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Monday, April 11, 2011

Going Back to Square One


When my kids were younger, there was a wonderful Math show, "Square One", on PBS, which only ran from 1987 to 1994.

At least I thought it was wonderful - - - the humor was just so punny!

"Eight hundredths of the time you're the only girl I'm dreaming of!" Hehehehehe

It was chock full of spoofs of other well loved TV shows like "Drag Net" and "Divorce Court."

I'm not sure if my kids "got" the humor at the time, but I certainly did. Besides, I learned what a palindrome was!

Oh yah, and the above video - - - "The Mathematics of Love" was my all time favorite "Square One" hit.

If you too were a kid who grew up on "Square One" or better yet, a closet "Square One" kinda mom, you won't BELIEVE all the "Square One" segments you can find on You Tube!

And I leave you with this:



Deven said...

LOVED Square One. I can still sing some of the songs from there.

Lisa said...

"You Roman's IS too much!"

These are just great! Whatever happened to good T.V.?


Anonymous said...

i dont remember but i like the new picture with all the water overflowing into the park
can ya send some of that here to colorado, we are so dry here!

Keetha said...

How did I miss this show? I've never heard of it!

Ann in the UP said...

Love the timely picture change!

And it's a shame my kids grew up before Square One. It looks like some good information I could still use. You'll know where to find me. Laugh and learn, a great combo!

Holly said...

Wow, somehow I missed the whole phenomenon!

nancygrayce said...

Was this in the United States of America??? If so, how did I miss it? I have never even heard of that show......that explains my lack of math skills!

j said...

No wonder I'm so lousy at math - I missed out on Square One! said...

You are awesome. Look at you! I'm so glad you posted it, and I got the preview. Woohoo. We're unstoppable with this walk down memory lane. Our followers don't know what they are in for.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the great walk down memory lane. I loved that show as a kid, but I had forgotten about it completely. I'll have to share with my kids today and see if the next generation appreciates good TV.

Martin LaBar said...

I liked it. I liked The Electric Company even more, though.

Raise Them Up said...

Wow! I totally missed out, it seems. Lol!

StarTraci said...

How cute! Somehow I missed this show on PBS but I am so glad that you shared it! I think that my seven year old who is a math fanatic would love it!

Thanks for stopping by for SIMC!


Tonja said...

Sure, I remember Square boys loved it.And the Electric Company, too. Me? I never did like Square One.