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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Proken-Hearted Dutchman

These are my grandparents, Hazel and Isaiah Butcher.

I don't KNOW why they aren't smiling - - - because they smiled a lot. In fact, I can't really "see" them in this picture because MY grandparents were the sweetest, kindest, gentlest people on the planet.

I LOVED staying with them. I loved the milk-coffee Grandma gave us. I loved the twinkle in grandpa's eye. I loved "fixing" grandma's hair. But perhaps most of all, I loved Grandpa's stories.

After thinking about his ballad poems, I googled "Hans and Jacob" and FOUND it. I only wish I could post a recording of grandpa SAYING it, but since we never made that recording I will never be able to post it.

Just let your mind say these words in a heavy German accent. They are printed phonetically to "help" you out.


The Proken-Hearted Dutchman

by: Charles Follen Adams
(Public Domain)

I'm a proken-hearted Dutchman,
Vot's villed mit crief und shame.
I dells you vot der drouple ish:
I doosn't know my name.

You dinks dis fery vunny, eh ?
Ven you der schtory hear,
You vill not vender den so mooch,
It vas so schtrange und queer.

Mine moder had dwo leedle twins;
Dey vas me und mine broder:
Ve lookt so fery mooch alike,
No von knew vich vrom toder.

Von off der poys vas "Yawcob,"
Und "Hans" der Oder's name:
But den it made no tifferent;
Ve both got called der same.

Vell! von off us got tead, —
Yaw, Mynheer, dot ish so!
But vedder Hans or Yawcob,
Mine moder she don't know.

Und so I am in drouples:
I gan't kit droo mine hed
''Vedder I'm Hans vot's lifing,
Or Yawcob vot is tead!

(Found at - Phonetics and all)



nancygrayce said...

I asked my grandmother once why they were never smiling in pictures. She replied, I guess we didn't have that much to smile about! She was always smiling too!

Lynn said...

Oh, I LOVE that! And you wrote it so I sounded exactly like I had the German accent when I read it!
Vas he really a twin?

j said...

I'm going to have to show this to my kiddo. She'll enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I want you to know, I read this out loud...I sounded very Germanish! I was totally impressed that YOU had transcribed the ballad into the German phonetics..then I saw your source! Is there no end to the amazing world of the internet?

So, you're still getting snow? We are TOO! Every stinkin state is getting SNOW! We're supposed to get MORE SNOW tomorrow and Sunday. SICK OF IT!!!

I was cheering for your Colts...I have to say you decked yourself out in every bit of blue available to support your team. I think you deserve some kind of Colt Fan Award for that!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!! Hope the snow melts! Dana

Jojo said...

What a nice memories you've share with us.

Tonja said...

Have you ever heard German with a Southern twist?

Thanks for sharing this...a sweet memory for sure.

Julie Harward said...

They are cute...back in those days, they were told to not smile! Loved the ballad poem...not sure I did it exactly right..but enjoyed it! Have a good Valentines day and come say hi when you can :D

Diane said...

I so enjoyed the poem! I tried really hard with the phonetics, but it's hard with a deep southern accent!!!! You should have HEARD me! I loved it! Thank you so very much sharing such a precious memory with us.

Enjoy your weekend!

Many hugs...........


Troy said...

I swear you can hear the twinkle in his eye just reading that!

kyooty said...

I was told it that pictures were serious events, so they weren't susposed to smile.

Tamara said...

Glad you found it! Love it! One more to go.