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Thursday, April 21, 2011

47 and Climbing

Tuesday, as I'm sure the regulars here will remember, our spring looked like snow.

Lots and lots of snow.

Today we've got blue skies and our temperature is 47 and climbing.

There is copious meltage going on.

I came out of the church a little while ago and across the street I noticed that "major tree budding" was in the works!!!

Of course, trees on the frozen tundra have to be hardy enough to bud in spite of snow.

If you look closely, oh so closely, at these tree branches you will notice a reddish hue.

That reddish hue means buds are popping out all over.

Here, let me help you!!! Let's zoom right in to see those buds against the white wall.

No, no, NO all you bloggers out there whose trees are in full leaf and whose temperatures are soaring up into the 90's - - - don't you DARE steal our frozen tundra joy!!!


And we are THANKFUL.


And we are THANKFUL!!!!


And we are THANKFUL!!!!

I'm just not real sure you folks in warmer climes can actually APPRECIATE the appearance of new life in the spring the way those of us up here on the frozen tundra can. I mean - - - - look how long we've been waiting, frozen down to the earth under a blanket of white.

I think this is really and truly for certain and for real spring this time.

True, an "old timer" in these here frozen lands DID tell me yesterday that we could have a big snow right up until Mother's Day - - - - but I'm choosing to believe we are springed up for this year.

I'm really excited that Tuesday it's supposed to be 71.

To celebrate, I went out and got some of these:

If they aren't blooming in my yard or even around town - - -

They can certainly bloom on my computer desk!!!

I'll just bring the spring in!!!

And of course, I had to have one of these

To Easterize my dining room.

I think maybe now I'll go out and see if I can find some hardy potted bulbs to live on my front stoop and SURVIVE come sleet or snow or freezing rain between now and Mother's Day.


Oh poo poo POO! The minute I hit publish on this post, our sun went away and the clouds came out.

See if I ever talk about spring sprunging again.



Anke said...

I'm so happy for you. :-)

Erin said...

For a second I thought you meant that YOU were 47 today! I am so happy that spring is springing in your neck of the woods. You've earned it!

LV said...

Spring sprung here, but no rain. We are in a terrible drought with raging wild fires. I am sure you have heard it on the news. We would welcome any moisture. Just bear with mother nature and perhaps warmer days will come.

Anonymous said...

HAAAAAAAA....I thought your post header was all about your AGE!!!!!

I'm sympathetic, Keetha. This morning it was snowing/raining/sunny/cloudy all at the same time. Enough to make you crazy!!

Flowers were a good idea. It gives us hope, huh?


shannon i olson said...

I don't know if any trees are budding least that I have noticed. We have more snow on the way yuk and got our allotted 10 min of sunshine for the week. Soon....right?

Theresa said...

I love budding trees and yours are beautiful, blue sky and gorgeous flowers inside your home!

Have a blessed evening dear Keetha, HUGS!

Pam said...

We got to watch old leaves drop, new leaves bud and pop out all in the space of two weeks! I must admit, I missed fall, and I am missing spring. I did not miss winter - nosirreebob!!!

Tonja said...

Awwwww...I'm so sorry! I'm not sure we can appreciate all you folk in the 'frozen north' go through either. I have a funny story, but I think I'll write a post about it! But, hope the sun comes out again soon!

Anonymous said...

I noticed this evening when going out for a run with my david and hailey that our fist tulip is coming out and it is orange,yeahhhhh

podso said...

You are practically in a teat wave! Like your verbs: 'easterize" and "springed up." :-) Enjoy!

Ann in the UP said...

Yee-haw! Bring on the spring flowers even if we have to enjoy them all indoors. My peonies are up (in the most sheltered spot) and lilacs are budding.

Your tulips are beautiful! I think I'll get me some today, too.

Sandy said...

Oh, is raining here today..Ok, a day later than your post...Friday 22 April...Gloomy, rainy, and 53 degrees....My lilacs are coming out now and the little bush looks reminder of my "Northern" roots...LOL
Have a Blessed Easter!! and enjoy all that buddage on the trees and bushes....Spring is indeed coming to the tundra...YIPPEE....
Just me,
Sandy in HP, NC

Beth said...

Hi Keetha, You know that I can identify with LONG winters, and really, really appreciating spring! I think you guys have had more late snow and cold than we have and I am so glad it's melting and the plants are showing signs of life. Your Easter lily and tulips are beautiful. I just LOVE the fragrance of Easter lilies! Last year I planted mine outside after it was done inside, and it actually bloomed again. Will see if it comes up this year. I also found (Brent and Becky's Bulbs catalog) an Easter lily for outside. It is zone 9, but I figured I could dig it up in the fall. Happy Easter Keetha!

kyooty said...

It's Beautiful here too, but not that overpowering beautiful of say California or Florida. We have a slow and gradual beauty. My tulips are starting to pop out of the garden out front. The Bachelor Buttons are starting to sprout, and I've got buds on my trees. I also got flowers today. YAY

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Miss Keetha,
I am so glad that you keep me encouraged!
I have found things popping up in spite of our cold, dreary spring.
I so hope your right about the 71 on Tuesday. I would be springing for joy!
Happy Easter to you two, if it ever does get nice we will be heading over to see you!
Cindy said...

My lips are zipped in celebration of your buddage!