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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday Reruns - Return of the Pumpkin Bread


I get sooooo excited about our bloggy Sunday reruns!!! Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

The Saga of the PB
(First posted on 11/21/07)

Once upon a time, long long ago in a kingdom far far away there lived an overworked, under appreciated, worn out, little waif of a woman. She was in this sad condition from working her fingers to the bone, night and day, day and night, teaching other people's children in a small one room school house, to which she walked in all kinds of weather, up hill both ways, day after long endless day.

One particular year when Thanksgiving rolled around, this poor, sad, worn out, waif of a woman decided to take an eency, weencey, tiny little short cut and BUY pumpkin roll instead of slaving over a hot oven, late into the night, using up her last ounce of energy, just to bake her own homemade pumpkin bread for her family.

But alas, her family members when confronted with the impostor pumpkin roll, openly revolted. They emphatically stated that the unfortunate heroine had given up on ALL her family traditions. They declared the impostor roll unfit to eat. Further, they threatened to never return again to celebrate the joyous occasion with their mother if she EVER tried that trick again.

She learned her lesson well.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Addendum on 2/14/10 - Since writing this post back in '07, I have passed this recipe on to my two daughters and now THEY bring the pumpkin bread.



Julie Harward said...

Poor little waif of a woman huh...hum, some how I can relate to that! And it was good of her to share her duties with the daughter..very smart indeed! LOL
Thanks for your kindness today, I;m so glad to have connected with you..God sends me the best people to be a friend! Have a good Valentines day and come say hi any time :D

Ann in the UP said...

You poor precious little hard- working Cinderella-like waif of a woman! Your pumpkin bread must be something really special, and I'm in awe of your brilliance in passing the recipe on to the other pumpkin-eaters!

Not only hard working, but smart and funny too. I love the funny. I can relate to that.

Lori E said...

Ha, ha. That is exactly what I was going to say...teach it to them.
My sons are careful not to suggest I do something a certain way. That is how they learned to do their own laundry at age 12.
Having just gone back to work full time last week I am questioning how all you amazing people manage to do so many things. You must all run on 5 hours sleep.

Unknown said...

That looks and sounds sooooooooooo yummy. I might have to try it now that I know I like pumpkin dessert. I thought I only liked pumpkin pie until trying the gooey pumpkin cake. Yum!!!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Keetha...

Hehe...that's what I call passin' the torch!!! Yeeehawww!!! It's one of a mother's greatest moments! I too have passed the torch, Darlin'! Two years ago when I was able to spend Thanksgiving with all my girls...I didn't even go near a stove...and that doesn't hurt my feelings one bit! All three of my daughters are great cooks (passed the torch there too! Hehe!)

So happy to see you today, my dear lady! Thank you again, for joining in with Sunday Favorites! I hope that you're having a fabulous weekend!!!

Love ya,
Chari @Happy To Design
PS..Happy Valentine's Day!

ain't for city gals said...

lol...I tried this very same thing with the pumpkin pies this Thanksgiving...I bought them from Costco...hey ..they looked good and they were BIG!! Was I ever embarassed...they tasted like nothing compared to my homemade ones....oh well...I guess I will find the time this year...

Jenny said...

What a wonderful name you have. I love the sound of it so I came to visit. Smart girl teaching daughters to do the hard work!