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Thursday, May 28, 2009

That's All She Wrote!!


This school year is OVER. I've given my last exam, averaged my last grade, straightened up my room for the last time, and locked my door.

The relief is palpable.

There were a few surprises today - - - the good kind, we've had plenty of the OTHER kind this year, but that's another story.

First, one of my seventh grade students, Austin, brought me a gift. He KNOWS his teacher. Just look what he gave me:

This bowl.

If you are new to my blog, you may not realize how I am about football, but if you RETURN here you'll soon know. I'm beyond CRAZY about it.

But this bowl wasn't all - - - it goes with this plate:

How cool is THIS!?! My very own gridiron!!!!!! Do you see where the bowl fits?

Just like this:

I tell ya, I was soooooo happy I was nearly jumping out of my skin. Austin was so proud of himself for getting it for me.

Now my only problem - - - what shall I eat out of it FIRST???? :-)

A few minutes later my room was invaded by these:

A large contingent of my 8th graders. They were very excited about having their picture taken with me. Go figure!

I was happy to oblige, even allowing them to put my hood up and striking the pose they requested.

Then I came home to a THIRD surprise.

As I pulled into the driveway, I saw a "new" bird (new to me, and we've been bird watchers for a LONG time) perched on a thin twig swaying in the breeze.

A little later he came right up close enough to the window that I could snap this picture. Isn't he a beauty? Tyrannus tyrannus, the Eastern Kingbird.

All in all it was quite a day!!!



Altered Glass said...

Life doesn't get any better, the perfect gift, a new bird, and a room full of 8th graders, all happy and not givin' attitude... I love it. You are a very brave woman. 8th grade, I was a teacher's aide for 6th, 7th and 8th grade BD class. I only lasted a few years... for the most part, most of the students I got along with very well, but one took me out and that was all I wrote. She is in prison now, it's too bad. She never had a chance... well, enjoy your summer. I have a whole new respect for teachers after I experienced it for myself on a daily basis. Hello Summer, here comes Keetha!!! :)

Anonymous said...

That Austin, he is one smart cookie!! Best gift he could give ya!:) Wow! Don't have that special visitor here, You had to say today, Life is Good.

Shannon said...

Celebrate good times come on!

Anonymous said...

Oh Keetha... I think you must be one of those memorable teachers, the one we never forget.

They love you! And so do the birds!
I hope it's a lovely vacation filled with many birds :)

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

What a fun day! I love serendipitous surprises like that!

Tricia said...

Hi there Keetha,
I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting "the zoo". Isn't the last day of school great?! Now I have a different perspective. I am on the mom end. For me, it's about no more alarm clocks, packing lunches, backed up bus circles, etc...
Have a fantastic summer!

Kristin - The Goat said...

As soon as I saw that football, I just knew you were head over heels for it LOL But it got even better when I saw the tray! What a great gift :)

Of course your kids wanted a picture with you - You have got to be one of the coolest teachers ever!

Congrats on a New Bird!

Altered Glass said...

Wowie Zowie!! you are one busy woman with the school schedule alone. Geee,,, what do you do in your spare time? You must be amazingly organized. I would have a hard time juggling it all. I drop the ball just trying to get house work done! BD is behavioral disorder. They were children that could not fit into a regular school setting because of their violent nature. Ones that usualyy were limited to one room other than music or gym. I was the one who did the interventions with the kids, the one who sat in a room with them while they de-escalated. We used the Dubuque Management System taught to us through extended education. Anyway, I actually liked the kids, just some of them were very uncontrollable. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully, I have fixed any technical issue with you commenting on my site. (I'm a newbie, can you tell?)

Nancy said...

Your students will remember you many many years from now. What a great day and now relax, put your feet up, and sit with lappy open to blog the summer away!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Can't believe the bird came so close for you to take the picture. God was watching you today!

I can't find my blog said...

That plate and bowl is COMPLETELY TO DIE FOR! Austin is a very good boy, I can tell.

Ya Hoo! for summer! Have a great one!

Toevs said...

What a great gift! :-)

Sorry I didn't get to talk to you tonight at Moe's. I wanted too. It was too hectic trying to order for my parents, since I didn't know what they wanted. They just disappeared out of the line. :-)
But I saw you when I walked in and wanted to chat for a sec or two. Sorry. I didn't want you to think I was being rude. Forgive me?

And I put a new post on my blog. :-)

Tonja said...

What a great gift! I LOVE to recieve serving pieces like that!

Cute pic! You can always tella good teacher...her students will enjoy being with her when they don't HAVE to!

Beautiful Bird, too!

This WAS a great day...and to top it all off...NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!

haley said...

that bowl and plate combo is AWESOME! i love it. now i want one too... i shall google it:)

and i saw a bird that looked like that the other day. at least i THINK it did. i remember thinking it was really cute and i HATE birds.

and HA, my word veri is "nestin" how funny given the whole bird thing.

Keetha Broyles said...

Haley, I HOPE you can find a bowl and plate set - - - if not, I think I can find the shop over here in Marion where he got it.

The nestin word veri is great!

britt said...

just wondering...did your bowl & plate come with the tiny men who draw the lines on the field? :]

Julie said...

Great gift! Yeah for the last day of school! Drew's last day is Monday-I think I'm ready. ;)

Enjoy the summer!!!!!