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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The al-"LURE" of Petenwell


Fisherhubby wanted to go exploring today to find a lake that folks have been telling him he should fish.

So, we set out late this afternoon in search of Lake Arrowhead.

When I saw where Arrowhead was located, I knew there was something BIGGER and BETTER very nearby, as you can see on this map.

Lake Arrowhead is the tiny minnow at the center of the map and Petenwell Flowage is the GIANT WHALE just to the left.

So, after finding Arrowhead, I directed our path toward:

Petenwell. County Z curving around this little cove on Petenwell is called "Devil's Elbow."

But do not be fooled by the seeming smallness of the lake in this picture - - - later you will really see something.

As we wended our way up and down County Z, this sign caught our attention.

Being, by this time, quite hungry and ready for our suppers we decided to give it a try.

After winding our way over the narrow road through the pine thicket, suddenly before us we spied it!

On the edge of a large parking lot and perched jauntily on the east shore of Petenwell - - -

The Lure Bar and Grill

Inside we found that every table, except one, had actual lures embedded in its surface.

Of course, Fisherhubby chose the ONE table that had no al-"lure" but which sported a topographical map of the entire flowage.

BTW - - - flowage is what we Wisconsinites call reservoirs.

You can't tell it by looking at our table, but Petenwell is more than 10 miles long and covers more than 23,000 square acres!

It's honkin' big!

As we ate at Fisherhubby's table of choice, this was my view and - - -

This was FH's view. Now how BIG does Petenwell look???

Being a very spatial directional sort of gal,

I really enjoyed these mileage signs.

Oh, and round these here parts
This is a very important distance to know!

(Even blue-blooded COLTS fans, like me, need to know
when they live in Wisconsin!)

I'm linking this little peek into my world,
The world of Central Wisconsin,
To YOUR world at Communal Global.



Unknown said...

That lake is absolutely beautiful Keetha. What a pretty place. I love that you went on this adventure : ) Laughed about your husband picking the only table without lures.

podso said...

I think I also would have chosen the map table, liking to know where things are you know! The lake is beautiful. Our favorite lake in these parts is called Lake Lure!!!

RuthnJasper said...

WOW! That lake (and its surrounds) is so beautiful! Almost like an ocean! I'm not surprised that FH picked that table though - I bet he was studying it, working out the best fishing locations when he SHOULD have been concentrating on chewing his luncheon properly!! These boys!!! Great idea to fix the eye-catching lures into the tables as well.

Lots of love to you,

Ruth and Jasper xxx

Lynn said...

Don't you just love to drive on roads you've never been on!? My favorite sort of day.

Ann in the UP said...

The Petenwell Flowage looks like the Wisconsin Sea.

Interesting that FH chose the map table. Is he working on his skills? This looks like a fun adventure. said...

That looks like a just, down and dirty really fun place. Love the signage and the tables.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Petenwell is huge! The restaurant looks like fun. Hope the food was good.

42N said...

I wanna go and fish there.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I would have liked to sit at the table with the map, too. I'm fascinated with maps. How far to the Pack is very important. :)