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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Better than ANY Bit of Fishing Paraphernalia


Last evening after a full and busy day, I finally sat on the couch for a moment. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a UPS truck pulling up in front of our house.

I'll confess, my FIRST thought was, "What 'toy' has Fisherhubby ordered now?"

Then I noticed the "Cheryl's" stamped proudly across the box and my thoughts changed to: "what delectable treat has Robin sent us now?"

Because, you see, at Easter MIL Robin, who is a GENIUS at giving just the right something-something, sent us a box of Cheryl's iced, cut out Easter cookies. They were soooooooo very delicious that I REMEMBER them and their maker, the wonderful Cheryl.

When at last I held that box in my excited hands, I noted that the shipping label was made out just to ME. Oh the joy - - - Cheryl's cookies just for MOI!!!

I chuckled right out loud when I read this packing slip.

Then I tore into that box and here's what I found:

A tin football bank stuffed to the gills with - - -

all sizes, shapes, and sorts of Cheryl's cookie goodness.

Even those of you who don't "get" my football madness must admit this iced football is cute as the dickens, no?

Oh, but you should TASTE it.

Try licking your computer screen. ;-)

And these are going to be called Bucky-eyes 'round this here place.

Now, are you ready for this???

Look at the INSIDE of the football tin:

A stadium filled to capacity with cheering game day fans!!! Show me to the tail gating section, please!!!

And when you look up? There's the game day blimp in a sky of blue.

Later today when I descend into my FBC (Football Cave) I shall take my tin of treats with me, but for right now they are front and center on my coffee table where I can enjoy them.

And if Fisherhubby is a very good boy, MAYBE I'll share a couple with him.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Keetha that is beyond cute! And those cookies look so yummy! You have a great MIL~~ hugs, Linda

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love all of your paraphernalia, too cute! Love the football cookies. I just sent my dad some Cheryl's cookies, they are the best!

podso said...

Goodness! You are full of news. That football tin is soooo cool ---you will just love that at your side, whether it has goodies in it or not! Wonderful present! And then your daughter and her National Anthem debut on ESPN ! You are one proud mama for sure!

Where did she get the talent? !!

Sandy said...

YUMMY...And, NO, I didn't lick the screen, but they look great...and the tin is wonderful....Enjoy your Cave day!!!
Love from NC

Erin said...

That is adorable! Even down to the inside of the tin. What a sweet MIL you have!

Tracy said...

The tin is super cute and fits you so well.

Unknown said...

That's so cute! In spite of the football theme! ;) just kiddin' ya!

Charlotte said...

Now that's the type of football that I like!

42N said...

Chocolate is the only thing to cure my team's miserable outing at home today. Many actually cheered for our defense to get a touchdown since the offensive receivers were prone to drop the ball. Next up for us is University of Northern Iowa - your first game opponent.

Alyx said...

How fun is that?!!? I love it, and it's so you!

Vidya Sury said...

The football bank is beautiful! :D Ok, the insides are also mouthwatering! :D I have the sudden urge to eat a chocolate bar.

Keri said...

WOW!!!!! She sure does have the gift of gift-giving!! :) That's fabulous!

Fantasy Gridiron said...

What a kind and AMAZING gift!!! So awesome!!!

Ann in the UP said...

I am mighty late to THIS party, but I love the goodies from Robin! I may have to bake some cookies after reading all that....
We had to watch the Packer-Bear game at an Appleby's in Christiansburg, VA. No Thursday night football in our hotel cable hook-up. (sad face). Not that Appleby's is a bad place to hang out. The length of a game is sort of a long time, though.