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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied up With String - - -

A few days ago Leigh posted about a lovely brown paper bag angel that she has. I immediately remembered this one that I made many Christmases ago. Leigh wanted to see her, so I have found her and resurrected her and will attempt to show you how she is made.

Oh PLEASE do not think that I dreamed up this project. I am NOT that clever. But I AM a good direction follower!

First we stuffed crumpled-up newspaper into the bottom of a brown paper lunch bag. If I were going to do this again, I would place a small sand filled lidded jar in the bottom of the bag first, maybe even glue that down, and then stuff the paper around it. That would give you a heavy, firmer base.

Next we closed the bag with a rubber band, flanging out about an inch and a half of the bag over the top of the rubber band. (You will be able to see this step in the second picture below.)

We made our angelic face by stretching a piece of panty hose over a syrofoam ball. The gathered up edges of the stocking piece will be hidden at the neck and under the hair.

Next we used a little blush to give the cheeks a hint of color. And we embedded some round brown button-bead eyes.

We hot-glued a short, somewhat flattened strip of gold raffia ribbon to the front of the bag, making sure the top edge of it was hidden under the "flange" of the top of the bag. Over the gold ribbon strip we glued a section of a lace paper doily.

On top of the "flange" we glued a gold paper doily covered with a smaller white paper doily. On top and in the center of that we glued our angelic head.

We flipped our angel over on her backside one more time to glue down a gold raffia bow to give her wings.

Next we glued dry, brown, craft moss (is that what it's called?) on the top, sides, and back of her head to give her hair.

The last touch was a little loop of gold star tinsel for her halo.

I am soooooo glad Leigh asked to see her, for it inspired me to dig her out! I haven't seen her for at least 7 Chistmases, and I'm sure she was as lonely for me as I was for her!

I found her a place of honor - - -

Right on my antique dressing table doubling as a sideboard in my favorite yellow dining room where I never go, except to turn on the light and look around 'cause I love it so.

And with that, I wish you an angelic Christmas with lots of Harking and Heralding and Singing!!!


groovyoldlady said...

OOo. The angel is so cute! Thank you for sharing all the secrets behind her creation. Have a wonder-filled Christmas!

JennyMac said...

She is darling!!!!!!

Jewel said...

You lost me at the second step when you said "flanging out" haha.

What does that mean???

Lori R. said...

How cute!!! I have Christmas things I haven't dug out for years also,,, my decorating for the holiday is getting less and less...
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

Bren Haas said...

These are adorable! I am going to share this craft with my nieces!
Happy Christmas to you!

Ann in the UP said...

Yes, your angel is extremely sweet, and I'm so happy she's out of the basement (or wherever) to enjoy Christmas with the rest of you.

Good directions, too. (My sister is sure I "have an angel collection", and they are all holding court in the hutch behind closed doors. They'll need a room of their own soon.)

Lori E said...

Cute project. I made some angels for a store I used to sell my tole painting out of.
She was made of a thread spool for her body and a walnut for her head. Add the raffia wings and moss for hair. I don't remember what I dressed her in but the wrinkles of the walnut shell and the silver/gray tinge of the moss made her a senior angel and there was a little poem that went with her.
I don't have any left and I don't remember the poem.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! Miss Abbi would love her and to make her too:) The brown stuff is called dried spanish moss. It is found on trees down south, I have seen it on Trees in Florida. They harvest it and dry it. Viola', ready for craft projects.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Keetha, She is adorable! I have seen these type dolls at craft shows. Such a good craft project, and a good one to make for gifts, or even a fun crafty class project next Christmas for your students.
I think your angel is just precious...and I KNOW she is happy to be in her place of honor again. Merry Christmas, sweet friend! Thanks for sharing!

j said...

Having met Leigh's mom, I loved that she had the paper bag angel she made. And now that I know that you have one too?

I WANT ONE! I'm going to be sure to request paper instead of plastic next grocery trip.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

So so cute...not to mention clever!!!
I scrolled down to catch your modeling debut including Snuggie and booklite...ha-ha!!! My Sara took a lifesize cardboard 'Aragon' (from LOTR) to her White Elephant party recently. She said he ended up wearing a Snuggie before the night was through. LOL
Sorry no luck finding the "Ducks shirt" photo. :(
Merry Christmas,

Kristin - The Goat said...

She is very lovely and even though she hasn't been out in 7 Christmases, she still looks brand new. You must store your Christmas items with much more care than I do LOL

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Cute angel...enjoy your holiday break from school and have a wonderful Christmas!