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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Signs in My City


Today I'm joining "Sundays in My City" by sharing some of the wonderful old signs that I've found around and about my town.

Herschleb's was best known for its ice cream. Unfortunately for me, it had gone out of business before I moved back here this past fall.

It was here, scooping out ice cream and other goodies even back in my girlhood days. But that was another day and a totally nother time. Our family simply did not do much eating out, not many families did back then, and so I missed my chance for a Herschleb's Sundae.

I've heard it was quite the place. It looks like a place I would have loved.

Metcalf Lumber - - - it's really the building more than the sign that draws me in. I'm guessing it was a grain elevator or feed store in a previous life.

Good old Pasquale must make a mean pizza and a meaner lasagna

Because it would appear he's been imbibing his own fare.

Well, Mr. Pasquale has to wear his wares for Mr. Portesi is just down the highway giving him a run for his money!!! And Mr. Portesi has the extra advantage of air conditioning - - - is that necessary here on the frozen tundra???

True, the signs at the Sportsmen's Pub & Grill aren't vintage, but they caught my attention anyway.

Bucky Badger is sportin' his "W" jersey and Mr. Packer Backer is proudly wearing his #4 Jersey - - - oh wait, #4 isn't quite so popular 'round these here parts as he USED to be.

If that #4 business is going right over your head just ask your nearest and dearest NFL aficionado.

And THIS sign is quite new, but very important. We wouldn't want anyone to FORGET now, would we???

Those of you who know me well, do not spread ugly rumors that I am a turn coat and have left my Colts Blue Blood back in Indiana for I have not. But my Colts didn't go to the Super Bowl this year and I'm in Rome and the Romans DID so I am allowed to be happy for them.

My blood is still blue.

And sometimes my hair.

What could be better than a soft-serve Dairy Treat AND a rousing round of put-put??? I took this picture a week ago, the licorice snow pile has become much diminished now.

Snow pile or no I have seen quite a few folks lined up to order their cones. I'm sure the place will be hoppin' come an 80 degree day.

Chips drive-through.

Cute little place with a line of cars nearly every time I pass by.

I love the circus tent-esque peak.

So, Fisherhubby and I gave it a try. We got Champ burgers

And onion rings. We'll be going back for more.

I hope you've enjoyed these signs in my city and that you will visit more cities by clicking over to Unknown Mami's place.


Ann in the UP said...

I enjoyed the little drive around town seeing your cool signage. Is the House of Blue Cheese in W. Rapids? GG thinks he remembers that.

Anonymous said...

oh i can just imagine and smell them onion rings

urban muser said...

i love all these signs, but especially the first one.

Pam said...

Is the Chips Hamburgers' sign announcing Assumption HS's musical? At first I read it as LHS and set off on a merry trip down memory lane! said...

These are REALLY FUN. I especially love those jumbo ice-cream shots. Where do you live? I'll be there asap.
Be well!
PS Loved your comment about vegetative waste. Seems folks do need that spelled out.

Along These Lines ... said...

Just for a moment, I thought your blog was titled "The Electric Company." But I see on reading the post, it is not. Bit of a shock, really, but a pleasant one!

Anonymous said...

Those are such fun! Unknown mami may be able to dig up a few gems from San Francisco, nothing quite like that out here in the foothills (and now I want Italian food ....

nancygrayce said...

We didn't eat out much as children either. In fact, I'm not sure we ever ate out unless we were on a trip.

It seems that there is an Italian food and ice cream cone theme here and now I'm hungry!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Great signs, loved the tour! Nostalgic!

CHERI said...

Order me a cheeseburger and some of those onion rings...I'll be there shortly:) We certainly live in a colorful and commercial world don't we? Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a message for Reid. He's looking forward to seeing what people say!

Sonya McCllough Lockridge said...

your city is most AWESOME!

Vickie said...

Your town looks like you've stepped back in time.

betty said...

thanks for visiting our blog (a corgi in southern california) and your kind comment! Always fun to look at signs in other people's towns; I think I would enjoy living there with the assortment of food that is available! enjoy the week ahead!


42N said...

A fantastic tour of your city. I must do the same here. Also, does your blog header mean that all that snow melted rapidly and is causing some issues?

Claudya Martinez said...

I was totally loving all the old signs with so much character, then I really fell in love with the picture of the onion rings; they look delicious.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Yes! Oh I love the signs, the stories and everything. You've made my day :) or night as the case may be lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this interesting tour. Once again I notice how everything is bigger in U.S. - our icecream adverts are much smaller! :)
But you seem to have as much snow as we...
Have a great week!

SueWis said...

I do think they need to repaint the #4 bear.

I don't believe I've ever been to your fair city.

j said...

When Kristin was here she and I took pictures of signs! Ha! I wish we all lived closer. It sounds like we would have a ball together.

Sorry I've been MIA lately Keetha. Hope you'll forgive me... please? LOVE YOU! I promise I do.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am so hungry right now, I want a burger and onion rings! Great signs. That was fun.

Carrie said...

Those onion rings look good!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

You've made me very hungry this morning! MY favs are the first 2 signs. Chips looks delish!