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Monday, August 15, 2011

No Back To School For Me


It's happening all across blogland -

Students and teachers are going back to school.

Except for me.
There will be no more of that for me.

I am learning that while I still miss my students, and their antics,

And while I still miss my fellow teachers

And all our antics,

(Especially yours, Tim!)

I am not missing the 4 AM mornings.

I will always grieve for the loss of our beloved school,
Part of me will always miss the classroom,
But the REST of me is moving on.

Sometimes forced change has its advantages.



Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I have 3 weeks left of the summer...and this might be my last year...mixed feelings about both - haha

Rebecca said...

The school where I send my kids started last week. Most of the other nearby schools are starting this week. It all brings me back to when I was in school. Oh how I couldn't stand school (middle/high) when I was a child. But something happened in college that put the love of learning bug deep within me and I still miss all the back to school stuff.

Oddly enough I don't want to go back to college (money thing, time issues, etc.)

Jojo said...

Don't worry, you will still feel like marching when the drum major tweets and the band starts to play.

podso said...

Librarians don't have to get up so early!

jules said...

Enjoy your time at home. I know I sure do....

Ann in the UP said...

We still grin with pleasure, beginning when the back to school sales start. No more school for us either! Wahoo!!! And when the school bus goes by each morning. There'd be a high five----if the teacher was out of bed yet.

(I think you've found some wonderfully useful things to do instead!)

Carol said...

Part of you will always miss what made you love teaching. I am now in my third year of blissful retirement & I LOVE hearing that school bus go by!

Deven said...

I'll lessen your pangs of regret. We are open PreK-12 again this year, but the high school is only as an online deal.

Sorry I'm a bit behind in my reading, but with school starting and all... YOU know. :)

Martin LaBar said...

I still have some regrets over not being in the classroom, but it was time to move on. I hope you are comfortable with not teaching (at least formally).