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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday Reruns - What WILL They Think of Next???


It's Sunday again, and you know what THAT means!?! It's time for Sunday Favorites!!!

Sunday Favorites are RERUNS, not current posts - - - if you want to participate, just repost something you previously posted "back in the day."

Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting this meme, "Sunday Favorites." You may click on the link to find the rules and see more favorite posts.

Microscopic Microscope?????

(First posted on August 1, 2008)

Yep, I heard it today on NPR's "Science Friday."

(Though I found this photo on several sites, I could not find credit for it on any of them.)

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have developed this microscope which could fit into a cell phone and may only cost $10!!! It could be used in the field to identify pathogens either in patients or in drinking water. I'm sure the sky is the limit as to how it could be used.

It works without using lenses by combining traditional computer-chip manufacturing technology with microfluidics, which is the channeling of fluid on small scales.

AMAZING!!! I'm getting QUITE excited about the uses of this technology in the science classroom!!!! It costs WAY more than $10/microscope to have the traditional kind cleaned and serviced!!!!

Remember old "Bones" in Star Trek who could just wave a little pen-like object over his patients to diagnose them? Hmmmm maybe Gene Roddenberry wasn't so far fetched after all!!



TS Hendrik said...

Pretty cool. I saw on the news the other day that they've figured out how to condense a cell tower down to the size of a Rubik's cube.

Ann in the UP said...

Amazing, and so useful, especially if it remains inexpensive.

Theresa said...

WOW! I didn't see this the first time SO... I am happy that you reposted! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Maggie said...

What will they think o next, amazing.
Beam me up Scotty!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Keetha...

Wowzer...I haven't ever heard of this invention. Quite remarkable!!! Ohh yes...just think of all the possiblities that we could use this sweet little microscope for! Hey, I remember Bones using that space gadget to diagnose his patients. I loved Star Trek!!! Hehe...guess that makes me a "trekkie"!

Thanks again, dear friend for joining in with the Sunday Favorites party this week!

Warmest spring wishes,