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Sunday, December 27, 2009

When Losing is More Than Just Losing


The fan in the center of this photo is NOT very happy tonight. Her Colts lost for the first time this season, making their record 14-1.

She knows how to take a loss when the loss is an honest, hard fought, REAL loss. She's not happy about any loss, but an honest loss - - - well, then she can rally behind her team and their coaches and look to the future.

But when the team owners, coaches, and powers-that-be decide to PULL the starters OUT of the game at the beginning of the third quarter, and put the LEPRECHAUN in, (don't know who I mean? Well, just LOOK at #7 in his helmet and tell me if he ISN'T a leprechaun!) same leprechaun who could NEVER lead his college team to a victory in the clutch, when those team owners, coaches, and powers-that-be do that - - - - it is NOT an honest loss.

It is surrender.

And for what? To "protect" the starters - - - to keep them "healthy" for the playoffs!

How HEALTHY is a player who's drive to win has been crushed and broken by a loss that happened in the board room and not on the playing field?

I thought perhaps the Colt's powers-that-be had learned their lesson from the Super Bowl win three years ago. There were no board room orchestrated losses that year. No pulling out starters to "rest" them. No - - - there were hard fought games right up to and into the playoffs because our record wasn't good enough for us to get INTO the playoffs without the hard work.

And what happened that year? Did WORKING our players up to and through the playoffs cause us to LOSE? Mais non mez amis! It fired up our defense who then protected Peyton and cleared out holes for the running backs and we ran and passed our way right into a Super Bowl win.

Think that will happen now? This year? Now that the board room brains decided we NEEDED to LOSE to "save" our players?

Take one look at Peyton's face in the aftermath of today's loss and see what you think.

I hope I'm wrong.

I hope the board room brains are right.

I'd love to win another Super Bowl.

But everything in my competitive nature says THIS ISN'T THE WAY TO DO IT!!!! Everything in me says, "Those boys are getting paid to PLAY FOOTBALL, not sit on the bench! PUT THEM IN THE GAME and let them fire up their will to win by WINNING!!!!"

And for pity sake - - - get that LEPRECHAUN off the field!!!!

If you wonder how I REALLY feel about this, just ask - - - I'll be glad to tell ya!



Unknown said...

Okay, I will contact you here. I was on my hubby's gmail and my email is yahoo so maybe I just don't know how to work it.

Here is what i wrote.
You didn't comment on my blog but I was one who was watching for the answers!! And I do have a question. So am I to understand that your blog can actually have an end? I understand about resizing and I know how to do that but right now mine are normal size. So if I get too many photos blogger will actually like close down my blog?

j said...

When I heard about it I thought "Uh oh. Keetha is NOT going to be happy." Looks like I was right. I'm sorry the Colts lost.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

I am cheering for you and your boys!

Cindy said...

Hey darlin', lit a candle for you! In prayer. My husband, St. Jim....shrugged his shoulders and said, "yeah, they pulled their starters out first quarter...they got nuthin' to lose"...(my darling MENSA)

Keetha Broyles said...

Anonymous, I need your name - - - if you have an opinion that's WORTH typing, sign your name or at least your blog name.

First of all, Peyton wasn't about to get hurt. And if he did, that is PART OF THE GAME. No risk - - - no glory.

Second of all, I already feel bad that Peyton DID get hurt - - - his will to win was smashed and trust me, that hurts. Did you see him on the sidelines WITH HIS HELMET ON, just HOPING to be sent back in?

Thirdly I KNOW all the starters were benched, if you had READ closely you would see I KNEW that.

Fourthly, I know the Leprechaun's name - - - I'm an avid NCAA fan remember, I know ALL about him and remember that we drafted him when three FAR BETTER QB's went undrafted, Harrell, Hoyer, & Daniel, But I left his NAME off on purpose, and now that you let the leprechaun out of the bag, I shall have to delete your comment.

And if I were the leprechaun's mom, I'd be trying to figure out how to HELP him learn how to play so he didn't embarrass himself like THAT AGAIN. Oh trust me - - - I saw him play JUST LIKE THAT time and time and time and time again for PU. I hollered at the TV WHILE I WAS WATCHING THE DRAFT that the Colt's should NOT draft him, but I was not listened to.

Unknown said...

That's interesting. Thanks for the info. I checked where you said and it told me I had used 54% of my space. I assume that only means pictures and not text? Yep, my kids too would laugh if they thought I were giving computer advice.

Jackie said...

Amen, sista !

(You said it all).

Vickie said...

Steve was not happy about this game at all!!!

Ann in the UP said...

Ooops. I didn't look for a Colt post and put my comments on your cozy fireplace post.

I agree with all your comments about "saving" the starters. That's just butthead stupid, especially when the heart and soul of that team is the Best Quarterback in the league who works his brains out to make the team win! (I didn't know much about the Leprechaun, but I appreciate the info and will put it to good use.) I enjoy your passion---and that you are really knowledgable about football.

Female fans rock!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I know what you mean - it's a lot like when the producers of some of my reality shows keep people in the competition because they make better TV than the ones who are more qualified to be there. So they send home the talent and keep the drama.

(to put it in language that I understand.)

I can't find my blog said...

So angry. I almost wept for Peyton-he looked absolutely defeated-on a personal level. So, so wrong.