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Saturday, August 6, 2011

There'll Be a "Gran" Time in the Old Town Tonight!!!


One day, not so very long ago, three darlin' little Hoosier grans loaded up their worldly possessions, climbed into their car seats, and headed off to the wild blue yonder of 'Consin - - - for a WEEK of vacation.

They condescended to let their momma and daddy come along.

Oh what a "gran" time they had in 'Consin, which to THEM means Kamma and Papoo's house. Here's a little peek into what they did:

They spent one afternoon at the Zoo. Mackinley and Kaeleigh enjoyed it - - - Piper fell in love.

With a turtle.

A painted turtle.

She wanted to take her new friend home.

Kamma and Momma were mean and said, "no!"

One day they went to the cheese factory. They got to see big vats of cheese curds being separated from the whey.

Momma and Daddy gobbled down some waxy, squeaky, salty curds. Kaeliegh liked them too - - - a little bit - - - and Piper LOVED them the first time she had them. Mackinley preferred to get HIS dairy in the form of ice cream.

Kamma and Momma snuck away one morning for a little "girl" time getting their nails "done" by Andy who has serious nail skilz!

HEY - - - wait a minute!!! Piper and Kaeleigh are girls too, why didn't THEY get their nails "done?"

One favorite 'Consin treat was going to the Dollar Tree, with a dollar in hand, to get a toy. Little Miss Piper can barely see over the counter as she hands up her money.

Mackinley is an "old hand" at this toy buyin' stuff.

And Miss Kaeleigh is ever prim and proper.

Finally came a day that Papoo didn't have to go to work! So, the grans talked him into taking them boating.

Kaeleigh made quite the figure head as they slowly glided toward shore.

Don't forget - - - momma and Daddy were in 'Consin too.

At the lake daddy sported a towel to protect his shiny head from those nasty UV-rays.

Kamma looks like she needs to expose her white legs to some UV rays from time to time.

At the beach, all the sittin' in the sun, buildin' sand castles, and paddling in the water made the grans - - -


After a quick drink from their new color-coded water bottles,

They were back on the beach - - -

Splashing, digging,

Floatin' and smilin'.

Way too soon it was time to go back to Kamma's, take a bath, and get ready for bed.

Smiles all around.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy times happening in 'Consin!
Looks like you had a wonderful visit with your grands.

Anke said...

What fun! Everybody looks like they're having a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

They're adorable!

Terra said...

All in all, a perfect 'Consin vacation.

podso said...

I loved going to a cheese factory when we were in Wisconsin a few years back (try 20). The curds were so good! =Looks like you had a fantastic time with those kiddos!

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for the peek at the week with the Grans and their folks. Looks like you had some sunny hot weather that week.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am SOOO jealous. What a fun time was had in Consin. Lucky you!

Rebecca said...

I want to go to a cheese factory!!

Diana Lesjak said...

Nothing more fun than Kamma's!! They are adorable Keetha~ lucky you~ lucky them!

Jojo said...

A perfect summer day with beautiful grands. It doesn't get much better than this.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Those smiles are far and wide! They sure are having a great time with you all. I bet your legs aren't as white as mine and I live in the Sunshine state! LOL

Holly said...

How fabulous! Love how you tell the story. The stuff memories are made of, for sure.