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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cranberries, Cookie Cutters, and Cloth Bits


Yesterday my friend Eloise, pronounced E - Lois, met me for lunch and then took me round to a couple of antique/collectable shops.

I had this "blank-slate" wall in my kitchen, next to the refrigerator, for which I had been keeping my eyes open for "just the right" thing to hang there.

Of course, I had no idea what "just the right thing" would look like, but was pretty sure I'd know it when I saw it.

In one of the little shops, we found this ladder. Oh, it was never a utilitarian ladder, but had been fashioned for decorative purposes out of old bits of rough barn-siding-ish wood.

It doesn't even need to HANG on my wall, but is instead very content just to LEAN there.

Hanging down one side of the ladder was a swag, which I rather liked, until Eloise found this cranberry swag in another corner of the shop.

Cranberries!!! Imagine that!!! How PERFECT for this county in this state since we produce more cranberries than any other county in any other state!!

I brought the ladder and swag home with me and stood them up against that nekked wall in my kitchen.

I attached a few tin cookie cutters to the swag.

And from the rungs of the ladder, I hung some bits of vintage linens.

All of these pieces of linen came from my paternal grandmother's stash. Some of them I collected when her things were being distributed to our forty-some first cousins, some of them Sister Pam collected but then gave to me to keep in their mid-west roots when she moved to the beaches of Florida where she thought they had no business living.

The LINENS had no business living at the beaches of Florida, Sister Pam and Joe find they have much business there indeed!

We speculate that a good many of these pieces were made by grandma's own hands - - -

And quite possibly for her hope chest since several pieces have "F" embroidered onto them and her maiden name was Foster.

I am quite pleased with the final result - - - though I must say, my little photographs simply do NOT do it justice - - - you'll just HAVE to come and visit to see it live and in person!

There was one more little "bit" that I found in one of the shops and brought home with me yesterday, where it found it's home atop my china cabinet.

It's this dark blue tin pitcher with a very happy little spray of cranberry fluff sprouting out of it's top.

Now - - - there's one more nekked wall in my living room to which I must turn my attention - - - I'm thinking maybe an old window frame - - -



Unknown said...

Call me about the window...I know someone whose great at finding those treasures!

Pam said...

So glad you took possession of my doilies from Gma Heavilin. You have found a spot for them to shine!

Lisa said...

Oh! I love it! and I love lines so very much. And, your grandmother made them. How special!

I would love to come and see your pretty finds from yesterday and your grandmothers lines.

Soooo, what time is good for you?

Lisa said...

DRATS!!!!! Have to delete that one... misspelled words. I just hate it when I don't read my notes before I hit send...sorry!!!!

Here it is again with "morebetter" :) spelling:

Oh! I love it! and I love lineNs so very much. And, your grandmother made them. How special!

I would love to come and see your pretty finds from yesterday and your grandmothers lineNs.

Soooo, what time is good for you?

April 29, 2011 8:30 AM

Keetha said...

What a great find! It looks terrific with all your specila things adorning it.

Erin said...

Look at you getting all decorate-y! That is absolutely darling. And is the ladder red? So cute! I have an old quilt hanging on the ladder in my living room, but I really like the linens on your ladder.

Lori E said...

That looks perfect there. Good choice. It must be so nice to have such nice treasures from your family.

★Carol★ said...

You definitely live in cranberry country, Keetha! That ladder looks fantastic, like it was meant to lean there, and the family heirloom linens have found a perfect home!

Ann in the UP said...

Just makes me wish I was interested in decorating something. It looks Grrrreat!

Anonymous said...

I like it and it is nice that you can out your special things on it for others to see

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the ladder and it looks perfect in that spot. I like how you can display the 'family' linens. Cranberries are amazing and to think they are grown in your area! hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

So is it bad if I covet your ladder?? said...

Wait?! Was that an invitation to come visit? Only if E-lois agrees to take me along antiquing too.

Nice finds!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the ladder and it is decorated so cute.