Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

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For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly and The Two Matts


Once upon a time I lived in the same state as these two girls, Kathy on the left and Sheryl in the middle.

Not only were we all raising our families at the time, but we had children which were all stair-stepped around the same ages.

Our children spent time together at camp and so did we.

Here we are with our best-friend-sons each standing behind his mother.

My son is Kelly, the other two are both Matt.

Thus Kelly and the Two Matts. Sounds like a band, doesn't it?

It was a band all right - - - a "brother" band of mischief makers!!!

These boys were the "bane of our existence" at camp. If there was any possible trouble to get into, they got in it. I'm pretty sure Kelly was the ring-leader.

There are way too many tales to tell - - - but let me just say that some of them involved parking their cars between dorms to block the entrances, hiding hymn books, boxer tag, Gold Bond Powder (don't ask), poop splashing (don't ask) and even mooning (again - don't ask.)

ALL of their pranks and mischief made camp security angry, and made their mothers want to choke them - - - especially that mom in the middle.

I will NEVER forget the time they came toodling down to my camper at nearly lights out on the last Saturday night of camp. I looked them straight in the eyes and said, "I am exhausted and have a REALLY full day tomorrow. I do NOT want security knocking on my door at 3 AM, so PLEASE go to your dorms and stay there all night."

They all grinned innocent grins and ASSURED me they were headed to bed.

3:01 AM security was pounding on my door.


I REAMED my son out and went back to bed.

I then heard security knocking on the next door camper - - - where Kathy stayed. I heard her open the door and before security could even tell her what was going on she looked her Matt right in the eye and said, "Matt, everything Keetha said to Kelly goes TWICE for you!!!"

Those boys!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Real Tight Knot Was Tied


The day finally came when our son Kelly
Married his true love, Cathy.

We had been looking forward with anticipation to this day
For a long, long time.

Of course we had to practice the night before.
Without practice we might not know where to stand
Or what to do.

Family and friends gathered in from far and near.
Far: Sitka, Alaska and Marco Island, Florida.
Near: Indianapolis

The groom ushered in his own mother.
(Uh, that would be ME)

My dad, Peepaw, was the officiating pastor.

Little Brother Kyle was the best man.
Can you see the look-alike smiles?

Big Sister Keri read a scripture blessing.

Little Sister Korie sang - - - - beautifully.

Before we knew it, they were pronounced man and wife:
Mr. and Mrs. G. Kelly Broyles.

A "sand bar" buddy in the back
Gave a red neck cheer.

That made Cathy giggle, made Kelly proud,

And made all the rest of us smile.
Even the mama of the groom.
(Uh, that would be me.)

Kyle and the bride's Big Sister Suzie
Toasted the newlyweds.

Kyle thanked his brother for coming first
Because after HIS antics, Kyle's own
Appeared minimal.

Old friends were reunited,
And reminisced of days gone by when their
Boys were young(er) little "imps."

But those stories will be the fodder
Of another post.

Uncle Joe danced like a wild thing.

And long-time best friend Matt
Came all the way from Roanoke, Virginia
Just to make sure a real tight knot was tied.

I'm linking this little peek into my world,
My son's wedding in Fort Wayne, Indiana,
To YOUR world at Communal Global.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday With My Firstborn Son


Yesterday our firstborn son gave us a new daughter.

Son, these words are for you, and they are what I hope I would have said had there been a "mother of the groom" speech.

Long, long before you were born, your father and I wanted a son.

Long, long before you were born, your father and I wanted YOU.

But, both being from a long line of daughters and very few sons, we were afraid the "Y" chromosomes in our gene pool were slow swimmers and we would never be given the gift of you.

Your dad consoled himself by saying that he'd be happy with all girls like on the first few seasons of "Little House on the Prairie."

Sure enough, your older sister came first. We were thrilled. We thought she was the cutest thing since sliced bread. She was the apple of our eye.

But she wasn't you.

Four years later, we had to get out the cradle and dust it off, for another little Broyles was on the way.

Not being the type who like to open their presents BEFORE Christmas, we didn't let the doctors "peek" inside our package ahead of your birth, so we were on pins and needles waiting to see if you, our son, would finally arrive.

In the delivery room, while I was a little busy, I heard a male voice SHOUT "It's a BOY!!!"

I thought, "Man, that doctor is SURE excited that we have our son!!!"

It was only later that I learned the shouting voice came from your father, the man who SWORE he would be happy with all girls.

For we had our son! Our little Gregory Kelly Broyles. We thought you were just about perfect in every way.

I will NEVER forget seeing your daddy PROUDLY hold you up high in the air to show you off to the entire congregation on your very fist Sunday in church when the pastor introduced you to the crowd.

Your first couple of years weren't particularly "easy" in the realm of health. You had numerous bouts of pneumonia before you were one at which time your doctor thought you had Cystic Fibrosis. Our world stood STILL as we held our breath, prayed, and waited for the test results. All we could do was commit you and your little life to the Lord.

You were spared from CF and I felt that God had rescued our little Isaac from the sacrificial altar.

You grew, you flourished, and you were our pride and joy.

Then the years intervened where your budding will often clashed with mine.

It was my job to be your mother and do my best to "train you up in the way that you should go."

Not always an easy task in the face of a little will that had its own way it wanted to go.

Sometimes when I think of those "tween" years - - - the ones where I was busy being mom - - - I fear I didn't remember to tell you OFTEN ENOUGH that you were exactly the son we had always wanted. I didn't stop and take the time to remind you that we wanted YOU long before you were ever born and that we were and are blessed beyond measure to have YOU as our son.

Now you've given us a new daughter and we think she is just about perfect in every way.

We think she compliments you in all the best of ways. We love you both, Mr. and Mrs. G. Kelly Broyles, and are very, very proud.

Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting
"Sundays in My City"
To which I am linking this post.
My City today is Fort Wayne, Indiana


Saturday, August 27, 2011

They're Goin' To The Chapel


And they're gonna get married!

Well, it isn't really a chapel - it's a country club - but THIS time the "gonna get married" part is real.

Some of you, my long time bloggy friends and readers, may remember that a few years ago our son Kelly posted this Las Vegas wedding chapel pose on his Facebook with nary an explanation.

And oh my dear bloggy friends we, his family, thought it MIGHT be true - - - that's just the way he rolls. He would most CERTAINLY surprise us and elope.

Truth be told, we would all have been delighted for we love Cathy and have been praying and hoping that she would join our family - - - the sooner the better!

In fact, Fisherhubby was so afraid our son would never stop dragging his feet and pop the question that Fisherhubby HIMSELF presented her with this ginormous diamond, GLASS diamond, and BEGGED her to marry our family.

This time it's no joke.

Kelly and Cathy will get married tomorrow, which of course is already today since it's 1:30 AM and I'm still working on this post.

Kelly is all business about it. He SAYS he's "worked himself to the bone" planning the wedding and even hemming the brides maid's dresses. (But don't you believe it - - - he's never hemmed anything in his life!)

Here he is taking care of some last minute marriage license details with his Pastor-Grandpa-John.

We want this knot tied, and tied but good!!!

Today family and friends began to gather together for the big event:

The grans are excited to carry their baskets and petals and pillows and rings - - - enough of this PRACTICE already, let's bring on the REAL THING!!!

Big Sister Keri and Hubby Jason.
How adorable do THEY look?

They've already tried out these marital waters and found them to be well worth sailing!

Little Fashionista-Sister-Korie.

I wish I could "rock" some jeans like that - - -
And make then look half so good!

Little-College-Brother, Best Man Kyle
And Childhood-Until-Forever-Best-Friend-Matt
Came to support Kelly as he takes this plunge.

There are OH SO MANY stories wrapped up in THIS picture.
Perhaps I'll tell them another time - - -

Even THIS guy cleaned up pretty well!!!

But who is he??? Fisherhubby? The Big Cheese? Indiana Jones????

I think THIS time he is Greg Broyles himself.

So tomorrow, which is of course is now today,
at this place - - -

If you walk around back at 5:30 in the afternoon

You will observe quite a processional going down this long aisle.
I only HOPE the mother of the groom can handle it in her heels!

Since the groom himself will be escorting her,
I think she just might make it.

All the practicing will be over.
It will be the REAL thing.
One man saying "I do"
To one woman who will respond with her own "I do".

And they will,
'Til death do them part.

And our family, already strong in bonds of love and loyalty,
Will be all the richer for it.

I for one think THIS is worth more than all the
Hot Air Balloon Rallies in the world,
And certainly worth a trip
To the "deep south" of Indiana.

Can I get an Amen?