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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Puddles Along the Way


Recently while in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, we came upon this puddle across our path.

Giggling, I made Fisherhubby stop so I could take a photo for my blog. (He has ceased to wonder about such stops as they occur too frequently now for him to even question them.)

When we, Sister Pam and I, were girls our dad had a propensity for taking off across the Northwoods, where we lived at the time, on tiny "tire track" fire lanes much to our mother's worry and chagrin. In those pre-cell phone days the possibility of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere on a fire trail with no means of summoning help was a reality which she was NOT prepared to face.

Once we did just that - - - got stuck in a puddle just about this size - - - on a fire trail in the middle of no where. Needless to say, we are not still sitting there for Dad got us out sans help from any other living soul - - - but Mother didn't stop letting him hear about the folly of fire trails all the way home.

Sometimes in life, the puddles that cross our path are not as benign as this. Sometimes they are raging torrents.

Sometimes they threaten to capsize our little boats.

Meet our friends, Mary and John.

A year ago a raging torrent flowed right over their "fire trail." John was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was rather bleak to say the least. After surgery and treatment, the cancer was subdued only to return, or so we thought.

Actually as it turned out the second bout of cancer was of a completely different kind, unrelated to the first episode. This time it was a very virulent, fast growing, rare, no-name variety.

A team of 30 doctors at Mayo poured over his case, debating what to offer as treatment. They had very little hope to offer when it was decided that John would undergo radiation - - - very STRONG radiation - - - treatments.

Mary wondered if she would be a widow before they even reached their first anniversary.

But PRAISE GOD FROM WHO ALL BLESSINGS FLOW, the radiation worked and John has once again been given a clean bill of health.

My heart was moved Sunday when John shared the following sentiments with our congregation:

"A year ago I was suffering from nearly unendurable pain. I CURSED the pain - - - but it was that same pain that helped the doctors FIND and then treat my cancer. I realized the pain was a blessing and now I am thankful for it.

Then, a new fast growing cancer was found. Again I CURSED the fact that it was fast growing as there seemed little hope of me surviving. Then the doctors told me that the reason my cancer responded to well to the radiation treatments was that it WAS a fast growing kind and the radiation could destroy its ability to reproduce. Now I thank God for the BLESSING of fast growing cancer.

I learned that's how it is in life - - - often times those things we think of as curses turn out to be our greatest blessings."

WOW - - - John has learned to navigate the raging torrents of this life with grace, dignity, and thanksgiving in his heart.

May I learn to respond to the puddles along the way in a similar manner.

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The Northwoods of Wisconsin,
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Keri said...


4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...what a post! LOVE it.

tinajo said...

That is just lovely, I´m so happy for them! Love your pics and words! :-)

Pokey said...

Let's remember to thank God for the puddles...and thank you for sharing this, I'm blessed today by your words!

Ann in the UP said...

How quickly he learned to "give thanks for all things", and what a blessing to share that with all of you.

I was reading elsewhere today how all our trials help to teach us empathy for others going through the same thing. Oh, that we'd learn to really see others----and what they're going through.

Anonymous said...

truly inspiring :)

Carol said...

Great post, Keetha. I wish your friends the very best.

podso said...

What a wonderful story! It's so nice when we can see the lessons and the reasons.

As far as the puddle photo, it's a great illustration of the story ... but I was wondering if you were going to ask fisherhubby to lay down his red cape so you could cross over it safely. But actually he probably would not have needed to be asked ...had he a cape.

Holly said...

So wonderful about your friend John! Praises.... It's true about the challenges, isn't it? But still it's really hard when you're in the middle of dealing with them.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Love how John can see the goodness within his trials. Looks like he has a great attitude.

LV said...

There are way too many cases like this that do not trun out as well as John. Trust he and his family continue to be blessed.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So inspiring! John sounds like a wonderful man. I totally understand those things we think of as a curse can actually be a blessing in disguise. It is how HE works amazingly in our lives. Love it! :)

42N said...

Very well written. Nicely done to tie the two concepts together.

Anita Johnson said...

Keetha, I ejoyed every part of this post, from the little back road drives...we did them too, to John's wonderful story! What a testimony!

nancygrayce said...

We do all have both puddles and rivers don't we??? A story like his makes me thankful for my puddles!

Maddy said...

So, so true! I've experienced some torrential downpours in my life, but nothing like Mary & John. Puts everything into perspective, doesn't it? said...

Wonderful post.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful post and how wonderful that John is well. I love what he learned and the blessings that God has given to them.