Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A List of Unrelated Items

1) Hubby just asked me to go to the Y with him. Now, while I've been WANTING to start going there to get some much needed exercise - - - I HOPE you will appreciate that I have my PRIORITIES STRAIGHT so I stayed home to continue working on my blog before the day's NCAA football games begin.

2) Shelli - - - even now, as I type this, my FINAL convention trip picture is resizing!!! HALLELUJAH

3) Blog buddies - - - - pray for my sweet friend Betsy, she is going through difficult days. You can read about it here.

4) Grab a box of kleenex, then go read this. No I mean it. GO NOW and read it. There you will find the absolutely most touching words from husband to wife that I've ever seen in print. BooDaddy could teach husband seminars, and when he comes to Indiana with his seminars I'm sending Ole.

5) I just added a new link in my Frequent Fliers list. It is called Lady of Grace and is the story of Ann Glenn and her fight with that dreaded "C" disease.



Jackie said...

That was a great list from BooDaddy ! Think I'll send Mr. DC over there to read it. :-)

Keetha, do you know if the teachers at school are aware of Ann Glenn's health situation ?

Here is her blog...just in case anyone would be interested.

Keetha Broyles said...


Thanks for giving me Ann's blog link.

Yes, there was much talk amongst us at the convention about Ann and her condition.

Jackie said...

Oh, Keetha, thank you so much for adding Ann's link to your blog.
(No one can compare to her).

Keetha Broyles said...

No problem!!! She is a lovely lady, that is for certain sure.

grammy said...

Speaking of lovely lady, favorite DIL I am so glad you returned home so I could get some info on the Gator's game this weekend. were the first and only one I knew that could give me the info AND did, thank you very much!!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL - - - - you just need a few google skills and you could have answered your own question.

BUT - - - I'll GLADLY take the praise, unwarranted though it is.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Go Sparty! Thought the Badgers might hang in there! The Wolverines bit the dust bad - heh heh!

Mama and I go yo "Celebrate your Marriage" at Mackinaw Island Monday & Tuesday! Hopefully mama will get that 'fine tuning' she needs! lol

Dustin and Kayla said...

i like ur post, i found mrs glenn and mrs bennett! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Kayla - - - they are BOTH in my Frequent Flier list - - - Miss Bennett is Chez Tejeda and Mrs. Glenn is Lady of Grace