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For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday Reruns - Bikers

Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

Not Your Ordinary Trike
(First posted on 6/25/07)

Go figure - - - - Kelly has a trike!!! It's reminiscent of a big wheel and he found it in his neighbor's trash. All it needed was a little air in the front tire and voila - - -

Greg decides to give it a try. "Watch me, Macky, I'll show you how it's done!"

Kelly cheers dad on

The old man's still got "it."

"Hey - - - let ME try this thing too!"

"Now if I could only make it go - - - "

Trick Rider


Anonymous said...

The big guy is too funny riding around - but the little guy is absolutely precious. Great pictures!!!
Hey I love your snowy park scene header with the bright red slide with red brick (?) in the background. Looks like something from a magazine cover.

Maggie said...

Boys & their toys! I bet they all had a lot of fun together with that trike.

dana said...

I LOVE eyeballing the "castoffs" of others...I nailed a Barbie Van for my daughter that way! It was perched atop someone's trash can, waiting for the trash man to come and put it in a land fill. When I spied it, I pulled into the driveway of the home and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so I quickly removed the Barbie Van from the trash can and placed it in the back of my car. My daughter played with it for many years. When she had outgrown the joys that it had once given her, I decided to see what would happen if I put it out on top of our trash can one day. I did just that and took a position in the living room window to see what would happen. Within MINUTES a car came to a stop in front of our house and a young man got out. He snagged that little Barbie Van right off the can and put it in his trunk. I hope it continued to give hours of fun to some lucky little girl.

Merry belated Christmas, Keetha! I loved your Christmas Card, and I loved seeing your ornament creations. I also made them from salt must've been a craze sweeping the nation! It warmed my heart to see your vintage reddish/pinkish ornaments...I shared mine on a post a few weeks ago, too.

We were in the grip of a big old blizzard...started on Christmas Eve and we're still getting flurries. It certainly slowed us down, but it didn't keep us from getting to our festivities on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was the icing on the major highways that caused the most problems for travelers. We ended up just getting off the highway and taking side streets to get across town to our son's house.

Have a great New Year's and enjoy those football games!

L, Dana

xinex said...

What a cute post, Keetha! LOL! I hope you and your family continue to enjoy this holiday season...Christine

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh this is too funny!! Men & their toys!! (Eyes rolling!)

I do love seeing green grass. Just what I needed today!

Happy New Year, Keetha!!


Lori E said...

You realize, Keetha, that this makes you a biker momma.

Sonia said...

Cutest pictures! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Years! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend...

What great photos, Keetha!!! I loved seeing them...and loved what Maggie had to say..."Boys and their toys"!!! Sooo true!!! No matter what age!!! Hehe!

Your little guy is just too cute, I especially like the "trick bike" photo!!! Thank you so much for sharing this post with us today for Sunday Favorites, my friend!!! Hope you and your sweet family had a wonderful Christmas! We are enjoying having Russ' kids with us for the holidays. They are going to be here for their enitre school break...we're enjoying them!!!

Warmest wishes and hope that you're having a super Sunday, my friend!!!

Chari @Happy To Design

Lynn said...

I read once where males never mature past 4th grade, and if you keep this in mind, you will see that it is profoundly true!
What a cute little guy!
By the bye, I went back and read all of your posts that I missed while doing Christmassy things!
Looks like you had a good one!

Unknown said...

Hey, I just emailed you about a blog question. Then I popped over to your blog. I noticed you are from Wisconsin. So am I.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there to ride it!

teresa said...

Soo cute. The baby I mean,