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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Favorites - Let's Do McDonalds Again


I get sooooo excited about our bloggy Sunday reruns!!! Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

Friday the Thirteenth Anecdote
(First posted October 13, 2006)

Hope this makes you smile, spit, or snort - - - -

I decided to indulge in one final pedicure of the season on this my precious day off from school. It was 12:30 p.m. when I finished, so I decided to swing into the drive-through at Micky-D's for some cheap lunch.

There was a long line of cars, but I didn't care - - - - I had "free" time to spare today, so I got in the shorter of the two lines and waited. Eventually it was my turn to talk to the machine and place my order.

A chipper young male voice told me it would be $2.60 and to please pull around.

I was rather puzzled. I had ordered three items from the dollar menu, so how in the world could my price only be two dollars and sixty cents???? (True, I had not double checked the PRICES on the dollar menu - - - - but isn't the POINT of a dollar menu that everything on it is $1????) He MUST have forgotten to add one of my items.

When I got up to the "pay" window - - - where I was talking to actual live people (two girls this time) - - - I asked if they had my order correct. Yes, they listed off everything I had ordered. So I asked them how my bill was under three dollars when I had ordered three items from the dollar menu.

They said, "He put you down for a senior drink."

OK - - - - so, let's get this straight. While I am MORE than happy to pay less for my drink on a SENIOR discount - - - - just HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? "Chipperyoungmalevoice" did NOT ask me if I was a SENIOR.

Was there a security camera there so that "chipperyoungmalevoice" could see me while I could not see him???? And if that is the case - - - - do I actually LOOK like a senior???? I'm fairly sure he did not mean a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL, and I don't think they get discounts anyway!!!

And, if he COULD NOT SEE ME - - - - as I could not see him - - - - does that mean I SOUND like an elderly person??????

Grant you, I will admit freely ABOUT MYSELF that I am getting older - - - older than dirt. BUT, this is the first time in my life (other than generic letters inviting me to join the AARP which they send out routinely to anyone whose birthdate is pre 1990) that I have ever been CONFUSED for a SENIOR.

What did I do?????

Kept my mouth shut (believe it or not), PAID the $2.60 and drove away to enjoy my cheeseburger, fries, and drink.

However - - - perhaps it was not I who had the biggest "Senior" moment in this little scenario. When I opened my cheeseburger, though the tag stuck to the outside of the wrapper proclaimed in large letters "NO KETCHUP" - - - which WAS the way I ordered it - - - - - the burger on the inside was POSITIVELY SWIMMING in the nasty red gunk. Maybe it is THEY who need the glasses and/or hearing aid, not me.

At least I can remember from the time of ordering to the time of serving that I said "NO KETCHUP!!"




Altered Glass said...

OUCH!!! too funny!! It has been a harsh reality with that senior thing nipping at my heals.(well, I guess the 55 thing I should say) I decided when I hit 50 (which I doubt you have experienced yet) that I no longer was going to add a number at each birthday. So this June 7th, I will be 50C (50A=51, 50B=52, you get the picture). The other members of my family allow me this privelege and have sent cards accordingly...

Altered Glass said...

9:36pm news just said tornados are going through Indiana. Buildings down somewhere with people in them... didn't catch where, but the radar covered a huge area with the middle of it in Indianapolis. Prayers that your area is all a-okay....

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

OK, that is just wrong! I would be cracking up too! The same is true when you go to buy alcohol and the clerk at the register is wearing a big button that says "I'd card my mother - have ID ready" ... and they DON'T card me. I have actually asked, "Do I look older than your mother?"
bah humbug!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Keetha...

Couldn't help but read Altered Glass' comment about bad weather up your way...saying a prayer for safety for you and your family, my friend!

Well Darlin'...I can already tell...just by the spunky spirit of your words that you neither sound or look like a senior!!! Ohhh my...McD's have really done it this time!!! Hehe!!! That was very admirable of you to ask them if they really had the right price though...eeekks, even though they ruined your hamburger with loads of the red stuff! Hmmm...if I had been there, I would have gladly taken that hamburger covered in the red stuff off of your's just the way I like mine!!!

Girlfriend, thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites again this week!!! You really are a "regular" hehe!!! I think you may be the only participant that has made every Sunday Favorite to date!!! Thank you for the support!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe my friend!!!


Keetha Broyles said...

For those of you worried about us - - - be reassured. The storms are south of us. We go through this in Indiana all summer long and those of us who live here get rather "immune" to worrying about them.

The damage this time seems to be in a line going from west to east through Indianapolis.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How cute is that story. Thanks for repeating it. My husband and I would go to the show in the afternoon on a regular basis and the woman would always sell us senior tickets. Of course my husband said it was because of me.
But really, I don't have a gray hair in my head at all and he has been gray since his 20's!

Trish said...

First glad to hear all is well!
Now, you do not look like a Sr. citizen!!! Between the two of us we have certainly had some laughs, thanks to McDonald's guys!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You certainly do not look like a senior gal. What nerve they have! lol. I do know that you seem just like a Wisconsin Gal! I think your in the wrong state my dear! Cindy (your fellow Wi. Badger).

Chandy said...

Keetha, you are hilarious, girl! McD's often get our orders wrong so it wasn't a surprise but the reason for the discount and the blooper on the burger's just precious!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

OMG!!! That was a hoot!!! I was laughing so hard. I can totally relate. I went to Ross one Tuesday & my bill came to less than I had expected. When I looked at the receipt it said "Senior discount". I didn't know if I should do "the happy dance" or demand an apology. I chose to do the happy dance. I haven't gone back on a Tuesday to see if it happens again.

I didn't know that Micky D's has a senior drink. Maybe I'll ask for one & hope they don't card me. Thanks for the laughs!!!!

Dixie said...

Keetha... Senior discount huh? I'd take that...

the first clue that your hamburger would be wrong at Micky D's... you did a special order (no catsup) and it didn't take them 30-minutes to produce it...

I like mine with ketchup... (see, spelled it both ways to cover the OCD's out there...i'm one of them)... the original McD's burger with ketchup, onions, pickles and meat... yum!

but you still have me thinking about that discount... lol
hugs. Dixie

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

That is so funny. I love the dilemma of trying to decide to correct them or take the discount! You did what I would have done :) Too funny!

KBeau said...

That is so funny. I now happily ask for a senior coffee, but I do remember the first time I was given the senior discount without my asking for it. It was sort of a let down. I also don't have any problems buying the senior ticket at the movie.

I remember one time when I was going to the movies with a group of women. I forgot to ask for the senior discount and then grumbled about it. My friend Glenda said, I'll buy your ticket and then you can buy another one at the senior discount. Funny thing is that she was eligible for the senior discount as well, but she didn't want to admit it.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I think it's rather funny that this happened to you! hoot hoot! You have a fabulous sense of humor - good thing since your sandwich was very very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oh my... that is so good! I want a big mac really bad now, LOL. Have a great Sunday -


Tonja said...

Been there.....
Heard that.....
Felt the same way!!!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Oh! No!!!!! What???/ Sad, but Keetha I'd be happy with the discount! Smile. Use it!

Hope you are ok due to weather?

Joyce said...

Once we came home and opened up our burgers and there were no burgers in any of the buns. Duh! I rest my case your honor:)

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

This is as terrible as it is to be asked if you are pregnant when you are fifty something. I think McDonald's needs to retrain their staff! Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

xinex said...

Oh how funny, Keetha. We just have to laugh at moments like this cause some people just have no tact and we can't let them ruin our day....Christine

Diane said...

Oh, I have SO been there! I'm with you, it's the kiddos at Micky D's that need the glasses and perhaps a memory enhancing drug!!! :) Great re-post; I loved it!

Have a great day!

Many hugs...........


Lori E said...

Maybe what he thought you were a man from south of the border and was referring to you as "Senor". Does that make you feel any better?

xinex said...

Yes, Keetha. I have a complete set of Haviland, the pattern is Brown Rose. Thanks for coming!...Christine

Carrie said...

This post is just hilarious...being over 50 is quite a trip!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

Martha said...

I like my cheeseburgers WITHOUT ketchup as well-- one time I asked for no condiments (meaning no ketchup and no mustard) and I got no mustard but ketchup . . . when I went in to the manager he told me that I should have ordered more specifically -- so do they not know the meaning of "no"?

I proudly accept any and all senior discounts given!

Anonymous said...

o dear.................
well as things keep changing i am always teaching my daughter proper ediquette (spelling?) one of those is if you have to answer your cell phone in a store or public area of any kind to keep it quiet and quick!
hate when people are walking around talking like they were at home on the phone especially with potty mouths, hate it!
places of business need to teach ediquette and they should have people who want their senior discounts to ask the workers should not just assume
so there is my opinion
o ya
call them and tell them to teach them that
maybe you will get a free meal or something but i doubt it,mc donalds is kinda like walmart, customer service means nothing!
hope to not offend anyone
like i said its just my little opinion

raxx a day in the life said...

LMAO!! So funny, some teenagers are morons! Anyone over 30 is old to them! I would have done the same thing, take the discount and laugh, except, I would have taken the burger right back!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh how funny! How could they think that they know the voice over that speaker box is a senior? I hardly ever go to a drive through that they get my order right, but I've never had them figure out I was a senior before I even got to the window! Too funny. laurie