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The Eclectic Company - Waitin' on a New Adventure!!
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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Eclectic Company


Remember that? That's how "The Electric Company" used to come on. Maybe I'm just old - - - but I remember my kids watching it and loving it.

Well, this is going to be my FIRST "Eclectic Company" post - - - full of fast paced little eclectic bits, so HANG ON TO YOUR HAT folks, 'cause here we go - - -

EB 1
("Eclectic Bit One" for those of you who are, like me, texting challenged)

It's Friday night and I'm home alone, sitting at my lappy screen, in my comfy jammies blogging. That is how I spell J-O-Y!!!

EB 2

Miss Shelli has been at it AGAIN!! Surely you remember Miss Shelli? She's my (in)famous photo journalist/friend/Little Miss Innocent/prankster. Last year during parent-teacher conferences every time I left the room for a "little girls room" break she hid all my stuff (that's teacher talk for important conference items). Then she sat at her table looking all innocent and "unaware" of me searching for a few minor things - - - like my grade book, my P-T forms, my CHAIR.

Once I returned to my table to find a parent patiently waiting for me with my chair TURNED UPSIDE DOWN ON TOP OF THE TABLE!!! Uh - - - yah - - - that would be Little Miss Innocent who was responsible for THAT.

Well, this year Miss Shelli came into my classroom on the day of P-T conferences and left me THIS little "gem":

I'll say this for her - - - she was a good girl and only marginally disrupted my P-T "stuff" this year.

(Small disclaimer: In case you are NEW around here and don't know my sense of humor, please know that I love Shelli to PIECES or I wouldn't be telling this - - - besides, she might READ my blog so I've GOTTA say I love her.)

EB 3

People, this one is PURE genius, and soooooo typical of our community. Our "founding fathers" decided to beautify this fall by constructing a limestone fountain on a small triangle of land near a very busy intersection.

I guess no one told them about ice wedging mechanical weathering or the use of an antifreeze technique to prevent it.

I also guess no one told them that there was NO HOPE of beautifying that particular triangle unless they tore down some billboards, power poles, parking lots, and several less than attractive buildings.

Typical, typical, TYPICAL.

EB 4

One day this week my sixth graders and I found various stray items around our science lab, then put our noggins together and invented this:

Don't tell me you don't recognize a perfectly good seismograph when you see one!!!

Oh, and please don't tell me you did this with your pre-schoolers either. WORK with me here. I teach 5 different science preps a day - - - grades 6 - 12 - - - and I'm doing the BEST I can to keep it mixed up, fun, interesting, AND chock full of science CONTENT - - -

Besides, we had LOTS of fun doing it.

Here are my THOUGHTFUL young scientists - - -

And here are my REGULAR sixth graders!!!! Hehehehehe

If you can't see by these pictures, let me just tell you - - - this is one AMAZING group of students. They are a JOY every minute of the day.

And here is ONE thing I did today to "mix" things up a little bit. Dont' YOU hang football ornaments at this time of year too????? Hmmmmm??? ;-)

EB 5

In one of her posts this week, Patti showed a little Christmas keep-sake book called "A Cup of Christmas Tea."

I'm not sure if I have that book or not - - - it MAY be upstairs in one of my Christmas boxes, I'm not sure.

But what I DO have are two little china "Cup of Christmas Tea" collector's treasures. The napkin ring shown above, and - - -

This little tea cup ornament.

And here they are together on a "regulation" size place mat so you can get a feel for their size.

And that, my dear bloggy readers, concludes our FIRST edition of The Eclectic Company!! If we can keep our sponsors and our Nielsen's up - - - we'll be BACK!!!

Wink, wink.



ashley said...

love blogging in my jammies :) hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend :)

KBeau said...

I like this "Electic Company" stuff. Keep it coming.

I'm sure that fountain was some man's idea.

KBeau said...

I really meant to type "Eclectic Company." You knew what I meant, didn't you?

Keetha Broyles said...

Shore 'nuff did, ma'am!

Brenda said...

Yep, blogging in my jammies as I type!
Your friend has a great sense of humor for sure. Love that note of 'innocence' this year!

Kristin - The Goat said...

My sister used to run into the room yelling "Hey You Guys is on!! Hey You Guys is on!" I knew exactly what you were talking about, without explanation.

I'm glad you made it our own Eclectic mix. I love Shelli - she keeps you on your toes and out of your seat. I love the look on that parents face LOL priceless.

That fountain - Priceless! and expensive. I can't believe there was no forethought on that one.

Lori R. said...

When I was in the school system, jr. high age, I used to love to watch kids think,experiment? Then all in a flash they were back to being 10. Then I would reel them in for another 28 minute stretch... I really enjoyed it though. I bet they love Mrs. Broyles and all the fun she has in her class!!!

dana said...

You are a riot!! I'll bet your kiddos love you and much as you love them!!! I could tell right off the bat that the item your brilliant charges created was a seismograph...and it looked like it was WORKING that day! You must've had a little shaking going on in the classroom!

How awesome to work with someone as much fun as Kellie. . . I worked with some great folks, too. . . I do miss those good times! What a great parent to be waiting for you with that chair up on the table....priceless photo!

I DO have that book about Christmas Tea....and I need to pull it out! A dear friend gave that to me for Christmas one year.

LOVE the frozen fountain. Oh, yes, brilliant civic leadership at work...if the ice could get a little wider and higher, I'm betting it WOULD block out the billboards! :)

Have a great weekend! Dana

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Hi...the tea cup is adorable. My mom said that there was a gift set available years ago, so I imagine if you dig deep enough into your Christmas boxes, you will find the book!! And then get a tissue as you read it.

Love the fountain...and especially love the "minds" behind it!

I also teach 6 th graders...but mine ALWAYS look like your second photo - always!!

Not sure if our paths ever crossed, but that would be a hoot!

Enjoy the to clean up after a Happy "Hour" party at my house that began after school and ended at 11 pm!!!...and the "young-uns" I teach with would love your teacher they were leaving my house, they were hiding some of my decorations in strange spots and trying to "escape with a tabletop tree"...Just found one of my little crystal trees in the bathroom....oh, to be a new young, teacher again!!

I'll be back...

Lori E said...

I hope you are saving up a big prank to play on her. Payback is always fun. No I'm not bitter. Really.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

OH NO...I don't think I was clear on that last message...the "young'uns at my house for Happy hour certainly weren't the kids...I meant the young teachers!...hahaha...Don't think i would invite my students...I teach in the 11th poorest white district in the US and they probably would steal everything in my home...the poor kids have very little, all have a sad story and most are very delayed in education - but we make the best out of it...enjoy the weekend

Unknown said...

I used to watch the Electric Company... does that make me old???

The waterfall gave me the giggles.

Keetha Broyles said...

Carrie, it makes you the age of my daughter Keri!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You have all kinds of goodies today. I love the fountain, that is so funny. I have the book "A Cup of Christmas Tea" along with the platter, teapot, tea cup and the ornament. It's a great story.
I was a huge QVC watcher and bought all of it years ago. Never saw the napkin holder.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh my gosh, I loved The Electric Company. "De...Awg...DOG." :-) Where Morgan Freeman got his start!

And I love the Eclectic Company. Perfect!

EB 4 looks like an amazing group of kids. You lucky lady. :-)