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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Treasures, Mysteries, and Surprises - - -


Leigh is again hosting Thrifty Thursday, and again I'm breaking out of the mold - - -mostly because I'm not really very thrifty, but I DO have things I VALUE and wish to share.

This time I'm also joining Coloradolady in her Vintage Thingies Thursday - - - which is, by the way, much closer to what I do in these Thursday posts of mine.

My first treasure this week is in the form of a note given to me by a cherished family friend, Norma, who grew up with my mom and Aunts.

And with the note came this lovely dish:

I'd never seen anything like it before, certainly had never seen dandelions decorating china before. The depth doesn't really show up well in the photo, but it is a shallow bowl. What a special treasure passed down to me.

Then my cousins Darlys and Marilee gave me some of Aunt Doris' pretty things. She collected tea cups and bells. I think I got a little more than they bargained for - - - check it out.

I was so excited to get this tea cup since I also collect tea things. I remember when they gave it to me, even though we were talking and I wasn't paying close attention, I "felt" that something wasn't quite right about the cup and saucer - - - do you "see" it in the photo??? But, we were busy visiting and I didn't focus on it then, nor even when I packed it for the long trip home.

But when I unpacked it at home I noticed more clearly the disconnect between the cup and saucer. The fruit print on the saucer doesn't really match the fruit on the cup. So, I flipped them over and this is what I found:

Hmmmmmm - - - these markings don't match either.

The cup is obviously Haviland - - - it is fine and delicate - - - that china I KNOW!!!

But the saucer is JKW. Hmmmmm not familiar with that brand. At least they are BOTH German.

I'm not quite sure why, but I rather like my mismatched cup and saucer.

Also from Aunt Doris, this bell and demitasse creamer and sugar.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the sugar to find more treasures hidden inside.

A 37 cent postage stamp and a tiny news paper clipping.

Menila (pronounced Mah - NI - la) Ensign was Aunt Doris' mother-in-law. To me she was "Auntie Menila" and until I was five years old she was our next door neighbor in Spooner, Wisconsin. She was like a surrogate grandmother to me. Lots of happy times at her house.

I think I'm as excited about having these two little treasures as I am about all the others.

Darlys, when you see this post if you want these little treasures back because you didn't realize they were in the creamer, I will return them. But if you choose to let me keep them, I will store them right in the creamer where they belong!!!



Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Keetha, Those certianly ARE treasures! I am so glad that you share them because I find it so interesting. I LOVE the note most of all that came with the most BEAUTIFUL dandelion plate. How precious is that? What beautiful momentoes!

Coloradolady said...

Welcome to Vintage Thingie Thursday. I am so happy you joined in today.

My, I really like that dandelion plate, I have never seen anything like that before. All of your pieces are really pretty, but I was so excited to see a little added bonus in the creamer, how fun is that? Lovely post. Have a great week.

SueLovesCherries said...

Wow, it's so neat to have those treasured mementos! I can just picture sitting down at the table with that pretty creamer, sugar, and bell when someone picks it up, rings it, and says "Time for Tea!".

Aimz said...

I am LOVING the blue dish :-)

Valerie said...

I am LoVing that dandelion dish. I too have never seen anything like it, but absolutely love it. I think it is not only beautiful, but nostalgic as well. What child didn't think dandelions were the most abundant and beautiful "flower" in their school yard or lawn at home. I know my two little ones are just thrilled that Daddy's lawn "maintenance" program hasn't done the job of tackling the dandelions!

Blessings to you from Kansas,

Barbara Jean said...

I love the dish with the dandelion on it.
Love the colors together.
Barbara jean

Kristin - The Goat said...

I now want dandelion plates. If they are indeed rare, then I won't have to worry about finding a million of them LOL The note that you received with the plate is precious.

It's always such a treat to find the hidden gems. I hope Darlys doesn't want the clipping back. It's a good memory for you.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

wow.. what a collection! never see the blue plate/bowl like yours.. so pretty.. happy VTT

Keetha Broyles said...

Thank you all for stopping by and admiring my new old things - - - little oxymoron for so early in the morning!

Kirby - - - yes, I want to keep the little news clipping too, but my Auntie Menila wasn't really related to me and she was Darlys' grandma after all. So - - - if she wants it I'll gladly give it up for her.

Marie Reed said...

I can't get over that dandelion dish either! It's so colorful and eye catching! Hooray for wish flowers!

Ulla said...

The dandelion bowl is very special, but I loved the story with the hidden treasure.

Ruby said...

What a treasure trove of memories! Lovely post. Wonder who has the match to cup and saucer? Beautiful

Keetha Broyles said...

Ruby - - - Aunt Doris had literally hundreds of tea cups in her collection. Unfortunately, she suffered with "old-timers" in her declining years, so when her kids moved her out of their long time home, I'm sure she was unable to watch over the distribution of her treasures. I'm sure that the other "halves" are with someone - - - a dear friend or one of her descendants. 'Twould be fun if we could hear from them, but I don't think we'll ever know.

Luke - - - you are the only blogger amongst them that I know of, what do you think? Is there any chance we could trace the other mismatched pair?

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Well I'm so glad I helped you fine VTT. I love your treasures this week, I especially like the saucer with Western Germany, the little personal treasures inside the sugar bowl are the real treasures
Oh, shoot everyone of these items are great.
Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see next weeks goodies.
Have a great day

Sarah said...

Sweet notes, beautiful dandelions, mis-matched pieces and hidden treasures...what a wonderful post!

bj said...

I love all the things you are showing us today. How fun to find the little treasures inside the creamer. I have always had grand ideas about buying a painting in a frame at a garage sale for a dollar and finding a FABULOUS and PRICELESS painting behind the first one!! hahaaa

Unknown said...

I didn't notice that the cup and saucer didnt' match-- the patterns are so similar.... Wow!!. Treasures inside treasures are wonderful... I have found a few of those over the years collecting antiques.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!

jeanne said...

Your treasures are all special. I love the stories that you shared about each item. The saucer is a very nice saucer and looks great with the cup. I love the stamp and note too. It is all special.


Swampgirl said...

I really love the dandelion plate and the note- it would start me on a collection of all things dandelion! My Mom often puts notes in treasures she sends me - one day my kids will find notes from Gram when the treasures are passed on!

Donna said...

beautiful the dandelion!

Anonymous said...

Well it's about time the lowly dandelion received a little bit of praise. What a strong little lady she is.
I liked the handwritten letter; thank you so much for sharing.

Stephanie said...

What a great collection of treasures. I'm loving that dandelion plate! Its perfect! :)

Susan said...

The dandelion plate is a charming piece. The cup and saucer I would not have noticed unless I saw the bottom. There are so many patterns that resemble each other. It would be interesting to know who held the other mismatched set.

Damselfly said...

Those are some sweet family reminders! I love the dandelion bowl/plate and the stamp. So cool they have been passed down and are in great condition.

Keetha Broyles said...

Wow - - - I feel so EXCITED to have been visited by all of you today!!!

Chandy said...

Hello Keetha, now that's a great treasure and thrifty since they were given to you! I love how each one had a cool surprise waiting for you!

LV said...

This was a lovely post. Really enjoyed it.

KBeau said...

How much fun to get those surprises. That's really a very pretty dandelion bowl.

Luke said...

Keetha! I just saw your call out to me in the above comments...

To tell you the truth, I have no idea how to find the proper matches, except for trying to contact each family member. Most family members took at least one cup and saucer over the course of my grandparents' last couple of moves. Since Grandma had always had such a neat/eclectic collection of them, it was truly special to have them.

I don't believe I've seen a teacup or saucer that matches that in OUR household...maybe I can get my mom to look at it and see what she thinks? She has a good memory for who has what, and perhaps she recognizes that. (For all I could have always been a mismatched pair?)

And oh my goodness! What a neat newspaper clipping you found! I am not surprised in the least that little bits of things are stuffed in odd places. :) That is one of my fondest memories, actually, of being at my grandparents' house...finding the unexpected in unexpected places. :) I have LOVED these Wisconsin-related posts!

Keetha Broyles said...

Luke - - - at this point I'd just as soon KEEP my mismatched pair, but it would sure be fun to see who has the other "half." Of course I WOULD trade up if they would rather have a complete set instead of sharing in this fun mix-up.

Oh, I LOVED your grandma's tea cup collection, and I feel BEYOND honored to have a part of it. So special.

Make sure when your mom is home, and has a box of kleenex handy, that she sees all these Wisconsin posts. Maybe she could learn to make comments on these since most of my blog readers will be finished with these posts by now, so her comments may never be seen by anyone but me. :-)

Stacey said...

All pretty pieces. I really like the dandelion dish. :)

Virginia said...

Look at all those treasures!

I adore the dandelion dish.

Happy VTT

farmlady said...

What generous relatives you have. That dandelion dish is beautiful and all the lovely things have such value because they are from your family. That's nice..

Unknown said...

That dandylion platter is definitely unusual. I love the color and the scrollwork.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Wow, what a sweet gift! The dish is truly a piece of artwork. I love finding old things stashed away, how cool to have found the stamp and newspaper clipping!

Have a great weekend,

Tikimama said...

I just love your family treasures!

Christina said...

Very sweet note. Amazing dandelion plate. The colors are just luscious and it is truly unique.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

From reading that note, I am in love with Norma. For real. And don't even get me started on the lost art of the hand written note...

I LOVE the dandelion bowl! I've never seen anything like it. Gorgeous. And you know I've never met a cup and saucer I didn't like!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh, if you love Norma from her note, you would adore her in person. I have soooooo many special Norma memories - - - including Onion Pudding, maybe someday I'll tell that one.