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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Send In the Sunshine!!!


We've had a taste of spring.

We've had another taste of winter masquerading as spring.

We are ready for sunshine in any form we can get it.

Send in the sunshine!

This ray of sunshine came in the form of my "long lost" junior high and high school friend, Cindy.

I left my hometown to go to college in 1972 and just returned to live here this past fall. I can count on one hand the times I've gotten to see ANY of my high school friends since.

I can ALMOST count on one hand the number of high school friends I've seen since.

So, when I got an e-mail from my friend Cindy saying she was in town and had time to squeeze me into her schedule yesterday, I dropped everything, braved the snow storm, and went over to her mom's house for a wee visit.

I had last seen Cindy 25 years ago.

Now's the part where you are supposed to exclaim, "Why my goodness, girls!! You still LOOK like high schoolers!!!"

Ahem - - - - back to my tale.

Cindy and I had many ventures and adventures together back in the day - - - not the least of which was raising a pet hamster for our science fair project. Um, yah - - - that would be the SAME hamster to whom my sister was allergic, so it moved from OUR basement over to Cindy's to live. Not long after taking up its new residence, it managed to lose itself in the basement and search as hard as we could, we never found it.

But 30 plus years later, when the heat ducts were being cleaned out - - - - there was a tiny hamster skeleton.

I tell you the truth.

Anyway, last night Cindy and I had a great time catching up and remembering when.

One of the true joys and highlights of moving back to my home town!



j said...

Is it evil that I giggled over the tiny hamptster skeleton? I thought so.

You two do look astonishingly like high school girls. MATURE high school girls :)

Glad you got to see Cindy again.

Cheeseboy said...

My high school friends are the same. I rarely if ever see them, but when I do, it is instant fun - - like nothing has changed.

Pam said...

You both look really good! You, of course, I have seen quite often over the years since high school. Cindy I have not seen since your graduation, BUT I think I may have recognized her if passing on the street in Anywhere, USA. So glad you got to have a reunion!

LV said...

I do not know what you two looked like years back, but I assure you time has been kind to both of you. You both are very pretty ladies. It is always nice to see and visit with old school mates. Only thing, with mine, they are all about gone.

Holly said...

How cool you got to reconnect. Sunshine for sure!

(but about that hamster skeleton....)

Unknown said...

When dear old friends get together, the skeletons have a way of coming out of the closet.


Ann in the UP said...

Now there's a great way to forget about the weather! You do both look terrific and you look like you had a happy time together catching up and having some great laughs! Here's to many more happy visits with your old friends!

Reva said...

What fun to catch up on the 'good ole days'. Didn't 25 years sound like ages ago even if it doesn't in your mind? That's what it felt for me and I missed my 30th a year ago and wished I hadn't. Glad you had a wonderful time and YES... you do look (better) than Jr or Sr high school girls and still having fun too... :)

Cindy said...

hahahaha! great post!

Anonymous said...

what fun!
poor hamster.
now you two can keep in touch forever

Lady Jane said...

You both look great. I agree time has been good to you. And that smile, that great smile..... Glad you got together, it is nice to see old friends.

KathyB. said...

Wow, you both look great! I agree, send in the sunshine. Are you sure you don't live in the Pacific Northwest? Our temps are below freezing again tonight and snow is predicted for the morning.

Poor hamster, doomed from the start, but finally the cold case was solved.

Looks like so much fun Keetha, any time spent with you ~

Lisa said...

"Why my goodness, girls!! You still LOOK like high schoolers!!!"

Ummm, the hamster. . .I'm just glad she didn't have babies. YICKS!!!!!

"Why my goodness, girls!! You still LOOK like high schoolers!!!"

So glad you two could get together. :)


"Why my goodness, girls!! You still LOOK like high schoolers!!!"


Barb said...

I had my opportunity to do the same thing with Cindy last October. She and I were best friends in Wausau before she moved to Rapids.... How's that for small world? I'm probably going to be there in October again this year for the Celebration Singers reunion they hold every year. Maybe this year you and I can catch up finally! said...

How do I say this and make it sound nice? You two both look fabulous and until you dropped the actual year you left for college, I had no idea just how fabulous you looked.

What is your secret? Maybe the tundra? Go ask Cindy too, I want to hear her answer. I know that it can't be the ancient hamster skeleton ya'll had hidden in the ducts.