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Thursday, November 8, 2012

First World Problems I Wish I Could Solve Today

AKA:  I Know These are My Own Insignificant Miniscule Issues, But I'm Saying 'Em anyway!!


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, some of you are posting lovely lists counting your blessings.  (Yes that really WAS my Thanksgiving plate one year - - - my FIRST helping.)

I really should be doing the same because I am sooooo very thankful for sooooo very many things.

I may do that a little closer to Thanksgiving.

For today, I'm indulging in a little "I wish these things were different" post knowing the entire time I'm planning and creating this post that these are totally insignificant (in the scheme of eternity) little First World Problems.

Thanks to Laurie for pointing that First World phrase out to me, and let me add, she is SOOO right.

Nonetheless, I forge right ahead with my First World Problem post - - -

(Hey- - - at least I KNOW and ADMIT it.)

1)  I wish I could play the piano well enough use that skill in worship team.   Because really, in order to accompany for worship you just do need to be able to sight read AND play more than the melody plunked out with your right hand.   In America you just do.

I'm now leading the traditional worship team at our church (which in itself is rather laughable considering I'm no musician) and there has been MANY A TIME that being able to play, either the piano or the keyboard, myself would have solved a bushel basket full of worship team woes. 

2)  I wish I had a personal accountant who would come in once a month, sort out and organize all the bills, total up my check book, and THEN turn the rest of the whole bill paying process over to me.  I think I could handle that.

Yep - - - it's that time again, BILL PAYING TIME, and I find myself yet once again in procrastination mode.

3)  I wish someone would take blog comment word verification and throw it into the deepest sea, separate it as far from me as east is from west!!!

I have long since stopped commenting where I find word verification.

However - - - SOME commenting forms are tricky little devils.  They don't SHOW you the word verification box UNTIL you hit "publish" AFTER you've created your long and clever comment.   So, at THAT point, you click away from the comment box, but you've WASTED all that time and energy already in the creation of your artful masterpiece of a comment.

 (Errr hmmm - - - yes, ALL of my comments ARE long and creative so this TOTALLY wastes my bloggy time.)

4)  I wish I could kick spam outa here.  "To the moon, Alice!  To the moon!"

I've pretty much eliminated my spam issues with e-mail (spam folder) and blog comments (blogger spam filter combined with comment moderation, no need for word veri see rant #3).

However, I have a lovely little cbox in the left margin of my blog where a few folks whom I dearly love leave me comments from time to time.  There is no cbox spam filter - at least that I've found, if YOU'VE found one please do tell!

So, nearly daily I get several cbox spams which require me to click over to my cbox administrator's page where I mark them as spam, delete them, and mark them as forever blocked from my cbox.

I do that for YOU my blogger readers so YOU will not have the First World Problem of clicking on a virus filled or advertisement filled web page.  You are very welcome.  I only aim to please.

However - - - I am getting worn to a frazzle, working my fingers down to the very nubs of bone trying to keep up with it, because as we all know, spammers are far more intelligent than we mere bloggers and they are able to adjust their IP addresses (is that the right term here?)  and respam at will.

And, I haven't exaggerated in a thousand years.

PS - if you don't "get" the "to the moon" reference, you are WAY too young my dear bloggy reader.

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Unknown said...

There is nothing like a FWP to trip us up. I like to play the piano, too. I never was as good as would have wanted to be and I eventually quit playing at church as I realized there was almost always someone better than me out there.

Mimi said...

Learning to play the piano was on my bucket a child I owned a small keyboard and my limited clarinet in schoolband helped me read a few notes.....but mostly as a child...I loved coming home from church and played church hymns from was just me and God!!!Well, hubby got wind of my bucket list and one year got me a full size keyboard for Christmas.....I took it back as I knew I would Never ever really learn to play!!!I would love to magically learn though!!!
I agree....I need an accountant for the same things you mentioned.......
ANd the word verification....I HATE IT TOO....might start avoiding them too....
I thought your world solving might be something different...I needed it to be simple and I am SAD today.......

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh my these are some problems I think should be fixed also!!! Hugs, Linda

podso said...

Funny post, starting with the Thanksgiving dinner plate. I also play the piano "by ear" and find reading music harder and harder the farther I move from my piano lessons decades ago. I too hvae trouble with the checkbook and organizing such paper work. I just hand it over to my patient accountant (husband) who checks my bad math etc. By now you must know I have a.d.d.

Word verification is a real pain to me as well but most blogs I read don't have it.

So if misery loves company, you have it. just got back from the 100th anniversary of the church where we grew up. So many wonderful memories, including where I had my piano lessons. :-)

Divine Theatre said...

My husband just joined the Police Bagpipe Corps.
It could always be worse! LOL!
I have noticed more ducks flying over the house after he practices. Hmmm..



Traci Marie Wolf said...

BTW I love your list.

I work hard to appreciate all that I have, otherwise I become a complaining pain (which comes so natural to me.) But I also realize that just because we have a home, job, family, food, and clothing, it does not mean things are less frustrating or painful.

Ann in the UP said...

I'm laughing at the bagpipe/duck attraction above. Funny.

I agree with all your First World items except your spam issues. i don't have that particular problem at all. The up side of having no readers. Heehee.

Tami said...

I HATE, HATE, HATE word verification! One of my many pet peeves!
I must be old. According to you :) if I didn't get the Moon reference, I am too young. Since I do get it, I am old. *ahem*

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Word verification is a real pain, I can't stand it. I have to say that gmail does a really good job with SPAM mail, just like they keep SPAM off your blog!

Vidya Sury said...

Gosh, took me a while to figure out what the cbox was! :D

I remember Laurie's post about the FWP.

That cartoon is so apt.