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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Didn't See Hide Nor "Hare" of the Easter Bunny 'Round These Here Parts


But the Easter Chipmunk came to call - - -

And he left us some tiny little Easter eggs.

In OTHER Easter news:

Fisherhubby had to work in the ER both Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend. He begged me to make a plate of deviled eggs for him to take for the ER Easter dinner.

I'm not a bunny of any kind, so wasn't sure how my Easter eggs would turn out - - - but the plate came home completely empty. I take that as a good sign.

I myself was invited to my friend Connie's house for dinner. She made a cheery table setting using bright yellow linens.

I brought the cheesy potato casserole.

Sister Pam and B-I-L Joe spent the wee hours of their Easter Sunday morning transporting folks in this fancy golf cart from the parking lot to - - -

Their sunrise service on the beach. Sister Pam said she believed they had 4,000 in attendance.




Pam said...

The Easter sunrise service on the beach is one of the things that we were especially looking forward to experiencing in person with our move to the Marco area. Little did we know that God was leading us to the church that sponsors it and that we would have the joy of not only attending but volunteering! (We both got to chauffeur people in look alike golf carts.) God provided a marvelous morning & His word was proclaimed!

Anonymous said...

we have a squirrel that taunts my daughter, it is so funny, its a baby one

Kristin - The Goat said...

Your deviled eggs looked wonderful - I can imagine they were appreciated and enjoyed :) What fun to go to a service on the beach and so wonderful that your sister was able to volunteer and attend!

Cheeseboy said...

Sunrise services on the beach - what a great idea!

I love those eggs. I could eat 50.

Cheeseboy said...

BTW, glad you called it a chipmunk and not a squirrel. My wife still gets them confused, and we have both here!

Ann in the UP said...

All good stuff. The eggs and cheesy potatoes look great, and I have some excellent chipmunk recipes, too.

How cool that Pam and hubs were part of the helping crew for the sunrise service! Way to go, Pam!

Raise Them Up said...

A sunrise service on the beach...oh that would be neat! I can only imagine how beautiful it was!

Keri said...

Your deviled eggs ROCK! Why else would Dad beg for them?! :) Those lilies are beautiful, too! Are you going to plant them outside?

Aunt Pam your service looks amazing!!! 4000 people?!?! That's A LOT of chairs to set up and take down! :) What a wonderful way to worship on any day...and especially on Easter!

Tonja said...

Love deviled eggs! The perfect touch to any meal. Wow, wouldn't a sunrise service on the beach be amazing?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your Easter chipmunk! How funny! I love deviled eggs so you did a good thing for Fisherhubby! Glad you had a good day. hugs, Linda

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

The service on the beach looks so wonderful - wow! Love your post on the cranberry bogs - I grew up near the bogs on the south shore of MASS and they are just so cool when they are flooded! As teens, we used to tour the ocean Spray plant just for the free samples at the end of the tour :-)

Janet, said...

My husband used to work shift work and missed many a holidays at home. He is retired now, though, and is always home. Your friend's table looks so pretty!

Unknown said...

When I saw that sunrise on the beach picture, I first thought, That would be so awesome to do! And then, I thought what Keri said above--that's a lot of chairs to haul around! I hope your Easter bunny wasn't washed away in the flood!

Mrs4444 said...

I find the beach photos very distracting. Do you think some day we might actually have sunshine and sandy Wisconsin shores again?

Unknown said...

Your chipmunk is so cute!
When we were in Florida one year, we attended a Sunday morning service on the beach. It was REALLY hard to pay attention to the pastor!!! The sea is so...engulfing!

Pam said...

To ease the minds of those who felt that the chair setup and takedown chore would be massive for the sunrise service, it isn't. People carry in their own chairs, and the Marriott provides a supply that people can pick up from a stack and then return to the stack when the service is over. The beach was left in pristine condition by all in attendance. The work intensive part is the setup of the stage and sound equipment, but after 23 years, those responsible have it down to a science.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a nice Easter even though you couldn't be together.
Your eggs and casserole look delicious. I think a sunrise service would be awesome at the beach.