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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Once Upon a Very Blue Time - - -


In honor of our Indiana PRIDE AND JOY(s) returning to the Superbowl, I am going to repost some of my bluest posts from yesteryear - - - or yestermonth as the case may be.

Today is the first of several BLUE days - - - ENJOY!!!

Once upon a time I bought a blue mylar wig to wear to support my Colts. I was really thankful to finally FIND a blue mylar wig as it saved me the time and bother of spraying my hair blue and then washing it out all the time.

But, I didn't really LIKE the wig ON me. The hair was too long - - - I looked like Cleopatra AFTER she drowned in the Nile. No, I don't think she DID drown in the Nile, but if she HAD her hair would have looked like this.

I realized that this whole thought process was rather inane since blue mylar hair wasn't really SUPPOSED to look GOOD. But, still, I wasn't very pleased with my little wig results.

I really wanted the blue hair to be shorter and perkier. I know how to cut hair, and I kept thinking "Why not? Why can't I CUT this thing?"

Well, today as I was planning what to wear to the Colt's game tonight I KNEW I just didn't want to be a Nile Drowned Cleopatra when I made my debut at Lucas Oil Stadium. Didn't want to. Period.

It was time to get out the old scissors.

First I put the wig on my baby doll's head. (There will be a post about this doll at a later date - - - hang on for that all you VTT lovers.)

Then I began to cut and style. I used my scissors and my comb just like I was cutting real hair. I kid you not. Mylar ISN'T real hair, and it wasn't easy to get it layered the way I would have layered REAL hair - - - but I gave it a good old college try.

When I was finished the wig looked something like this. Actually, it looked EXACTLY like this - - - this IS the finished wig.

And here I am in my shorter perkier blue hair making my Lucas Oil debut. Now I don't look like Cleopatra, I look like Bozo.

Someone came up to me at the stadium and ASKED to have their picture taken with me because they loved the wig. (No need to admit that the "someone" was about 10.) The two ladies in the concession stand asked me where they could get one like it!!! (And they were quite a bit older than 10!)

I have much more to post about my FIRST Colts game - - - - - please tune in later.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh yes my dear, CLEARLY you look MUCH better with the shorter, porcupine-with-a-mullet looking wig.

Should it be worrisome that apparently your head is the same size as a baby doll's?


Tonja said...

I bet you can wear it at the HCCC! The men in the nice white coats won't mind!

Kristin - The Goat said...

It's always fun when the repeat post is one that is just as fun as the first time it was read :) I do like the shorter look better. It's YOU!

Dawn said...

Hi Keetha, I was thinking I knew a Colts fan, how could I forget that blue wig? I'll do you a favor and root for the Saints, 'cause whoever I root for will lose, happens every time!

j said...

I like the make over. Very SASSY!

I am posting your pic on Friday. You will be my Super Bowl post!!

Julie Harward said...


Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

HAHAH! Keetha the other day I was discussing you with the fmaily (bc you know they know who Keetha is dont you?) I was talking about your blue hair as if it was natural. BASED on that post as it originally ran. Made an impact on me.

Sarah said...

Oh, you look terrific in short blue hair. You just might set a trend in Blogville.
Yes, I'm still smiling! Such fun to stop by here.

Keetha said...

I love the wig's new style! Aren't you smart. I don't know that it would have occurred to me to do such.