Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

Meanwhile, I am rather prolific on twitter. Find me: @KeethaB
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Matter of Perspective


The view from my kitchen window on a misty sunrise.

Same view on a cloudy late afternoon.
Do you see the white branches in the distance?

I walked closer to capture their white statuesque beauty.

Then I turned to see what my kitchen looks like
From the perspective of my usual view.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Are There Stars Out Tonight - - - "


Sixth period yesterday I walked into my classroom to see this:

Miss Courtney all ready to play "Football Friday" on Thursday since we don't have school today. Do you think she has my number or what???

And just what did she do with the stars that WEREN'T red or silver????

I guess you could say these are my star pupils. I TOLD you high schoolers STILL love stickers!!!

Then Miss Marie came in and turned them into video stars - - - talking about what is special about their grandparents. The video will be used on Grandparent day in mid-November.

Do you see the young man with "the look" on his face? He was saying that his grandparents always seem to be able to cook better than his parents.

To which I said, "Your grandma's chicken and noodles are the BEST."

"Thanks a lot, Mrs. Broyles," he replied "You just reminded me that she died."

Never a dull day on my constellation!!


2 a.m. And All is NOT Well

What in the world are you doing up and blogging at 2 a.m. Miss Keetha?

Well you might ask!!! I've been asking the SAME thing.

Seems my nose has needed A LOT of attention from the little item shown in the foreground of this picture.

Seems the sneezing, coughing, snorting, and noseblowing have all conspired to keep me awake.

Seems if I must be awake, what BETTER thing is there to do than BLOG, I ask you!?!

Now a few middle of the night personal notes.

For Connie and Headless:

(photo from
Your "treasures" are in the mail!

For Dawn:

I'm afraid it must have been some OTHER bears
You saw at the costume shoppe.
Brunhilda and Borris don't get out much
When they aren't on vacation to the Northwoods.

But they ARE considering wearing their
Wedding apparel to meet and greet on Halloween!

For Dana:

We didn't take any witch pictures
At the Pumpkin Patch last year - - -
Just this headless horseman,

And Count Dracula, I fear!

Last, but not least, this very personal note:

This is Mama Cookie Jarbear.
I like to let her hide my "special treats,"
Generally fun size Twix and Mounds.

She doesn't do a very GOOD JOB of hiding them,
Because SOMEONE finds them and EATS them.

I won't tell WHO that someone is,
But I WILL give you a tiny, subtle clue:

And with THAT, I will bid you a fond adieu and see if I can return to the land of Nod.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Terrible Being An - - -


It means my life is a BORING rat race.

Nothing new.

Nothing blog worthy.

I'm afraid I'll lose my bloggy friends
Because no one wants to come here for
A whole lot of nuthin!!!

So, in an attempt to keep you coming

And as a celebration of all things fall - - -

I'm reposting last year's pumpkin patch pictures.

Has-beens all.

No, not my dad and kids.
They aren't has-beens.
The pumpkins are the has-beens - - -
As in "has-beens" seen here before.

And until I've got something else - - -


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Reruns - Magic Bullet Humor


Don't you just LOVE bloggy Sunday reruns!?! Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

Today I'm reposting one of my little satirical responses to something other bloggers were raving about back in my 2007 bloggy world. So, if I ever post a spoof of something you love (like tablescapes) just remember, I'm an equal opportunity satirist.

"Magic Bullet"
First posted 5/13/07

Several months ago, Deb posted a blog about her magic bullet. I puzzled and puzzled over that as I had NO IDEA what it was. I'm a little slow - - - but gradually, over several months time using the context of her post I began to piece together clues until a fairly good image of what a magic bullet must be came into my head. Low and behold, I believe I HAVE ONE of my very own!!!!

And here it is - - - my magic bullet.

Add eggs, and presto chango - - -

Scrambled. No electricity required, just a little elbow grease.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up!!!


The sky overhead - - -

May be dark and drear,

With only an occasional glimmer of light.

But take heart, my friend!

History shows us - - -

That those gray skies are gonna clear up!!

(Photo from Sister Pam' Cell Phone)
And flood your world with light!

Halloween Trivia Revealed

A couple of days ago I posted a trivia question here.

You left me guesses as to what happened in the tiny rural village of Plainfield, Wisconsin circa 1957.

Some guessed that was where and when I was born. NOT. I was greatly amused when "Cousin Pam" (who is actually my S-I-L's cousin) thought you were making me TRULY older than dirt by guessing 1957 as my birth year. Thank you, Cousin Pam, you are sweet. My ACTUAL birth year is 1953, same year Watson and Crick made the first model of DNA, which means I was nearly 4 in 1957. I TRULY AM OLDER THAN DIRT!!!

Lynn suggested there was a Big Foot sighting.

Leigh had a whole passel of creative suggestions.

Jenn the Dust Bunny wondered, among other things, if there was a cow tipping.

Kirby asked if a famous rock band was formed.

The truth, which some of you knew, is far more gruesome. Plainfield was the home of the grave robber and serial killer, Ed Gein, who treated his victims as if they were animals, tanning their hides to upholster chairs and cover lamps. You can read lots more about it here, if you so choose.

He was the inspiration for several horror movies including "Psycho," "The Silence of the Lambs," and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." (photo & movie credits from Wikipedia)

Growing up 30 miles from Plainfield, we did not need Urban Legends to share around campfires on Halloween - - - we had Ed Gein, and truth in THIS case was much stranger than fiction.

Later, Wisconsin was also home to another even scarier mass-killer named Jeffrey Dahmer, who would take your arm and leg and leave you headless, but we'll leave THAT tale for another Halloween.

One last thought for this little Halloween post - - - the quiet, idyllic, beautiful countryside may not be as innocent as you think. Watch out for every hay bale!!!

Especially if that bale looks like this:


Thursday, October 22, 2009



Who knows what happened here circa 1957?

No, not in Wisconsin Rapids - - - that was my home town - - - in Plainfield, our "neighbor."

If you are one of my Wisconsin friends and bloggy buddies and you already KNOW - - - just leave a comment saying, "I know! I know!"

If you are one of my bloggy buddies from Timbuktu, YOU may tell if you know and guess if you don't!


Monday, October 19, 2009

DeBrand DeLivers


I think this picture gotcha!

And this one made you drool.

Well they should. There simply is NO better chocolate on Earth. DeBrand chocolate is the creation of Cathy Brand who traveled all over the US, Canada and even to Europe to learn how to make the best possible chocolate. She is the Chocolatier Queen of Queens.

You will not find this chocolate in your local supermarket. You will not find it in your hometown mall. You won't even find it at elite chocolate shoppes in Chicago, New York, or LA.

You can only find it in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

But cheer up - - - it can be ordered online here.

We have had it shipped regularly to Florida and it arrives as smooth, sweet, and decadent as if it had just been removed from that gorgeous display case.

It isn't priced like a Hershey bar, because it ain't no Hershey bar.

But - - - go ahead - - - order some today. IT IS WORTH IT.

This message is not sponsored by DeBrand nor any of it's employees.


DeBrand is DeBest!

On the way home from the retreat, I suggested that we stop at the world's BEST Chocolate Shoppe, DeBrand. Shelli and Julie had never been there nor had they ever tasted any DeBrand chocolate. I had to rectify THAT, don't'cha know!?!

Just look at me!
I'm like a kid in a candy shop!

Only THIS is no KID'S Candy shop.
This is a Chocolate Shoppe.
Just LOOK at that case.

I pointed out my favorites to Julie.
Shelli was busy pointing and clicking the camera.
(She doesn't like chocolate much,

We looked at all the delights,
Like these gorgeous chocolate covered apples - - -

And the chocolate boxes which can be
Filled with gourmet miniatures!

We each ordered one of my favorites - - -
The dark chocolate raspberry classic miniature.
These are to-die-for good.

They make you say
"oooooo" and

Then the silliness began - - -

Shelli - - -

Made me - - -

Do it!!! :-)

Oh, girls, girls, GIRLS!!! Just look - - - the TP in that FANCY SMANCY DeBrand's bathroom is rolled THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!

(OK - - - so I fixed it that way, but who's telling???)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silliness Along the Way

Remember my friend Shelli? You know, she's my agent, photo journalist, AND chauffeur?

She looks real innocent, doesn't she??? OH DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!!

I'm pretty positive and all the silliness you are going to see in the following photos, as well as in the photos to come in the next post, were ALL HER IDEA. And I KNOW she was the one taking the pictures - - - or else how would I have been in them???

I'm also sure that I am far too dignified, sedate, quiet, and shy to think of ANY of these things on my own.

I hold Shelli responsible. :-)

Pretty sure Shelli was trying to get pictures of our nose hairs.
Julie and I are just trying to pay attention to the retreat activities.

Shelli MADE us do it.

But I must admit,
Without THINKING, I tried MY nose ring on
And when I turned my head for Shelli to see,
We heard gasps and laughs from
The ladies behind us.

So much for MY reputation
As a dignified speaker.

Pretty sure this wasn't how
Our treasures were INTENDED to be used.