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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Churches In My City


This little golden dome, which can be seen for several blocks, captured my attention. It immediately made me think of Notre Dame, the university which is KNOWN for its golden domes.

I find it a little surprising atop a "neat as a pin" little white church - - - The First Baptist Church.

And yet, it spoke to me. Drew me in. Made me want to share it on "Sundays in My City." Made me want to see what other churches I could find to share.

Just a few blocks away I found St. Lawrence Catholic Church. Equally pristine and neat in sand colored brick.

As I stood on the sidewalk capturing these images, people began to arrive, park outside in the angle parking, and enter carrying covered dishes with them.

I wanted to linger for the pot luck, but I didn't belong.

Across town I found Immanuel Lutheran. Well, I didn't actually FIND it, for I've known exactly where it was since 6th Grade when our family moved into a house two blocks away.

The Elementary School, where I attended through eighth grade, is just across the street.

The side entrance to the church has been remodeled. I'm sure it was done for some practical reason like offering a shelter on cold winter days, but I don't like how it changed the facade.

The windows remain unchanged, and the carillon - I remember it pealing out its noontime song.

Wonder if it still does? Now I live too far away to hear.

St. John the Evangelist Episcopal stands in all his stately glory on one of the main intersections in town.

The entrance appears to be circa Renaissance with its heavy dark wood and embellished golden hinges.

It reminds me of the door in the artist's rendition of "Behold, I stand at the door and knock."

And all down St. John's side are buttresses. These don't fly, but they are buttresses nonetheless.

And finally this smaller single door back entrance. As I stood looking at it, it brought to mind the entrance to the tomb from which Jesus emerged on that first Easter Morn.

"UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE with a mighty triumph o'er his foes!"

Today for the first time ever I am linking up to "Sundays in My City", hosted by Unknown Mami.

You may click here to join the party.


Ann in the UP said...

I'm thinking the awkward looking addition was made to provide accessibility for us gimpy folk. W. Rapids has a great many lovely churches. I hope they are all full every Sunday.

Run DMT said...

Loved your photowalk and tour of the churches in your tow. Great captures!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful churches and I especially love the first one. Here in GA, in the city of Dahlonega, many of the buildings are topped in gold due to gold found there. North GA College is located there and has commanding views of the mountains.
How nice that you are able to revisit where you attended elementary school. Must bring many fond memories.
Wishing you a super day.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Keetha,
Great tour, Rapids is such a pretty little town!
Happy Sunday!

podso said...


Interesting to see those varied churches .. love the first one the best!

Pam said...

The Baptist church looks better today than when we made our weekly piano lesson pilgramage to the parsonage years ago! Is the parsonage still there?

Didn't the Lutheran church have outside steps leading to a large double door? I concur - the renovation may be practical but graceful grandeur was sacrificed.

You might retain a trace of snowbanks until Easter...

Theresa said...

I love to look at different Churches! They are all pretty in their own way!

Hope you are having a happy day in you home this Sunday! HUGS!

LV said...

Enjoyed your showing of the various churches. They are unique in their own faith. I still will take the little white Baptist.

BETHANY said...

Cool buildings!

ain't for city gals said...

wow...those are all some nice churches, Keetha. The upkeep on them is beautiful...the simpler the better for me.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful, I love churches. When we were in Chicago I told my family that I would love to make a trip back just to photograph all the churches! Actually I would love to travel the world and then put a book together. Barns are pretty awesome too!

Vickie said...

Great post!

Joanna Jenkins said...

A church pot luck dinner-- Yum, I can almost smell the great food.

The variety of shapes, sized and colors of your area's churches are beautiful and inviting. Thanks for the tour.

Happy SIMC, jj

urban muser said...

great shots of the churches in your town. thanks for sharing them!

Unknown said...

I love photographing neighborhood churches too - so beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by :)

Kristin - The Goat said...

How lovely to have you join in SIMC :) What a lovely tour of your neighborhood churches. I noticed those buttresses right away and said a little flying buttresses joke to myself - and noticed you mentioned flying, too LOL

I bet you would have been welcomed with open arms to the potluck!

What nice thoughts to have in mind as we near Easter. Thank you :)

Holly said...

Beautiful buildings! I like how the churches seem to be right at the street. So many here are surrounded by parking lots, distanced from the street.

42N said...

These are a great photo tour of very interesting buildings. Also look at (and photograph) the buildings' symbols - like crosses, trinity signs, roses, oak leafs, spirals, etc. Still shocking to see snow on your ground. Hopefully today melted a bunch for you.

Jessica said...

Great pictures! I especially liked the non-flying buttresses. ;)

Unknown said...

This tour of churches was so interesting. I love seeing the architecture of different types of churches. Fascinating! So glad that you joined Sundays in my City. Super excited to meet you! Can't wait to see you again next Sunday! Love, Becky

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Sundays in my City and thanks for the tour of the churches.

I am guessing it may be a while before you get to eat freshly picked strawberries with so much snow around!

Anonymous said...

I liked them all but the St. John the Evangelist Episcopal was prob my fav said...

Those look glorious. Thanks for posting, and for explanation about the boat on the Chico street.
Have a great week!

Jewel said...

Beautiful churches and beautiful pictures. We love our churches don't we?

The Single Nester said...

What a great tour of the houses of worship in your area. Steeples are so beautiful!

lvroftiques said...

I love looking at churches Keetha! Your town has some really nice ones. Ours are all fairly plain and unexciting here. We do have a highschool that looks like a french castle though *winks* I'm pretty sure it's the coolest looking HS in the country (at least to me lol!)
And in your response to your comment on my blog, I would've bought that reclining lady in a red hot minute if she'd actually been marble. She was made of some sort of composite....but she was still pretty cool! Vanna

Brenda said...

Those are beautiful! I especially like the first picture. So quaint.
We live directly across the street from the Christian Church. Not as elaborate as those you've pictured but it does have a pretty stained-glass window facing my house. Nice to look at every day.
Have a great week, Keetha!

Tricia said...

I loved this post! I loved the pictures. I loved all of it.

Happy Monday, you!


Anonymous said...

Coming over from SIMC...

The churches are beautiful! What a great idea!

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog :)

Charlotte said...

Even though we live miles apart, these look just like some of the churches in my town!

Claudya Martinez said...

They are all so different, but all so lovely.

Erin said...

Beautiful churches! They just don't build them like that anymore. And nothing beats a church potluck!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

What gorgeous buildings! Cold and snow not withstanding, I want to live where you live!

Pat said...

Ahhhha! I found your churches post. Gorgeous old buildings. Thanks for the comment and visit.