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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Accommodting Guests For Over 145 Years


Recently while wending our way along the southern shore of the Great Gitche Gumee we stumbled across the very charming Greunke's Inn.

Located in the heart of Bayfield, Wisconsin it simply oozes charm. There were other restaurants and Inns beckoning us, but none called to our hearts they way that this red and white charmer did.

With just one step inside the door we knew we had chosen well.

The decor was replete with Route 66 paraphernalia,

Old records, record jackets, and classic movie stars. I saw Marilyn Monroe smiling down on us and knew our youngest daughter would love this place.

Tucked back in a very out of the way corner we found this cozy booth for two. Our waitress said they call it "the forgotten table" because it is so well hidden.

Not to worry, though we sat here she (the waitress!) did NOT forget us.

She brought us our menus - - - printed in the center section of the Greunke Newspaper!!!! From the paper I learned that upstairs over the restaurant are guest rooms. Now I am longing to return to spend a night or two.

I ordered the whitefish dinner plate. It was some of the best fish I've ever eaten.

And for dessert? Fisherhubby and I split (yes, this is only HALF) a chocolate milk shake and used our techno toys to check up on world events.

What could possibly be better?

I'm linking this little peek into my world,
The world of Lake Superior's Shore,
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Erin said...

What a neat place! I thought of you this weekend when I bought a "new" coffee table - red, of course. I need to get a picture up on my much neglected blog.

podso said...

This sounds just like what we do--and a perfect table tucked away! Cute! and sigh for the chocolate milkshake.

Rebecca said...

I really want to go there to eat. I love shakes and I love baked potatoes.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

What a charming place, I love the eclectic lived in cluttered style (although I hate living in it) it definitely makes me feel warm inside. I can see it's a great place to stay.

KBeau said...

Life is good. That looks yummy. Got to make it to Wisconsin some day. It's on my bucket list.

Keetha said...

That sounds ideal! Don't you love when you happen upon some great little place like that?

Sandy said...

Love the picture of the plate and fish....Love the plate...Thanks for the post about a great place in Bayfield....Maybe someday.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So charming. I love places like that. Glad you found it!