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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tell Me Why - - -


This picture has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of this post! It is just a visual to catch your attention. Do you see that darlin' little 25 mL beaker in the foreground? Isn't that just the cutest little piece of lab equipment you've ever seen? I ordered those - a set of 12 of them - for our school lab and they arrived Friday. My sixth graders and I are busy thinking up names for all twelve of them - - - I'll announce the winning names later.

Now for the MAIN purpose of this post, which will also be picturless.


1) We are forced to participate in daylight savings time. Even the NAME is misleading. There is no such thing as SAVING daylight nor SAVING time. We have a set number of hours of daylight out of each 24 hours depending upon the latitude at which we live and the season of the year. There is no saving it.

Each year when we go through this nonsense - - - and we didn't USED to do it in Indiana until three years ago when our Governor pushed it through the assembly - - - it takes my body a good three weeks to adjust to the spring time change. My cells, capillaries, and synapses all KNOW it is only 3:30 AM when I get out of bed even though the clock says 4:30.

In case I haven't made myself perfectly clear yet: I HATE DST!!!

2) Fat female abdomens pop up on my Yahoo mail homepage EVERY TIME I go to my e-mail!!!!

I mean, these aren't just ordinary fat bellies - - - these are bellies gaping out of their clothing and then BOBBING up and down as if they didn't already catch my attention without the motion.

It is so gross. I go to extreme lengths not to notice my own mid-drift shape, why in the WORLD would I want to see others'????????? YIKES.

3) Folks HIDE the controls to their music players on their blogs? I am sitting here in a silent early morning house, and I go to my favorite blogs - - - trying to be silent as a mouse - - - and the music begins to blare and I can't find the controls to quiet it or turn it off. Or worse yet - - - I'm trying to covertly check my blogs at SCHOOL while my students are taking a TEST - - - and there goes that music.

All I ask is that either the music be the kind the viewer has to TURN ON, or that the control for it be located RIGHT UP THERE NEAR THE HEADER so an old idiot like me can FIND it quickly.

4) People send forwards. I hate it when my inbox is full, and I'm SOOOOOO excited to get mail, and I open up my Yahoo - - - - squeezing my eyes tightly SHUT so I won't see the bouncing belly - - - and peek out of the corner of my left eye (bouncer is on the right) and low and behold - - - 1000 of my 1001 e-mails are FORWARDS!!!!!!

OK - - - so I only had 14 e-mails and 13 were forwards - - - but you get the idea. Folks, do ANY of you actually read those things? I "just say delete."

Well, now, how was that for sneaking in a list of pet peeves with a fooler photo and a less than full disclosure title?????



Anonymous said...

OK, the photo worked! It caught my attention and I studied it for a moment looking for some type of meaning! LOL

I agree with all your pet peeves except DST! I just don't like changing the clock.

The bellies...yuck!
The forwarded emails...yuck!
The music that scares me and makes me jump...yuck!

Have a great week!

Brenda said...

We are fortunate enough to not have to observe DST. Even tho' we do have to adjust when calling family out of state, and mentally figure out what time it is.
I'm with you on the forwards. DELETE! Especially when it's from family or friends who don't communicate with me, except for forwards.
I just turn the music off on my comp.
Have a great week, naming beakers?!

Tonja said...

OK..I like DST....please don't hate me. I just really like having more daylight at the end of my day than at the beginning. And it stays so warm here...there is just more time to cook out, etc. at the end of the day.

I, too, have written a post about those #*^*! music thingies on blogs. I despise them. And, my comment was the least put them at the top of the page, so we can turn them off. Some people do posts where they tell you the music will go with the post and I appreciate that, so you can get their message like they would like it done...BUT...random music blaring at me when I go to a blog...NO!!!!!!!

And, the forwards...I go by the subject line...if it sounds interesting, I may open it, BUT only if it captures my attention. I just delete a lot of them.

AND, it is bad enough I have to look at my own fat belly...I do not want to see any body elses. But, I don't use Yahoo, so I don't have them popping up...but, if I did, I know I would not like it. I mean it's bad enough to carry one around with you every where you go...

Keetha Broyles said...

Thanks girls for your comments - - -

Brenda, I'm JEALOUS that you don't do DST.

Tonja, I would NEVER hate anyone who DOES like DST. I can "play nice" and agree to disagree. :-)

Kim, have you seen the pop-up belly adds of which I speak?

Anonymous said...

Keetha, you are a mess!LOL I like DST, means spring and summer are on their way, YAHOO!!! Softball games, sitting by the fire on the weekends... Loved the first pic, beakers are very cute! You could name them, Thing 1 and Thing 2, etc. (LOve Dr. Suess)Have not been blessed to see the middle jiggles, sounds rather, ah, yuck. It's bad enough to look at our own, why would ya just love to see somebody's cottage cheese?!I enjoy so much when you speak your mind, gave me a good laugh today!

Keetha Broyles said...

Thanks Amy!!! Actually, I saw "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" on the names list already!!!

Oh Amy, Amy, Amy - - - you'd STILL do all those same summer things WITHOUT DST, so that reason doesn't count!!!

Nancy said...

Oh my dear Keetha, that 1 hour loss of sleep is showing. I say that with a big smile, because I totally agree with you, but I would rather we keep the summer time all year 'round. In AZ, I like being on Pacific time.

The jiggling bellies are disgusting. The ads I've seen look like the stomach of someone who just delivered a baby; then in the "after" pics, it's obviously weeks/months later and the belly is being sucked in.

I always have my computer muted, so no prob here with the music issue.

Forwards ... I look at most, but never believe any until I verify the contents. I don't mind when I get one from someone who actually writes to me.

Since I like to name just about everything, it will be fun to see what names your kids think up for the beakers.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL Nancy - - - I've been just WAITING for DST to hit so I could post about it!!! So, I don't think it was the hour loss of sleep that turned me whiny - - - I imagine I already was.

I can't find my blog said...

I second your pet peeves of the day.

#3- I have my laptop permanently set on mute for that very reason. Hate that.

Brad, Carmen, Braylen and Alea Fleck said...

I also HATE DST!!! It makes no sense whatsoever--it does not save money as they all claim! It's crazy and for all the not morning people out there, springing forward, going to work or getting the kids to school in the dark is no fun. Also, for all the parents out there with young children, try putting them to bed at 8-9 p.m. in May-Sept. when the sun is still shining brightly!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Martin LaBar said...

I once read an article that said that forwards were an insidious kind of virus, clogging in-boxes, taking time. Many of them also spread misinformation.

I'd forward the article to you, but . . .

Keetha Broyles said...

Thanks Headless and Carmen for your words of empathy.

Dr. LaBar - - - I hadn't thought about the virus part, though I see the point and agree with it. I KNOW the misinformation part, and that is one of the reasons for hitting delete. They are also totally impersonal.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...


I too am with you on the DST. I recall you Indiana people used to not have it and I was envious. I gguess your state felt that they should be miserable too. The fall time is the one that really fouls me up. I walk around awake, but yet I am sleepy, waiting for bedtime to roll around.
For the love, pick one and just stay with it!!!!

The music...I put mine as near the top as I could. BUt I can makeit to where it doesnt play unless you hit the button. Like you, I dont like some peoples music, instead of searching for the button, on the keyboard there is a mute button. I press that and am good to go until I am ready to listen. It stays muted until you press it again. LOve that button.

The bellies...yuck!I am like you. I hide from myself. I certainly would prefer everyone (no matter how they look) to be modest and keep it to yourself.

The forwarded emails...yuck! Delete. Delete. Delete. Hate those.

The names? Good luck. That little beaker is sweet!
Leigh's a nice name.

Have a wonderful day!

Jewel said...

Is that really anti-bacterial soap? Because it looks like scrambled eggs and I WOULDN'T wash my hands with egg yolk.

linda t said...

Oh my gosh, the music on blogs!!
I have my computer in our bedroom and I wake up real early. Every once in a while I forget to turn my volume off, and I go to a blog and the music blasts out of nowhere and I jump and my husband darn near jumps out of bed!
Ya, not fun at 5 in the morning.

haley said...

geesh, i just saw this post for the first time and there's already 23892 comments! well i'm gonna make it 23893!

i'm with you on dst. i hate it. when i moved here from michigan, i hated NOT having it anymore. but after 12 years, i got used to it! so to suddenly have it forced upon me again is something i'm just NOT ok with :)

and yes, the little beaker is precious. i kinda want one for work so i can put my paperclips in it lol!

groovyoldlady said...

I have no answers except to say that, if elected as your next president, I will immediately do away with asinine time changes.

Oh, and I ADORE the beaker. (We science geeks hafta stick together!)

Keetha Broyles said...

Leigh - - - your music button is easy to find, and WHEN I remember I turn it off before it even begins to play. Whew.

Jewel - - - yes it IS soap, and it was in the lab, provided by my predecessor, and I believe you KNOW who that was, seeing as she was your teacher.

Haley, no matter HOW many comments I have, ALWAYS leave more!!!!

Julie said...

Oh, I think you know how I feel about DST! I HATE it!! Lol, about the golfer comment you left on my blog: Craig says that is a wonderful idea.

And as far as fat bellies go: I don't need any popping up at me on the computer, I just have to look down. ha ha. Drew actually said it would make a good pillow the other night. ( I reminded him that it is TEMPORARY!)

You gotta love kids!

Keri said... popular are you?!?! These aren't just little tiny "hey, I was here" comments, either! These are LONG comments!!!

I think DST is irritating...but I just tell myself to forget about it and I don't dwell on it. All that will do is make me miserable! I can't change it so I deal with it and move on.

Keetha Broyles said...

Woooo Hooo about being popular, Keri!!! Actually, on some of the blogs I've been perusing lately, they get upwards of 60 to 100 comments EVERY SINGLE POST - - - so I'm just a little fish.

It was much easier for me to deal with DST when I wasn't trying to get to school in the mornings. My body KNOWS its only3:30 when I get up - - - today I fell back asleep and was almost late to school.

Keri said...

Well if you're just a little fish then I'm just a micro-organism.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL Keri!!! Unicellular or multicellular???

Kristin - The Goat said...

I used to live 13 miles from the Indiana Michigan border (Coldwater, MI) and when IN didn't observe DST we used to run down there to eat dinner if it was late on a summer day and everything was closed in Michigan. LOL

I also used to have meetings in Indiana and it was always such a pain to have to adjust half my year to the meeting being at 7pm and the other half the meeting being at 8pm.

I'm glad you all finally are on DST - if only to be convenient to me! haha

I wrote a post today (March 11) about why I named my blog "The Goat" - just so you know.

I hate those ads with the bloating bellies - Yuck

I keep my computer on mute most of the time just for the very reason that I don't like the music and am almost always frightened by the sudden sounds!

I don't get forwards much anymore. I don't read half of what comes into my email. I have about 3000 unread emails in there right now LOL

Have a fabulous day!

JudyBug said...

I'm with you Sister! I don't want to see anyone's nekkid belly including my own. Forwarded emails...hate them. Especially the ones that are fake stories. People check first at least.

Thank you. I feel better.

j said...

I am still so out of whack from daylight saving time. I don't like it at all.

Forwards... sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I hate the ones that say if I don't forward it I am ashamed of Jesus. That drives me nuts.

And I am crushed that my one modeling gig for Yahoo, you don't like. I worked a long time to get just the right bounce to my flab :)

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL Jennifer!!! So that was YOUR belly dancing!!!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh keetha, I say Amen, Amen, Amen, AND Amen!