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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Modern Kids With Vintage Cases


Some well meaning somebody, I don't remember who just now, had a list on their blog a while back of how to make your blog interesting. On that list it said, don't talk about your children or your grandchildren - - - we've been there, done that, and are over it.

Well - - - - this ain't their blog.

This here's MY blog - - - and I'm IN the stage of grandchildren right now and I wanna talk about them. So - - - if you are gonna be bored with that, then you'll just have to click away to your follow list and find another blog talking about something REALLY interesting like dead dishes from the past.

But if you're game for a grand grans post - - - - keep readin'!

Just look what arrived at our house Friday night. Aren't these just the CUTEST things ever? Oh hey - - - and they should make the vintage lovers happy too, 'cause vintage they are.

I don't know HOW they got a photo of Fisherhubby for the front of this suitcase - - - but just looky there!

They knew the world would never survive a photo of yours truly on this one, so they settled for the darlin' little gran and her teddy.

And, just look what came WITH these cases:

The two cutest little grans on the PLANET! No, I'm not one bit biased.

And of course, we HIT THE BIG TIME - - - Marsh Grocery store, what do YOU do on a Friday night with YOUR grans? This is cheap and easy entertainment, let me tell ya.

And just look at the grin on Piper's little face. Mackinley was busy figuring it all out - - -

But Pipes was content to hold onto the steering wheel for dear life, well until that ONE time when she stuck her little hand out the side and grabbed a candy bar as we passed by.

All in all it was a huge success - - - - until we tried to take them OUT of the car to head home, but that's the kind of story ANOTHER grandmother would tell, not THIS one.

At home, little Miss Piper found the tea set, hauled it to this chair, where it was HER CHOICE to climb up by that Badger Blankie and play. I just HAD to get this picture and SHOW it so her Wolverine daddy could see his little angel near some GOOD school colors.

Wink wink.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Anyday, anytime, I am up for posts on Grandchildren. If I had them I would be doing the same thing. I don't so I write about Skye and Charlie my grand dog. They say allot of things that I don't do!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You post about those adorable grands anytime you want and I will be here! They are soooo cute and I love the fun of them in the store. I don't have any grands yet but one of these days and I can promise you I will blog about them!

kyooty said...

love this post!!! everything is kyoot!!! :)

Lori R. said...

I wish they had those kind of carts hen my kids were little, I could have used a cheap form of entertainment. I think you DO have the cutest grans on the planet!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE when you post about your adorable grans! I can't believe how much Piper's hair has grown!!Too cute! And those vintage suitcases, O_MY_WORD!!!!!! Absolutely adorable!! I can't wait until I'm a MawMaw!

Janean said...

your grands are so well-behaved! one time we took our grandson and he made such a scene grabbing food and "pitchin' a fit," we didn't finish shopping!!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Those grans ARE quite cute...And I'm certainly not going to quit blogging about mine either!! BTW, I talked to JoEllen awhile today, she can't believe we're bloggy buds!! I think she's jealous :)
She misses you, but doesn't miss blogging!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and are your grans totally gifted like mine are????

Julie Harward said...

Yes, I know the blogger of which you speak LOL. I LOVE grands, mine and anyone else's too..they are the earths little treasures for sure! Yours are so cute with their little suitcases and their darling smiles. Nothing is as fun as when they come to visit! Enjoy them..and thanks for sharing them! :D

Brenda said...

I'd rather keep it real, and if that means talking about my kid's then so be it.
Besides I thought that was only a first-date-after-divorce rule! Or so I heard somewhere.
Anyhow, keep the pics coming and thanks for being real.

j said...

Let's see, I can talk about my kids ooooor... I can talk about belly button fuzz.

You pick.

I LOVE seeing the sweet faces of your grandchildren and reading the love and pride in your posts. Well meaning... I'm sure. But I like personal blogging very much - I like the 'person' part of it :)

Love ya Kamma!

Kim Sue said...

What cuties!!

Keri said...

I forgot to tell you, Lisa picked up that one with the fisherman grandpa on purpose because of Dad! She thought he would like it. :)

You didn't tell me about the car removal process. I am sure Little Miss Diva let the entire store know she was unhappy with that decision!

Anonymous said...

your grandchildren are so cute and that's so funny they pitched a fit trying to take them out .. i remember those days with my own 2 girls. I love their names - Piper and Mackinley - too cute. I used to babysit a little girl named Piper. She's 28 now. AND I LOVE THE VINTAGE SUITCASES .. where did they buy them Ebay?

Lori E said...

Your blog, your choice of posts. Those little cases are so cute but not as cute as their owners. Enjoy every minute of them.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Great post....isn't it great being a grandparent...I keep saying "It's so easy the 2nd time around" haha...and I get to do things I would NEVER had done with my own children. You brightened my day with this post :-)

Keri said...


My mother-in-law found them at a garage sale! She definitely has a gift for that kind of thing. :) I go to garage sales and find faded silk flowers and stained underwear.

Joe Todd said...

My Grandkids make a bee -line to the MM dispenser. Then in the evening they usually want to call Mom and a special treat is the Mickey Mouse phone LOL.. Good post.. AND Guys blogs need love to

Connie N. said...

Connie N. I love your posts about your grandchildren...keep 'em coming. They are growing up fast. Those vintage suitcases are too cute!

About Brandon said...

Thanks for the note. Hope all is well with you guys!