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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Batter Up!!!

This no picture post is coming to you live and in person from my class room desk, where I am attempting to quell my post chapel jitters.

It all started as I was walking into chapel and my friend Shelli, the guidance counselor, ran out of the chapel and into me saying: "The speaker isn't coming will you speak?"

Not a note to my name.

Nor an outline.


I said "No." I said "No" three times.

Shelli didn't take "No" for an answer.

Talk about scrambling.

The Lord helped and I spoke about "Choose this day whom you will serve."

I prefer having an outline.



I can't find my blog said...

I would have loved to hear it, and I bet you were great!

Do they have a podcast? ;-)

Betty Jo said...

Yikes! I would have been shaking in my boots. I'll bet you did a great job of it. ♥

Kristin - The Goat said...

Bravo!!! It's always good to know that you can do it, without an outline. I can only imagine what can come out of my mouth, oh goodness. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have an inkling you did great!!!Sometimes that is when God uses you the most, you relied on Him!!;)

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Headless you made me LOL with that podcast question!!!!!

Brenda said...

Too bad you couldn't speak about putting people on the spot while weaving some scripture into somehow!
But it was nice to be able to do it anyway, and who knows, someone needed to hear exactly what you said today.
We never know, do we?

Shannon said...

Oh I wish I was there! I believe I've heard you do an amazing job speaking before- and you know there is a reason she asked the one and only you!

Stacey said...

I bet you did great! Sometimes speaking from the heart is the very best. How old are the kids?

Vickie said...

I am a teacher who works with Keetha and had the amazing opportunity of hearing her speak today in Chapel. She did a fantastic job. My students journaled about it today in their journals and they all commented on how amazed they were at such an awesome job at the last minute. Now imagine what this lady does with notes and outline in hand? I have heard her and she is a gifted speaker. Seriously if any of you are looking for a speaker at your church you will not regret asking this lady to speak at your next women's conference. God has annointed this lady to speak the Good News and with it is woven personal stories and illustrations that will make you laugh and cry giving glory to God!! Keetha you are loved!!

Pam said...

I'm proud of you Big Sis! Thanks, Vickie, for giving a firsthand report!!

Deven said...

She probably asked because she knows Keetha is never at a loss for words. :)

Keetha, you connect with our students so well. I'm glad you got the chance to share what God gave to you.

Keetha Broyles said...

Thank you all for these words of affirmation. Did I mention I PAID Vickie to give me that plug??? NOT.

The chapel was for junior and senior highers, which here means 6th - 12th grade.

Anonymous said...

I also had the privilege of hearing Keetha speak today and the lady truly has been given a gift. What a blessing she is to the staff and students at LCS. God used her willingness and obedience (and a little prodding :)) to speak His truth. Thank you, Keetha. To God be the glory!! I'll let your agent know to start working on your schedule - I'm pretty sure it will fill up fast. I hope you can afford a photographer and agent - although I hear you have the best of both. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

SCR - - - are you going to confess that YOU are the Shelli who wouldn't take "No" - - - not even THREE of them, for an answer???

Go ahead, call my agent. Hehehehehehehe.