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Friday, April 29, 2011

Who Made The Rule???


Who was it that made the "rule" that a dandelion is a weed????

Whomever they were, they did NOT know the joy of a single dandelion in the spring after a long harsh winter on the Frozen Tundra!!

Nor were they a child. Children see dandelions for what they are - - - bright, cheery, beautiful, yellow markers of SPRING!!!

No, had the "weed" rule-makers known the joy of the FIRST dandelions of spring, they would have called them wild flowers and honored them as beloved friends.

Perhaps they would even have immortalized them on a plate like this one given to me by my dear friend Norma.

If you are shaking your head thinking I've LOST it over dandelions you need to know that THIS is the first dandelion we've seen this spring on the Frozen Tundra. And I'm just guessing that if YOU aren't as excited over it as I am, you do NOT dwell on a Frozen Tundra.

I went back today to the two little antique shops which Eloise and I visited yesterday. This time I came away with more treasure!!!

Some of my treasure is being brought home in the truck by Fisherhubby and Eloise's hubby Bill. I'll show it to you later.

But for now - - - - just feast your eyes on THIS gem:

No, no, NO - - - I shall NOT paint it!! I shall enjoy it in all its natural wood beauty.

I love its details and spindles.

The seat is faux leather - - - already deliciously and naturally distressed.

I have plans for this chair to join some other furniture in what will SOON be our little "guest hide-away" down in the region of the FBC.

But in the mean time, I have tucked it into a corner of the dining room where I can see and enjoy it every day!!!

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Keri said...

We are the only house on the street with dandelions. And we have a whole field of them in our front yard right now! I'm sure our neighbors roll their eyes and say not-so-nice things under their breath about us and our "weeds" (especially when I saw one neighbor out on her hands and knees, laboriously removing each dandelion plant BY HAND from her precious grass), but every time little Piper looks out the window and sees those yellow faces staring at the sun she says "It's SPING, Momma, it's SPING!" So I suppose our neighbors will just have to deal with it and move on with their lives. :)

Keri said...

By the way, this post blessed me beyond measure BECAUSE we are the only house on the street with dandelions. :) So THANK YOU.

Unknown said...

LOVE the plate! And the story I heard is that dandelions came to America as a crop...the first greens of the season! Nothing is more beautiful than a whole field the color of gold!

Anonymous said...

Dandelions are happy. I used to make bracelets and necklaces out of them as a kid and thought I was very fashionable! Yellow fingers and all! So, dandelion lovers unite!

LOVE your new's seat is so nicely 'aged'! Can't wait to see what Fisherhubby is lugging home in the truck!

Sounds like you had a great day antique hunting. Always a nice way to spend the day!

We from the 'frozen tundra' of CO can appreciate your post Keetha. There is a snow storm headed through the mountains this weekend and it's lookin' nasty outside right now. Although it IS 60 degrees today, it'll be barely 40 tomorrow.

Tricia said...

Oh no! Dandelions are NOT weeds in my mind. If it flowers, it's a flower. Plain and simple. I too love the sight of those little yellow beauties. Thank goodness they are showing their little faces. Now if we get a consistently tolerable temperature and a few days without rain, all will be WELL. ;)

xo*t said...

Luv the chair and agree with you, keep it like it is. If you paint it, I might have to come out to the tundra and thump you.

Two Words: Dandelion Wine.

42N said...

I'm with you on the dandelion thing except if they are in my lawn. My daugther didn't care if they were weeds. She picked them for her mom.

RuthnJasper said...

Keetha - there is no such thing as a weed; it's merely a "plant in the wrong place"!

LOVING that beautiful chair - what a find. I used to make tapestry chair seats for pieces like that... perhaps I could whip you up a dandelion cushion, hehehe... ;-)

With our love, Ruth & Jasper x

Theresa said...

My Granddaughters pick dandelions and bring them as a bouquet and they are lovely!

Love your new treasure! Gorgeous seat:)

Have a blessed day dear Keetha! HUGS!

Ann in the UP said...

Yup! Loving the dandelions. They are much less work than the daffodils and more plentiful and cheery! (MY dad used to call them "marigolds".)

I love the chair too. Beautiful wood.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a "book" of a comment, then hit publish and it told me blogger couldn't take it or some dumb thing like that.....grrrrrrrrr. It was such a fantastic comment, too. You would've love it! :)

I'll quickly sum up that dandelions are hated by my hubby, but loved by a couple of our neighbors, so we do have a few now and then.....and they are pretty when standing alone, surrounded by lush, green grass! :)

Love your chair and LADDER!!!! Glad you're settled...good to see your family gathering at Easter!

Have a great weekend!!!

L, dana

Anonymous said...

I have 2 dandelions tattooed on my arm.
Being that I love my herb studies dandelions are one of the greatest for medicinal purposes!
there are a ton of vitamins.
go on-line and look at all the qualities they have. I read in an article from an herbalist that if all people knew what dandelions did for us they would go extinct.
you can even make dandelion coffee.
i buy my dandelion fresh at a place in town called sage woman herbs. you can order it on-line from her and make it as a tea.
you could by the tea bags of it at the store but its not as fresh and im sure its been handles do much it could take out some of the qualities.
and one more thing, I love the chair!

Shirley said...

No, I really hadn't seen this post before putting mine on today! Amazing. I think we all have winter stress syndrome!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn said...

I personally love dandelions!! My daughter used to pick them for me when she was a little girl and they remind me of her now.

Great post and I'm crazy for that dish!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh I so love the first dandelions too! I just smile when I see them!
Love your platter and love your new chair too!

Rebecca said...

I really LOVE The Plate!! I want that plate!

I think a field of Dandelions is just about the most beautiful thing ever. All that rich yellow as bright as the warm summer sun. Just gorgeous.. And several days later when they all turn into 'wishers'. Fun to run through and blow every single one all while making a million wishes.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Dandelions do have a sweet bloom, but I have to admit when I see them I get rid of them :( Love, Love, your beautiful is so pretty! Thanks so much for visiting me and for your sweet comments! Hope your week is wonderful!

Carrie said...

I like dandelions! I think they're pretty.

Love the plate!