Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

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Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

What Does THE TEACHER Look Like???


On this First Day of April, 2011 I'm republishing and linking this post to the "No Rules Linky Party" over at Wit Behind the Ears. If you look VERY CLOSELY at the last few pictures on this post, you will find The April Fool herself! Enjoy.

It happened to me again this week.


I was out somewhere in public and someone asked me if I was a teacher.

That's what I get for going out in public.

But it begs the question, just WHAT does a teacher look like? AND what teacher-thing have I got going on that I am IMMEDIATELY recognized as one????

I mean, on NEITHER of those two occasions was I spouting tundra/taiga comparisons nor explaining why frozen water is less dense than liquid!! Why, I wasn't even talking about genes and punnett squares!

Perhaps I was exuding "mean" teacher vibes, though I didn't have my yardstick with me at the time, so couldn't fly away on it.

Or perhaps the aura of mad scientist was surrounding my head - - - though I left all my beakers and erlenmeyer flasks back in the laboratory when they closed down my school.

No, I suspect the "teacher identifier gene" is something much less prominent,

Much more elusive

Than yard sticks, chalk, or even erlenmeyer flasks.

I suspect it is more a matter of the heart,

A "joie de vivre" if you will

Of all things education.

And I further suspect

That on many school days

In many classrooms across the nation

The teacher didn't necessarily look like THE TEACHER,

But instead had an entirely DIFFERENT look goin' on.

And I also suspect that THIS teacher is missing her trade now that her school doors are closed.

And missing her students.

And missing her colleagues.

And missing her whole Lakeview family.

(Photo credit: "Mean Teacher" photo from



TS Hendrik said...

Maybe you have a doppleganger in the area?

Cortney said...

I understand! There has to be something in our nature that gives us away as teachers. As a special education teacher I often feel like I attract everyone with a disability, in the grocery store, the laundromat, on the's like they know that I know.

Last week was spirit week and I had to explain to a parent why I was dressed in Polar Bear Fleece PJ's with fuzzy's hard to be taken serious when you're in your PJ's.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think it's the look of intelligence and interest you show in the world around you! hugs, Linda

I can't find my blog said...

AAaawww. I'm sure they are missing you too!

Deven said...

We do! We do!

I was thinking about you when I found out that my kids will be playing on the Bitty Badgers team for soccer.

Unknown said...

I think people guess my profession when I: reprimand people for texting, especially if the phone appears to be 'hidden' in their lap, when I get onto children in Walmart, and when I give people 'the look' over the top of my reading glasses. Oh and perhaps because I have a bunch of 'boomer' (school mascot) tshirts and am not a sports fan!

Diane said... your pics. Back 30 years ago in school we feared the yard stick punishment...well of course I never had any trouble....or at least never got caught!! giggle, giggle

Unknown said...

Do you, by any chance, roll chalk back and forth in between your palms, so that as it is rolled between the rings on your fingers it goes, "kuh-click, kuh-click, kuh-click"?

That's what a couple of my teachers did, and it made me INCREDIBLY NERVOUS!!!

Tonja said...

Perhaps you were teaching. Ateacher teaches wherever or whenever they can. As I have been advised recently.

I have long loved Hawaiian history and have studied it and all things Hawaiian and Polynesian extensively. As I was telling Joy and Patty something that was very important for them to know, that would enhance their enjoyment of the islands...Joy said, "Tonja, lets have a break from the teaching for a while."

WELL. If I could have walked away, I would have. But, since we were on a boat, I thought better of it.

Oh, well. I'll just share my knowledge with those who want it! They don't know it, but they missed some of choicest bits of info. Now they'll never know! Too sad.

Lynn said...

I was always "Outed" too! Wonder what it is!!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I think it's that you will talk to about anyone and you have something interesting to say!

I'm sure you do miss your Lakeview family. I can only imagine how much.

kyooty said...

you remind me very much of AJ's Grade 1 teacher. I just don't know "what" it is though... hmmmm'

Theresa said...

I think you JUST look S-M-A-R-T:) Yep, that's what it is! Enjoy your weekend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

What a cute post and I am sure you are really missed.

Vickie said...

Love, love, love this post for so many reasons! But my favorite is all the pictures of you as a "fun" teacher!! Thanks for always loving on those kids!

Carol said...

Very cute post! I was washing my hands in the ladies' room of a restaurant & saw a little girl staring at me. She told me I looked just like a teacher! Funny, I guess we just do!

lilmomma said...

I can only speak for myself, but this old student misses you as well. So many good lessons, both funny, school related, or just life related. Sometimes I wish I had listened a bit harder back then, but I am ever so thankful for the things I did learn from you. And I'm sure it's not a teacher "look", but more of the fact that you still teach little things everywhere you are. :)

Ann in the UP said...

I'm sure that Linda is right, it's the look of perception and intelligence. I noticed it myself in the picture of you with the beak attached to the front of your melon. Hehehe! I never missed my work, but I sure missed having co-workers and friends. said...

Okay, my teachers never looked as cool or caring as you do/did. Maybe it was the habits that threw me off, being a Catholic school?


Anonymous said...

thru the yearsave followed i have followed you and looked at all the fun pictures you had put up with your students it was obvious that they all loved you and thought you were the best!
the DIE/DICE thing I wasnt sure, thanks for the info

podso said...

Cute post. And I'm sure life is very different without teaching ... you were born to teach obviously!

Chats the Comfy Cook said...

Love your blog. I could stay here for an hour.

Contemplating Cadie said...

How on earth did I miss commenting on this post, I loved it... and you do look like a teacher! I agree with an above commenter, I bet it has a lot to do with your outlook.

When I try, I can think of a lot of teachers I've had over the years that don't have the same 'thing' going on as you do, but they're not the teachers that come to mind easily. The ones that made an impression, my favorites, the ones that were loved and respected. Well, you're their spittin image, even though you look nothing like 'em.