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Thursday, August 18, 2011

That Old Dead Tree She Ain't What She Used To Be!!


IIf you read my previous post, you know we've had quite a flurry of activity around here this morning. If you HAVEN'T read it you probably didn't miss much.

In this lovely "screen photo effect" picture you can see one of the men with machines that arrived in our yard around 7:30 this morning to remove the dead tree directly in front of said man with machines.

Since we did not REALIZE they were going to be turning off our electricity at 7:30ish this morning - - - nor that they would be tromping around on our roof at that early hour (pretty big squirrels, that's what we first thought) we were unprepared for our electrical fast.

No hot coffee.

No hot breakfast.

Garage door unopened.

And MORE'S THE PITY - - - no freshly fully charged techno toys.

Fisherhubby remedied the first two problems with a quick trip to McD's - - - his truck does not LIVE in the garage, but I nearly always REFUSE to ride in it because he practices his bad cigar smoking habits in that truck and I don't want to be contaminated.

Somehow, I managed to keep my little Samsung Galaxy Tab going on about a quarter battery strength during the "black out."

Whew!!! That was a relief.

Anyway, in about two hours this was all that was left of the dead tree. In about a half an hour more, those men with machines had it all cleaned up and they were outa here.

Let's not even mention the dying state of my geranium, shall we??? I have a brown thumb and while I manage to keep my geraniums alive for the FIRST half of summer, this is how they always end up looking by mid August.

Maybe watering would help - - - ya think!?!

NO, DON'T GIVE ME GARDENING LESSONS. I am beyond hope and help. Furthermore, I HATE gardening. I know, I know - - - "them thar's" cussing words to all you gardeners with gorgeous flower beds.

Meanwhile, back to our Men With Machines saga.

Shortly after the FIRST set of men with machines cleared outa here - - - this guy appeared with ONE machine.

I'm sure he will totally appreciate the fact that I'm posting this photo of his BEST SIDE for all bloggyland to see.

Because, you know, ALL bloggyland comes to my site every single day to spit and snort over my posts.

No, don't argue with my delusions - - - I ENJOY them.

After about five minutes, this pile of dirt was all that was left of the dead tree stump. Too bad I was too slow getting out my camera so ALL I can show you of the process is this pile of dirt.

Now, here's my question - - - who's bright idea was it to LEAVE those cables drooped across my yard and ceremoniously draped over one of the remaining LIVE trees, which live tree will probably be DEAD by next summer or the next as the same blight that killed the other is even as we speak gnawing away at its inners?

So - - - who's job is it going to BE to come and clear away those cables anyway?????

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anyway, I can open the garage door now, though I don't particularly WANT to. That's how it works - - - when you CAN'T open the garage door, you feel a desperate URGE to open it, but when you CAN open it "garage door opening apathy" sets right in.

I can also use and recharge all my electric technology because the electric guys have already been here and reattached me to the grid. Thanks guys!

So - - - all that excitement only took about 3 hours and 45 minutes from the first heavy footfall on the roof to the last man with big machines pulling out of our driveway.

Go back to your day now - - - we're all OK over here.


PS - why did I feel COMPELLED to hide inside my house and take my pictures THROUGH the screen - - - it IS my yard, after all. If men with machines want to invade my space I should feel free to open the door and point my camera right at them. So WHY didn't I feel free I wonder???



Pam said...

So glad you added the PS because I was trying to figure if you were taking pictures through a screen or if the effect was somehow related to the droid...I am surprised that you felt compelled to stay inside with all of the excitement right in YOUR yard!

Ann in the UP said...

I didn't spit and snort, but I did laugh out loud at some part in the middle there. Or maybe it was the part about how we MUST GET OUT when the garage door can't open----sigh----until the power comes back on. So true!

And the picture taking? March on out there and make 'em smile! They'd be flattered. Really....

Unknown said...

The pictures--it's ok to be a stalker--as long as the stalkee doesn't know!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I love that pic of the construction worker bending over his trailer. It reminds me of the time my dad was working on my moms car on the side of the road and a car full of women drove by, woo hoo'd and honked at him. It was HILLLLLARIOUS!

The pictures had their very own charm. I especially like the first one through the screen.

podso said...

Wow you left us in suspense here .. glad you added the droopy cable report. :-) More sun in your yard I guess!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You are a hoot Keetha!
I love your spin on things and I am so glad you made it through the power outage!

Kristin - The Goat said...

You know I would have been right there -- close enough so the boys would have said "You'd better step back honey!"

Cutting down a tree and getting the stump grinder out in one day is a miracle. Good luck with the cable guys. ha!