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Monday, April 18, 2011

Just So You Can't Say I Didn't Tell You, Nor can you say You Didn't Know, Nor Can You Forget, Nor Can you Ignore Me - - -


I'm moving this post BACK to the top of my blog.

And - - - I may do so again and again - - -

I'm just sayin'

I'm ALSO linking it to "Tuesdays at Communal Global" 'cause hunger is DEFINITELY a global issue.

My friend Annie of UP North wants to get a goat.

She doesn't want it for her own little sweet pet, in fact she doesn't want to keep it for herself at all.

No - - - she wants to get a goat to help a family in a third world country. You can read all about it here.

Why am I telling you this, you may well be asking. I'm TELLING you this because Annie is going to donate 50 cents for every comment she gets on her blog between now and the end of May.

So GO - - - GO NOW - - - and GO OFTEN and leave her comments, tell her I sent ya.

I mean, good grief, it isn't going to COST YOU A CENT and you'll be helping someone so much. So go leave Annie a comment - - - or ten - - - - right now!

Some hungry third world family will be awfully glad you did, and so will Annie.

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From the Kitchen said...

I'm off to help purchase that cute little goat!


Anonymous said...

Here I go again....just sayin'

Unknown said...

Who knew they started out THAT cute!

Lisa said...

OH! I have SOOOO been there already today! :)

nancygrayce said...

I love the gift of helping people help themselves!!! We are doing an agricultural/animal project with Mercy Uganda. I'll go right over!

Theresa said...

Oh Yeah Baby, great idea and happy to help! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

Tonja said...

Heading there from here...Bye!

Kristin - The Goat said...

This goat would love it if Annie got a goat :)

Jennifer Bowen said...

You just had to post a photo of a cute little goat, didn't you? Ok. You got me. =) On my way to comment.

Angela@the crazyness that is me said...

Oh that goat is so cute!!

Buckeroomama said...

Off to Annie's now! :)

4 Lettre Words said...

We've sponsored a little girl for several years through WorldVision. We bought her 3 chickens a couple birthdays back. Love the goat idea!

Jim said...

Keetha, nice to meet you! Thanks for comment on my photos. I will go visit Annie right now!

Halie said...

That teeny goat looks so cuddly! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm off to comment on your friend's blog.

BTW, nice to "meet" you.

Anonymous said...

We always give our tithe to my Jesus at church but 2 years ago on Jesus' Birthday we did this and we were able to get a few things of clean water, goats, chickens, all kinds of neat stuff.
I encourage everyone to do this.

Kim said...

The goat is soooo sweet. I love him! :)

Ann in the UP said...

Thank you all. Please visit often.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Heading over there now! :)

RuthnJasper said...

Rightly flagged-up, Keetha, rightly flagged-up. We are ashamed that we neglected this post before now... What a wonderful idea that Annie has had. We've been in, commented and subscribed to Annie - and we'll be back!

SUCH a brilliant cause. Anything that helps these good folks in the "unluckier" parts of the world and gives them a chance to get their lives back on track is incredibly worthy. Good on Annie.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Hope all's well with you (and that you aren't being battered too badly by the elements still).

Jasper (& Ruth) xxxx

Tamar SB said...

That is such a great organization! We donate to them all the time!
Tamar - linking up w/ community global

Cindy said...

excellent! And you stay dry!

Lynn said...

Thanks for this great info, Kid! (pun intended) I'll do just that!

Tiffany said...

Awesome in-laws donate animals at Christmas for us....We are just a little South of you and are getting a Winter mix, thankfully. Sorry about your snow:)


 gmirage said...

cute little kid... :) (Thanks for the visit!)

Dawn said...

Such a cute picture! It is a great cause.
Happy Easter,

Ky said...

First of all, thanks for popping in to say 'Hi'.
Second of all, that photo of the kid is just too cute!!!
Third of all, I'm off to do as I'm told.

Moments and Impressions said...

I want that little goat.. going to comment now!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

I have heard of this organization...of to visit Annie's now!

Unknown said...

such a great idea, I' off to say hi!