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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sooooooo Typical AKA Thanksgiving Prep Lists at the Broyles' House


Here are our Thanksgiving prep lists at the Broyles' house - - - just for fun and giggles.

Fisherhubby's Thanksgiving "prep" list
1)  Lie on couch and watch TV - CHECK

2)  Take a nap - CHECK
3)  Go to bow shop to try to sell old bow and tree stand so he can buy new ones - CHECK
4)  Take batteries out of the boat for the winter - CHECK
5)  Watch more TV - not yet
7)  Take another nap - not yet
6)  Eat supper provided on a plate and delivered right to the couch where he sits - not yet

Keepie's Thanksgiving "prep" list
1)  Go to grocery store for Thanksgiving ingredients - CHECK
2)  Bake cranberry bread - CHECK
3)  Hard boil eggs for deviled eggs - CHECK
4)  Put boiled eggs in cold water to cool - CHECK
5)  Clean two bunches of fresh broccoli and chop it up - CHECK
6)  Steam two bunches of fresh chopped broccoli - CHECK
7)  Sautee onions for broccoli casserole - CHECK
8)  Chop water chestnuts for broccoli casserole - CHECK
9)  Put prepared broccoli, onion, and water chestnuts in the refrigerator, ready for putting the casserole together tomorrow morning - CHECK
10)  Thaw chicken for tonight's supper dish - CHECKing
11)  Peel eggs for deviled eggs - not yet
12)  Mash and mix deviled egg yolks - not yet
13)  Put deviled eggs together and refrigerate for tomorrow - not yet
14)  Boil spaghetti for tonight's casserole - not yet
15)  Simmer sauce for tonight's casserole - not yet
16)  Put together and bake tonight's casserole - not yet
17)  Deliver plate of supper to Fisherhubby while he sits on the couch watching TV - not yet
18)  Check e-mail and blog from time to time - CHECK

Here's hoping all of y'all have a joyous, thankful, Thanksgiving!!!


LV said...

Your list is definitely much longer than fisher hubby's. Maybe you need to move a few over. Wishing you and family the best holiday filled with many blessings.

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

It's important for everyone to take care of their own responsibilities, you know! Glad you've got everything divvied up so well!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Whoa! You are one busy lady but it sounds like a fantastic menu for Thanksgiving.... and I LOVE Deviled Eggs! Thanksgiving seemed to be the only time my family ever made them so there were always plenty when we were kids. Yum.

Have a great holiday and try to get on some of that napping action ;-)

xo jj

Pam said...

Pam Here: Took me a minute to figure out that the picture of you was taken in the Marion house. Not enough showing around Greggie to know for sure, but I'm thinking his might have been also! said...

Deviled eggs are yummy. I've gotta bake two pumpkin pies tonight (not yet checked).

Happy Thanksgiving, Keetha.

Beth said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm thinking I should head over to YOUR home for Thanksgiving! lol Have a happy day! And remember, you deserve a nap too.

Vidya Sury said...

Just love the first photo! :D