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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Helpless on Life's Escalator of FWPs

We here in the First World tend to take ourselves and our petty self-induced First World Problems (FWPs) WAY too seriously.


It renders some of us incapable of helping ourselves, sort of like this:

My purpose in this post is to expose my OWN silly little FWPs.

Perhaps if you laugh at ME, it will help you see similar issues of your own.


Keetha's Top 10 FWPs of Today

10)  I want a new laptop, but don't know what kind to get or from which store to get it.

9)   Someone stopped following my blog AGAIN today.

8)  I'm SICK of getting email forwards from people who need to get a life if they have time to send email forwards.

7)  I have to go straight from running my heat to running my AC because of my allergies.

6)  My dishwasher won't load or unload itself.

5)  The clean clothes NEVER fold and put themselves away.

4)  Socks disappear in the dryer black hole void.

3)  Fisherhubby NEVER makes the bed.

2)  I can't seem to keep the throw rugs STRAIGHT on the floor.

And my #1 TOP Petty FWP of today:

1)  I don't have enough reds to make a full load in the washing machine.

And while I worry over these "major" issues, some girl or some woman in some African village is "dinking around" carrying a jug of water for something as "mundane" as cooking or washing.



Alicia said...

That certainly puts things into perspective. We certainly are fortunate to have such petty problems and spoiled to have such luxuries as running water.

Buttercup said...

#11 I'm not sure which grocery to shop at today.

Unknown said...

Wonderful post Keetha!
It certainly does get one to stop and realize just how fortunate we are.

Sherry Ellis said...

Those are hilarious! I wish my dishwasher would unload itself!

BTW, the blogger who mentioned Angie, was Peaches, and she did it a little while ago - not during the blogfest. So if you were searching, you probably didn't find it.

Have a great weekend!

Keri said...

I did NOT expect that first video to be a commercial for a health club or whatever that is...I fully expected it to be a humanitarian aide or Christian group with a REAL message!

I bought my current laptop from I am extremely happy with it and I am extremely happy with their service. I got a great deal on it, cheaper than any store, and it was delivered to my house in one business day.

Terra said...

Oh Keetha, your list is a hoot and a half, and is a good reminder to get our priorities straight. Altho the socks disappearing in a black hole have always worried me. :)

Tami said...

I laughed hysterically when the second escalator stopped! OMG!!!!

BTW: why would someone stop following your blog? I know it hurts my feelings when someone stops following me. :( I take it way to personally.

nancygrayce said...

SOMEONE stopped following your blog??? What kind of nutcase does that? Oops, if they were following mine, I may have just sealed the deal! If you figure out how to get the dishwasher to unload, please clue me in.....mine is full of clean dishes as I type!

Vidya Sury said...

Oh gosh. I am guilty of 1 and 5.
But I am also conscious of the real problems we face locally. Sigh. And yes, we often pay for water. Because we can. While the slums nearby must do what the girl in the second video is doing. The fights at the public taps are something else!

I can't find my blog said...

My ridiculous FWP is always, every day, what are we going to have for dinner. It's out of control, really.