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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks With a Grateful Heart

Many folks in blogland have been doing days and days of gratitude posts.

Not quite sure why I didn't jump in on that - - - but I do know for sure and certain that it WASN'T because I'm not grateful.

So blessed.

So much for which to be grateful.

Here are just a few - - -
I am thankful for family.

Even for the son who does his BEST to torment and torture
His momma at every turn.
Yes, that WOULD be the son who delights
In removing the labels from the canned goods
In my pantry.

Son, you know who you are.

For this little sponge with 
Dish detergent in its handle.
Makes swishing dishes before 
Putting them in the dishwasher a breeze.

Oh, and my DISHWASHER.
For you I am TRULY grateful!!!!

I am thankful that my breadbox (which I love)
Can do double duty as a recipe holder.

I'm so thankful for reusable refillable water bottles.
Just think of all the plastic that is NOT 
In the landfill because Fisherhubby and I
Use these puppies EVERY STINKIN' DAY.

Gotta love all the bright color too.

I am thankful for black bears.
They give us HOURS of joy each summer
As we keep our eyes peeled trying to 
Spot one live and in the wild.

Sightings are RARE, so when we make one
We are giddy as school girls - - - 
Especially Fisherhubby
He loves getting in touch with his
Inner giddy school girl.

Besides, black bears give me something to collect.
Oh my goodness, I can't believe I didn't put THIS one first.

(Especially college football.)

I'm thankful that my dad started
Taking me to high school football games
When I was just an elementary school tot
And thereby instilled in me
A veritable LOVE of the game.

Right now, I'm VERY thankful that
Notre Dame, SIL-2's alma mater,
I am thankful for these three vintage egg cups.

I had wanted some for a long time.
I'm afraid I may even have been coveting some.
Then I found these and brought them home.

I am thankful for bits and pieces of vintage nostalgia.

I think they help turn a house into a home
While at the same time reminding us of our 
Roots and our heritage.
Oh my bloggy friends,
I am SO thankful that I NEVER
Have to use this washboard for it's intended use.

Just think, we COULD have been born
before the invention of the automatic washing machine.

Truth be told, I DO remember the old
Wringer washer variety.
I am thankful for this little stiff plastic dish scraper.
Makes getting those dried-on bits off 

You too can get one at your local Wally world.

And last but not least,
I am so very very very thankful and grateful
For Thanksgivings past
When we all lived within an hour radius
And could meet in the middle
For a day of togetherness.

Some of those pictured above
Are gone now,
But I am thankful for time well spent together 
And for the memories.

Yes BIL Joe, I'm even grateful to YOU
For throwing bits and pieces of rolled up napkin
All over my house, where I would find them for 
Weeks to come - - - 
Because it spiced up the day.

Now, to all of you I say:


For what are you thankful today?


Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Keetha!

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Love your gratefulness post! I haven't taken the time to make a list this year... but not because I'm not grateful! I am!

I love your black bears, too. It would be fun to collect them. I've seen some awfully cute ones at Cabela's. Yep. Thinkin' I'm needing some to add to my "north woods" themed bath room. Right now I only have two in there... and I've never told you this before, but they are related to Brunhilda and Borris! They are from the Bearsaltandpepper family. The "Olympic National Park" branch, that is. At least that's what it says on their backs. I "inherited" them from a great-aunt. I'm thinking I should blog about them and introduce them to their relatives. ;-)

Ann in the UP said...

Just as you say, so very much to be thankful for.

Faith, family, friends! Sunlight today, and ways to keep in touch with everyone! That's just the top part of the list.

It goes on and on!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So many wonderful reason to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

42N said...

Its nice that you have so many relatives close by. I take that is a good thing for you and your family. Now that our small get together has past I need to ready up some more blog posts. Happy Thanksgiving.

Keri said...

I have so much to be thankful for. But I gotta say...I am very very very thankful I am not longer as FAT as I am in that old picture of yours! WOW.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yep, there are soooo many things to be thankful for, including my bloggy friends!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Keetha what a great post! I always enjoy thankful posts! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Hugs, Linda

Vidya Sury said...

I have been thinking of you and waiting to get over here to see your gorgeous post and photos - because I am pretty sure that's how they'll be. I've been spending a lot of time offline.

One of the things I love is my tiny kitchen mop that I use on the slab. Amazing. One swipe - and the place is dry! I have them in different sizes for the floor.

I've missed your bear - and love the one that's reading!

Your blog header is so sweet!

Vintage nostalgia rocks. I've been springcleaning my crockery shelves and am amazed at what I haven't used in so long!

I am thankful to be alive. And feel the love of all the wonderful people I know. Hugs! Vidya

Erin said...

I LOVE all those red handled utensils! :) And I am grateful for you, my friend.

Martin LaBar said...

A good list! Thanks be to God for His blessings.