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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ye Olde Gridiron

I'm home from the Teacher's Convention, but I still have more pictures to post.

I saved THIS post for today since today is Saturday which is, as EVERYONE knows, NCAA football day!!!

I hadn't realized the College Football Hall of Fame was in South Bend - - - but there it was a block away from our hotel and right across the street from the convention center.

I confess - - - I spent JUST A LITTLE BIT OF TIME there.

I dragged my photo journalist and Vicki with me. They aren't really interested in football, but they are kind and sweet and love me, so they humor me.

There is quite a large "free entrance" portion, and that's the only part into which we went. One display was of helmets and pendants of the current Top 25 USA Today poll teams.

And in the tunnel back to the convention center, I found this WONDERFUL mural. I was able to spend some time encouraging "the boys" AT Camp Randall without ever leaving South Bend!!!

Peering over the railing into the "paid entrance" part of the hall I spied this vignette of a coach encouraging a player.

In the gift shop I found a fashion accessory - - - I'm sure EVERY lady wants to wear a football-bead bracelet in Wisconsin Badger red and white.

Meeting Knute Rockne. (Don't know who he is?!?! I'm SHOCKED - - - - google, google, google!!!)

Outside of the Hall there was a miniature football field. We saw many men and boys out there playing - - - but we said, "move over, here we come!!!"

Shelli, who is quite an athlete in her own right, was behind the camera doing her thing as a photo journalist. (This was her idea, BTW)

Vicki is pretty unaware of all things football, but she is a good sport and willing to learn. So the games began - - -

First I played center.

But then my QB didn't know what to do with the ball once she got it, and the center made too low a snap, so we switched.

I didn't try "shot gun" - - - I'm not THAT good!

Successful snap.

QB goes back, eyes down the field for a receiver - - -

But the center doesn't know what to do - - - - and I'm not PEYTON MANNING, I'm having a bit of trouble communicating with my "line of one."

Finally she got the idea that she was supposed to be blocking for me - - - - doesn't she look like a scary lineman????

A big shout-out goes to these boys who very unselfishly let us use their football. (Thanks to headless for the idea of HOW to honor them on my blog without compromising their privacy!!!)


Gerson & Betsy said...

Keetha, This is a priceless blog!!! I laughed and laughed and laughed! Thanks for sharing. Wish I could've witnessed it in person! I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog!

Keetha Broyles said...

I too wish you'd been there!!!! I'd have put you on my team and taught you a play or two!!!!

I NEEDED more linemen!!!

I can't find my blog said...

Love it! Headless boys...heehee. I would have gone into the paid section with you and we could've gotten lost in there together.

And the 'football' bracelet? You better own it!

Shannon said...

That is so awesome! I'm jealous! You look great on the field by the way!

Keetha Broyles said...

Headless - - - I'm ALREADY planning to return to S. Bend and go into the PAID part of the Hall of Fame. Can you get to Indiana and go with me???
Of COURSE I OWN the bracelet - - - will be wearing it this evening as my Badgers go after those Buckeyes.

Shannon - - - wish you could have been here to "play" FB with Vicki and me!!!!!!!

grammy said...

That had to be the most exciting football game this week!!!! How funny!!! LOVE the pic patting the football player on the head. These were all good but the "game" was by far the best. BTW, where are the helmets??? Surely you girls were tough enough that you must have needed them.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL - - - we're SO good we transcend helmets!!!

oh I kid


Keetha I really liked the picture of you and Knute Rockne.

Keetha Broyles said...

And, Football man, I bet you know all about who he is WITHOUT having to google!!!

Gerson & Betsy said...

As much as I don't like football, THIS looked like fun and I would have been HAPPY to be on your team!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Betsy - - - we need to CHANGE that vocabulary to "as much as I LIKE football I would have been happy to be on your team!!!!"

It WAS fun - - - and funny.