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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Korie's Wedding Story


The three posts below this one will tell our daughter Korie's wedding "Story."

I simiply have too many pictures and too much information to put it all in one post.

I hope you will feel like you were right there with us.



The Site


Early on Korie and Chris decided they wanted to have a destination wedding. The site they chose was Story, Indiana.

Once upon a time, Story was a tiny Indiana berg nestled in the rolling hills of Brown County. It is still nestled in those rolling hills, but now it is a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

This was the Story General Store in the 1800's. Now it serves as the focal point of the Inn. The main floor is a restaurant.

Upstairs are bedrooms, each with private bath, which spin off of a sitting area. Everything is completed decorated with vintage items. There is even a ghost - - - The Blue Lady - - - who can be seen roaming the Inn.

This is where all the ladies in the bridal party stayed.

Just out of the picture, on the right hand lower corner,

Is located this path. It leads to the site where the wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner, and reception took place.

Straight ahead, through the herb garden, under the archway, and to the right was outdoor sanctuary.

People are beginning to gather for the wedding, which will shortly be held just beyond the fence.

On the back side of this rustic barn was a stage where the band played, and beyond that you can see the white tent ready for the wedding dinner..


The Ceremony


Korie's two brothers ushered the guests to their places.

Kyle, our baby, escorting Korie's high school cheer leading coach to her place.

Kelly, our oldest son, helping Megan, one of Korie's dearest high school friends, find her seat.

One very proud daddy walked our beautiful little girl down the aisle,

Where my father, "Peepaw" to the kids, met them and "took over" at the altar.

"Who gives this woman to be married to this man?"

"Her mother and I."

Sister Pam, Aunt Pam to the kids, gave a wedding blessing.

Two pairs of hands clasped together as two hearts became one.

Even Mackinley was awed.

Vows were vowed.

"With this ring, I thee wed."

"You may kiss the bride."

"I introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lance"

He her stable rock, her shelter in every storm.
She his flair, his sparkle, his joy.

Kaeleigh and Mackinley
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Sister and Brother

Jeany and Jake
Aunt to Bride, Brother to Groom

High School Friend and Cousin-in-Law of the bride

Parents of the Bride - beaming

Kelly with Debbie, Mother of the Groom
Kyle close behind

Beautiful Bride - lovely in every way.

Happy couple heading into life together.


The Guests


In a sudden stroke of pure genius, I handed my camera to our friend Mike and asked him to take random shots through the ceremony and beyond.

All the pictures in these three wedding posts are his handiwork.

Thank you, Mike!

Friends and loved ones gathered round to celebrate Chris and Korie's day.

As you scroll through these pictures, imagine yourself with us.

Keri, Matron of Honor
Sister of the bride
Mother of the Ring Bearer

Greeting my former student.

It's just too bad I couldn't be a tiny bit animated.

Chris' Notre Dame friends.

Yes, our son-in-law is a Notre Dame grad!

Diane and Keetha
Displaced LCS Teachers
Forever friends.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teasing Totally Unintentional!


Oh my dear bloggy readers, I totally did NOT mean to tease about our weekend. I'm just back in Second Grade again this week and I haven't had time to make a creative post about our "Story."

I PROMISE I'll make it tomorrow - - - I'll be OUT of Second Grade then.

In the mean time - - - - feast your eyes on this:

It should give you plenty of "oooooo" and "ahhhhhhh" moments while you wait for the REST of the story.

Yes, in case you don't recognize him in his "steppin' out" duds, that IS Fisherhubby with our baby girl on his arm.

More to come - - -


Monday, September 27, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Real Life 101


I have SO gotten "Peggy" on the line, have you?

"So pretty!"


There's a New Blog On the Block


You won't want to miss it!

You'll "bear-ly" be able to contain your glee.

Hurry on over HERE to see!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't You Worry 'Bout Me - - -


There's a perfectly good reason why I'm not around blogland this week.

I've gone back to the second grade - - - and boy am I ever BUSY learning to be smarter than a second grader!

Yes - - - I'm teaching - - - as a SUBSTITUTE for a friend of mine who had surgery today.

(Image Source:


Sunday, September 19, 2010

UPDATED: Wherein Fisherhubby and Miss Keetha Say, "Maybe Later" to Their Dream House


I know some of you, like me, don't really read word for word so I thought I'd make the end of this post CLEAR right at the beginning.

Here it is, the house I'm calling Piney Place, the house we had to love and leave:

As you can see from the grass - - - or weeds - - - in the yard, no one has been here in a while.

We were originally told it was a foreclosure, so our hopes SOARED that deals could be made - - - reasonable rent could be set. We HOPED we could move in as renters and end up as buyers when our house in Indiana sells.

All those hopes were crushed - - - for the time being.

The house is NOT in foreclosure,

But for reasons beyond our control,

It's not going to be possible for us at this time.

Still - - - as we looked around inside,
this is the view as you walk in the front door, I must admit we were SORELY tempted to find a way to make it ours.

It is a house we could love. Probably until we are carried feet first into a nursing home.

Looking into the kitchen from the dining area.

The price they are asking is just too high for this time in this town in this market, and certainly too high for old folks like us who still have a mortgage in some far away Indiana town!

So, we dragged ourselves away - - - sighing and crying as we went - - - to find a simpler solution. Something more like a basic rental.

I just can't believe they will sell this place at the price they are asking. Perhaps if we rent a little basic rental and WAIT until our house sells - - - we will have more bargaining ability to BUY this house later when they are really ready to let go of it.

Meet Basic Rental:

Sorry folks, I FORGOT to take a picture of basic rental, so I found this one at It is nearly the same style as ours, only ours has single car garages and no nice little "turn-arounds" in the driveway.

What we have here is called a duplex, as in TWOPLEX.

We will be on the left hand side. It comes complete with kitchen appliances, full dry usable basement, shady back yard, lawn care, snow removal, and a one car garage.
Ours isn't quite this fancy-smancy - - - but it IS clean, freshly painted, carpet shampooed, and reasonably priced.

Oh, and we LOVED the landlady - - - very important, you know!

It's less than five minutes from the hospital.

It's only about two blocks from our friend's house - - - thank you, Jim, for FINDING this for us.

It's empty and available right now.

So - - - we said, we'll take it!

Whew - - - we will have a roof over our heads, and not a camper roof in negative 20 degree winter weather.

Stay tuned for further moving updates soon - - - -

(For those who noticed this is an edited post - - - I realized in the night Friday that I was telling more than was mine to tell, so I did extensive editing and reposted.)