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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let the Beatings Begin - - -

The NCAA football beatings that is!!!

Here are my criteria for a "beating" in this post:

1) A lesser ranked team in the AP top 25 poll beat a higher ranked team - or - - -

2) One team pounded another into the GROUND - or - - -

3) Even though the teams were unranked the loss was still unexpected by all but the victors.

And here are the beatings:

(5) Texas - 45 / (1) Oklahoma - 35 (Yours truly CALLED this one. Woooo Hooo)

Toledo - 13 / Michigan - 10

Minnesota - 27 / Illinois 20

Iowa - 45 / Indiana - 9 (Hoosiers, maybe you better stick to basketball!)

(13) Vandy - 14 / Mississippi State - 17 (I bet Kudzu Keetha and Sophie are whooping this one up!!!)

Arkansas - 25 / (20) Auburn - 22

(17) Oklahoma State - 28 / (3) Missouri - 23

(4) LSU - 21 / (11) Florida - 51

(6) Penn State - 48 / Wisconsin - 7 (Ouch - - - this one is KILLING me.)


Martin LaBar said...

I use Bloglines to track RSS feeds, (yours and a lot of other people's) and there's something funny going on with the way they're handling your blog, going back about a week or so. I just unsubscribed, and subscribed again, and it didn't pick up any of your stuff since Sept. 27. There's probably nothing you can do about this.

I can't find my blog said...

Sorry about your Badgers. :-(

My Vols didn't do any better, though.

Anonymous said...

Cute new blog header!b

Kathy (Pearson) Troyer said...

The Boilers went down. So sad.

Keetha Broyles said...

I thought the Boilers hung in much better than expected with OSU, Kathy.

Joel said...

Keetha, even with the Buckeyes playing mediocre at best, I'm surprised to find no reference to the OSU-Wisconsin game from *last* weekend.

Or to be perfectly clear, the Buckeyes' defeat of the poor Badgers.

Was that when you were at the Teachers Conference?

Man, the Big Ten isn't looking all that great this year, is it? (I don't follow football all that closely, but still, I had to mention it.)


Keetha Broyles said...


Last weekend when WI GAVE the game away there at the end to the Buckeyes - - - I was tooooo crushed to put anything on here about it. I KNEW we still have to face Penn State this past weekend, and Penn State IS playing GREAT football. They ARE the Big Ten Team this year.

I know it is silly - - - but when my Badger's lose, it's like someone died. I certainly don't want to be PICKED on about it - - - or teased - - - or tormented. So that time I just didn't say anything about it. Just cried in silence.


Joel said...

Awww, Keetha. Next time I'm in Marion and see you in a public place (like the IWU food court), I'll give you a great big Buckeye hug. I promise.

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL Joel. I really do want to meet you - - - - I'll be more than happy to receive that hug. But I gotta tell you, I don't "get" what's so fierce about a seed that it should be a team mascot.

Hey - - - our chapel speaker this week was a former LCS Administrator and he mentioned your name during chapel - - - talked about seeing you at that last reunion.

Joel said...

Well, I'll tell you a secret, Keetha. I'm really not much of a OSU football fan. I mean, they're crazy over here! I'd much rather watch basketball -- I really am a Hoosier at heart.

As for buckeyes, I'm much more fond of the chocolate and peanut butter kind. Are you familiar, or are those made mostly in Ohio?

About chapel: What?? It must have been Mike Roorbach who spoke at your chapel. Does that sound right? Now you have me curious as to what he said. Hopefully he wasn't holding me up as a model graduate or anything!!