda and Borris' "take" on today here.)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breaking Up is Hard to Do - - -


Breaking up is the pits. I'm not talking about:

Dear John, I'm so over you it isn't even funny.
I USED to luv ya,


Though, we've all been down THAT road and at the time we thought our world was shattered.

And I'm not even talking about "breaking up" one household, packing it all in, and moving to another. Though goodness sakes, that is pretty hard to do too.

No, I'm talking about breaking up circles of relationships. Leaving the old circles behind and forging ahead to the new.

There is a bitter sweet quality to it - - - sad good-byes while looking ahead to new opportunities and new friendships. But it is still hard to do.

One of my Junior High students from last year contacted me to see if I'd be willing to have lunch with her and a couple of her friends before I leave. I found room in my packing schedule and - - -

Fifteen of my former Junior Highers met me for lunch Saturday. FIFTEEN!!!

I find it absolutely mind boggling that kids would want to "waste" part of their Saturday to meet their OLD (and old is the definitive word here) teacher for lunch.

But they did. It was so great to see them all together - - - it was like we hadn't ever been separated.

Remember, these kids are all separated from each other in four different school systems now - - - and yet they all came together for one last "hurrah."

Several moms who are also my friends joined us.

So sweet. So sad. So fun.

The week before, my former colleagues also met me for lunch.

We are also scattered to various new positions.

Some of us are still teaching, some have taken employment in the business world, some have gone to work for Indiana Wesleyan University,

One is a librarian, two have taken ministry positions. One of us moved an hour away, and now I'm moving two STATES away.

We will never all work together again.

Our Lakeview "family" is no more.

Times change. Life moves forward.



Breaking up is so hard to do.


Monday, October 25, 2010

There's an Arkansas Bull Frog in My Driveway!!!


Things are getting pretty echoy and empty around here.

Now there's this big ole Arkansas Bull Frog sitting in my driveway. He doesn't croak or ribbitt and he has a great big empty belly for us to fill. That filling is scheduled to begin at 9:30 AM Wednesday. Then the bull frog will "hop" away to Wisconsin.

Here are a few "packing tid bits" for various of my family members!

Kaeleigh, Mackinley, and Piper:

Look what we packed up today! They are going on the truck, and when you come to visit Kamma and Papoo in Wisconsin, you will find them WAITING there for you!!


I found this in the computer room today. I have stuffed it with a few of your "tiny treasures" that we found in various places. I think some of the treasures will make you smile! I imagine this will be waiting for you over at Peepaw's garage, along with a couple of small boxes of your things that Papoo found in your old bedroom.


I'm sure you will breathe a sigh of relief to know that THIS is safe and sound. It is already packed in a box to go to Wisconsin - - - just for "posterior" sakes. ;-)

For those of you who are scratching your heads in confusion - - - this is the last remnant of the days when America STILL believed in "spare the rod and spoil the child."

Kelly was well acquainted with this particular "rod" , for on multiple occasions it was applied to his "seat of learning." (Three whacks - - - that was my rule.) On one such occasion, the wood having been weakend in the dishwasher, the spoon portion broke as you see it here.

Many is the time Kelly KNEW he was about to get in trouble, so BEFORE he disobeyed, he dressed himself in several pairs of shorts, sweat pants, and jeans over the whole kit and kaboodle - - - for plenty of padding. Then he did his "dastardly deed," which usually involved picking on his sister Korie, and took the consequences.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

He Who Knocks - - -

More hail today.

It was small this time, and we don't think it did any further damage - - - - but still!!

When it rains, it HAILS!!!

Sister Pam sent me what I thought was a FABULOUS idea. She said I could put a sign on my door, for the storm chasers, that says: "He who knocks, packs a box!"

I didn't make that sign - - - but the NEXT time my doorbell rang and it was a chaser, I smiled and said, "We're moving, so he who knocks packs a box!!"

Oh, you should have SEEN the look on his face.

Alas, he did NOT pack a box.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Something Scary This Way Comes - - -


My long time readers know (and some love) Brunhilda and Borris. My new bloggy friends may not be so fortunate. (?)

A few weeks ago, Brunhilda and Borris began their own blog. All of us who are experienced bloggers know that it takes a while for a new blog to be "found" in cyber space.

I have agreed to help B & B by advertising their new blog from time to time.

You will find they have made a new and very mysterious post today. I'm sure they'd LOVE to hear from you!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Then THEY Descended Upon Us Like Flies!


The other day, in the midst of our packing to move, a sudden high wind and large hail storm hit. It sounded like a mob was beating our house with golf clubs.

I stood frozen in the family room debating if it was time to hide in the pantry while Fisherhubby stood at the front door shouting "blow it all away so we won't have to move anything!!!"

It did NOT blow it all away.

It DID do damage. Can you see it? HOLES in the siding? Here, let me help you:

Great! Just what we needed, hail damage that will have to be repaired. One more detail to take care of before we leave.

Early the next morning I phoned our insurance agent and got the ball rolling. (Small commercial - - - American Family Insurance is GREAT - - - very helpful - - - very thorough - - - very kind.)

And then THEY descended upon us like flies:

Storm chasers.

None of them from around here.

There were several more for which we didn't get a card or flyer.

One of them actually prefaced her "pitch" to me with "we are not a storm chasing company."

"Oh really?" thought I - - - "you just HAPPENED to be passing by our house today when you're based over an hour away. Hmmmmmmm interesting coincidence!"

I guess times are tough all over and they're hungry too.

We ignored all of them and called a local contractor whom we know and trust.

Oh - - - and the insurance check is already in our hands. See, I TOLD you American Family was great!

Update on 10/22/10 - - - more "storm chasers" appear daily at our door. One today was from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!!!!! Good grief.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hypothetically Speaking - - -


Fifty-six year old women have no business trying to stand on top of one of these to reach into a high cupboard when they are packing to move.

I'm just sayin' - - -

Not that I'd personally know from experience or anything.

I'll live, but one of my finger nails may not.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Blog is Packin' Up - - -

And moving.

Oh, not just the BLOG is moving - - - Fisherhubby and I are going with it too.

Right now we have a lot of this goin' on:

Which neither of us enjoys doing, so we look kinda like this:

Only neither of us is that young or that skinny.

Monday THIS will be parked in our driveway, and we'll have until Wednesday to get 'r packed up, so those nice ABF boys can come drive her away.

After that we'll have a couple of days for painting and carpet cleaning - - - then we're outa here.

I'm exhausted already - - - -

(Packing box photo from, box heads from, and ABF from


Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's a Long Hard Fall From the Top!!


18th Ranked Bucky

Knocked #1 Ranked Brutus
Right on his kisser!

Wisconsin 31 - Ohio State - 18

And I am PROUD of "my" Boys!!

(Photo Credits: Bucky -, Brutus -


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Worth Watching


I watched this last night on ESPN.

This is the episode title.

This is Vlade Divac.

The story is told from his perspective.

It is a story of friendship, division, heartbreak.

And yet - - - Vlade restored my faith in

The capacity of the human heart to love through adversity.

See it.

Find more information and the showing times here.

(All images are from ESPN)


Someone Special is Having a Birthday


My friend Tricia, of "Three Petunias" has a friend, Will, who is facing the fight of his life, FOR his life. Today is his birthday, and I want to join the parade of well wishers.

Happy Birthday, Will!

Tricia says you are "the best"

And since she is wonderful in every way,

I believe her!

Hope this day is truly special.

Thank you for your service to our country.

I KNOW our freedom is not free,

And you have paid a high price for it.

These wishes are coming to you from

North Central Indiana.

You too may send your salutations to Will by clicking here.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cell Phone Humor


We are in full fledge sorting and packing mode around here. Won't be very long now 'til that moving van is backed up to our door and we gotta be ready.

At one point today as I was sorting, I came across an old phone charger. Now folks, I am not one to keep up with current technology, but this charger even made ME laugh. It looked big enough to float the Titanic.

I pulled it out by its cord and said to Fisherhubby, "What in the WORLD is this?" We both had a good chuckle as I threw it away.

I had plenty of time - - - with all that sorting - - - to think on some of my past technology.

For years my cell phone was the size of half an army tank and had an extendable antenna. (Wait, what am I talking about! My cell phone STILL has an extendable antenna, though it is a small one now.)

My students loved to laugh at me for my HUGE phone. During a trip to Washington DC with one 8th grade class, at the Korean War Memorial the boys noticed this figure:

"Look Mrs. Broyles!" shouted Jared, a particularly precocious young chap, "HE'S got YOUR cell phone!"

Years later, long after I assume he had forgotten the incident, I GAVE Jared that cell phone for Christmas. That'll teach him.

Today, just as my toast was popping out of the toaster, I got a call on my current cell phone. (You can't see the extendable antenna in this photo, but the "bling" is hanging from it)

It was my M-I-L. After ten or fifteen minutes of chatting, what HAD been my lovely toast was all cold and soggy.

I don't like to waste food, so I ate it anyway - - - but it was FAR from satisfying.

As I popped a NEW piece of bread into the toaster, I told Fisherhubby, "I don't CARE if my phone rings, I'm NOT answering it until I eat a lovely, crisp, warm, buttery piece of toast!!!"

Sure enough - - - the MOMENT I began to butter that toast, my cell phone rang.

"I'm not getting it!" I shouted to hubby, hoping for his permission to ignore the call until after my toast.

But my natural curiousity got the BEST of me and I just HAD to glance at the caller ID to see who it was.


That's how Fisherhubby shows up on my caller ID. He was phoning me FROM THE COUCH!!!


(Korean Memorial Photo from


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Bad Ugly Boys!


And when I say big bad ugly boys, I am NOT referring to wrestlers,

Nor to defensive linemen,

Nor even to Fisherhubby and his buddy Mark.

I am, instead, referring to Muskies. Those big, bad, ugly boys of North American fresh waters.

To some, and by some I mean freshwater anglers, they are the exalted prize. They are often referred to as the "fish of a thousand casts," so called for their elusive nature. There are fishermen who have spent a lifetime in pursuit of one, and been rebuffed every time.

Fisherhubby is NOT one of those. On his very first serious attempt to find a Musky, he bagged two. I've lost count since then of how many he has pulled out of deep cold waters.

On his last fishing trip he was fishing for bass, using six pound fluorocarbon test line, a 1.0 circle hook, and a five inch black Senko. (That info is PRECISELY for you, LEIGH!)

Imagine his joy and surprise when he pulled in this 37 inch, 10 or 11 pound Musky!!!

Oh, but wait - - - the day wasn't yet over!!! Three or four hours later, several degrees warmer, and in a totally different part of the lake he pulled out this:

A 42 inch, 17 to 18 pounder. With only 6 pound test line, and the big bad ugly JUMPING OUT OF THE WATER TWICE during the fray, Fisherhubby thought the line would break and all would be lost.

Buddy Mark was his cheerleader shouting, "Stay with it! You can do it!"

After a fierce 15 to 20 minute battle, the Musky King was the victor.

Buddy Mark was the true hero, for he remained positive and encouraging through the entire day in spite of catching NADA in the Musky department himself.

And if you wonder why I call them the BIG BAD UGLY BOYS, just take a peek at this:

The Big Bad Ugly 42 inch Boy in his natural habitat.

Esox masquinongy

I only wish you could see his mouth full of sharp teeth.


Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Learned in Second Grade


I've been back in Second Grade for seven and a half days over the last several weeks.

Here's a little "fun with writing" exercise that I did with the children:

Can you find the "hidden" letter in each of these drawings?

The printed word below each gives a clue.

Obviously, my printing is NOT that of an experienced elementary teacher!

Fortunately, the students seemed to like me in SPITE of my handicaps!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday Reruns - Grandpuppy


It's Sunday again, and you know what THAT means!?! It's time for Sunday Favorites!!!

Sunday Favorites are RERUNS - - - if you want to participate, just repost something you previously posted "back in the day."

(NOTICE: This is NOT a current event ;-)

Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting this meme, "Sunday Favorites."

(first posted on 6/22/08)

Not to be outdone by her older sister, our younger daughter, Korie, brought us her BABY, Buckley, to keep overnight.

Buckley scampered all over our house - - -

From room to room and - - -

Up stairs and down.

In an astonishing turn of events, Buckley loved his Kamma and rejected his Papoo!! Who'd a thunk it? An animal that didn't gravitate to Greg??? Unheard of!!!

So - - - Kamma got to have him cuddled up on HER lap, and Kamma got to take him out for his little walks and KAMMA got to take

For her swollen eyes when Buckley went home. Who KNEW anyone could be allergic to a little wiener dog????