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Friday, May 22, 2009

Moe's is Open!!!


Driving home from school today I saw a large, temporary sign beside the bypass that made me want to slam on my brakes and cause a tremendous traffic jam.

I managed to resist that urge, but did go around a couple of blocks (which involved weaving through a mobile home sales lot, cutting through a strip mall parking area, and driving right through a bank drive-up lane - - - but that's another story for another post)

And what sign could possibly have had this great effect on me???? (Is that the right effect, or should it be an affect - - - I can't keep those straight.)

The large yellow sign said: "Moe's Open"

Now, I had eaten for the first time (on the way down), and also the second time (on the way back) in a Moe's in the Atlanta airport on our last trip to Florida. Someone commented on this very blog that Moe's was coming to Marion, but I knew neither when nor where.

Thus, my quick detour around the block (sort of) to come back and check it out.

Tonight after our Baccalaureate service, my friend Diane and I stopped in to do more than just check it out. The "more" included eating.

I don't think I'm the only one who is excited to have Moe's in Marion. . .

We had to wait in a Wal-Mart-esque line to order our food - - - but that's OK, we saw people we knew waiting right there with us.

We carried our tray of food to the sidewalk dining area. (That's fancy talk for a picnic table.) (What silly photographer left her little pink camera case right there to ruin this shot, and then did NOT EVEN have the sense to edit it OUT of the picture?????)

The food did NOT disappoint!!!

Goooood stuff - - - sodium and all.



Stacey said...

We have a Moe's and I never even think about it. We also have Qdoba and Chipotle - they are similar. Isn't it fun when a new restaurant opens?

xinex said...

I thought it sounded familiar. I think I have eaten there in Fort Myers. Good Mexican food!...Christine

Jackie said...

Doug & I went to our Moe's last night, as well. Yummo !

I just ate at a Moe's for the first time, last Sat. while with Blake. I'm sold.

KBeau said...

Looks yummy.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm so jealous, we had a Moe's in one of our very nice malls and it closed. (Rancho Cucamonga) I still don't have a clue why it closed because the food was awesome. Enjoy your Moe's !

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...


Nancy said...

I may have to try Moe's just because of your recommendation. I never thought to stop, but we have sooooo many similar places, plus some outstanding authentic Mexican restaurants -- one of the GOOD things about living a border state. Hmmmm, I live in 2 border states, but I can't think of any restaurant advertising "Authentic Canadian Cuisine" -- better keep my eyes open this summer!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, looks like our Qdoba, which we love! BIG fans of mexican cuisine here!!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Nancy - you may have far better Mexican stuff in Airzona with your proximity to Mexico, not sure. But for the north midwest, Moe's is great. VERY FUNNY about the Canadian border food - - - see, humor fairly ooozes out of you!!!

Kayla said...

Moes is sooo good, Marion is looking up! :)

Nancy said...

I read your blog this morning before heading out to a mall with Kevin. Upon exiting the mall, Kev exclaimed, "I am so hungry; I have to eat soon - like NOW." (I wanted to make just one more quick stop before eating.)Immediately, a vision of your Moe's meal circulated through my brain, and all I wanted to eat was some type of fast Mexifood. Moe's was a different direction, so we opted for Qdoba, which by-the-way is next door to Culver's. Moe's, Qdoba, Chipotle, Costa Vida, and a few others here are very similar. I had a cup of tortilla soup and a small soft taco; Kevin opted for the large burrito. Back in the car, I made the declaration I will NOT be hungry for dinner before tomorrow, which in my house translates, "You fend for yourself for the next meal." (but only when Mr. K. isn't under the same roof)

So, my friend, you not only determined my lunch selection, you saved me from having to prepare dinner tonight. What shall I do with my time?

Keri said...

I still think it looks identical to Chipotle so I'm excited to try it someday and see!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I've heard a lot of comments about Moe's being real good - Oooh, I bet the folks in Marion are going to be very happy :) I know you are!!

haley said...

i've never eaten there, but it looks exactly like chipotle and taco del mar (in california) so i'm sure i'll love it! they have one in fort wayne too next to culvers and i keep wanting to try it! next time keri and i are in town we may have to:)

Keetha Broyles said...

Haley, Come on over and we'll go to Moe's!!!

haley said...

hmmm well this comment is still here. no idea what happened to the other one lol! oh well!

Keetha Broyles said...

I know where it is - - - can you FIND it???? It's still here SOMEWHERE - - - the exact same SOMEWHERE where you posted it, silly goose!!!