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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Somebody Had To Do It!!!

When I was telling you about the Thanksgiving antics of my firstborn son I forgot to mention one.

But before I go there, let me just tell you that you have to get up REALLY early in the morning to get ahead of this "boy." I say that in quotes since he is getting closer and closer to 30 all the time, even though by his antics he is still all boy!!!

His birthday is coming soon and I'll tell you MORE of those antics then - - - saving them up for the big Birthday "whammy." But let me just assure you that his antics will never stop. Never.

Now, back to our Thanksgiving story. Besides removing the label from a can on my pantry shelf and "crookeding" all the counter stools that I had just straightened, he also reached up and tipped all my track lighting in every which direction. Easy for him to do - - -

NOT so easy for me to fix!!!!

My family thought it was quite hysterical when I climbed up on the island to readjust the lights. (To be fair, they tried to get me to let one of THEM do the climbing, but I thought only I could adjust them to my satisfaction.)

While I was up there I decided to give them a good "once every five year" dusting too.

If you think I jest about the five year thing, you would be wrong.

Obviously I have no shame or I would not post this picture.

I prefer to live in the ignorant bliss of believing I'm still a young thin thing.

However, since a camera does not lie I have been FORCED to face the fact that I am indeed both thinness and age challenged.

Oh well, youth and diets are highly over rated.




Anonymous said...

I take constant comfort in a phrase a friend of Hubs told me..."No one trusts a skinny cook." Got another one for ya, Drew says you aren't a real grandma if you aren't "soft". Take it from a 16 year old who loves his grandma! You look great by the way, just the way we like ya, peppy, and always ready for a good time:)

Kristin - The Goat said...

I love that you take it all in stride. I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't just get mad - I guess if that's what happened, then it wouldn't be as much fun for the Mess-ee

I would have dusted while I was up there, too.

Thinness and age challenged - hahahahahaha! That was funny.

Lynn said...

Thin is a relative word.
In relation to me? You are thin!
My son and your son would be a terrible pair!
Rob hides his empty beer cans around the house like Easter eggs.

Connie N. said...

Love the post. Your "boy" is keeping you young. Great of you to just take it in stride, lots less stress.

Ann in the UP said...

Perhaps twins, indeed. Youth and diets----and dusting lights are all over-rated! Good shot of you doing your aerial act, though!

BTW, UWGB's girls have won two more; last night beating DePaul who were rated #21. GB's girls have now won 24 consecutive regular season games.

Lori E said...

What was the name of that restaurant you and your friend were going to all the time? You know the one with those great burgers and stuff.

Brenda said...

Now THAT is an ornery son!! My type of humor for sure. We all need that kind of fun in our life.

Martin LaBar said...

Every five years? Doing them that often, whether they need them or not, makes you a compulsive housekeeper.

Lori R. said...

Glad I got to get over here and get caught up on Keetha's World. Went clean back to your noodle posting. I finally can post too!!! Sounds like a barrel of monkeys fun at your get togethers.

Erin said...

"Youth and diets are highly overrated" - that would make a great bumper sticker!

Keetha said...

HOW funny! Sounds like there is never a dull moment when the "boy" is around!

Anonymous said...

very funny

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
Thank you for sharing that poignant Christmas story about the ice skates. It warmed my heart
today. : )
I also scrolled down to see all the GREAT Thanksgiving photos around your house. Looks like you and yours had a blast. And the kiddie pics were just precious. : )
Have a great weekend,

j said...

I would like to request one "Thinness and Age Challenged" blog button. Those words should be commemorated.

Please tell me you "stew" just a little bit over his antics. If you laugh and don't fuss just a little it will hurt my heart.

Because I fuss a lot.

Have a wonderful weekend Keetha!

Julie said...

It sounds as if your family has a LOT of fun when you get together! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Keri said...

I have to say...Mom does take in stride...but it's because she CHOOSES to!!

I was really proud of you that day, Mom. You were exhausted and you could have easily let it get the best of you but you laughed it off and in turn got TWO great posts out of it! :)

Love ya.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Your beautiful inside and out!