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Monday, February 1, 2010

So Ironic as to be Ludicrous!


The other day I posted my first attempt to write on a photo before posting it. Many of you asked me for a tutorial of HOW to do that.

Oh my dear bloggy friends!!! If you ONLY knew how ironic it is that you would ask ME, one of the most technologically challenged people ON THE PLANET for a tutorial!!!!

I'm sure if ANY of my children see this post, they will pee their pants howling with laughter - - - especially if that child be my youngest son, our "baby" who just shakes his head at my lack of computer skills and has been heard to remark that "they" really shouldn't let me TOUCH a computer.

Nonetheless, I shall give it a TRY.

First of all, you start with a photo upon which you would like to etch your OWN personal remarks. One like this lovely little shot of two badgers which I found:

(photo from
My youngest son, yes the same one who is peeing his pants at the very IDEA I might be attempting to teach ANYONE ANYTHING about a computer, that son put a FREE program on my computer called GIMP. I use GIMP to resize my photos. You too can download this program here. I am sure there are MANY other programs which will do all this, but GIMP is the one I use.

So, back to our tutorial. Open GIMP. Click on "file" up in the corner. Click on "open" once the file menu comes up.

Select the photo you want to edit, and open it. (You will need to know WHERE in your computer you have stored your photos - - - you are on your own for that part)

Once the photo is opened, look on the GIMP menu which is open on the left side of your computer screen.

You will see a lot of little tools there. So far I only know how to use the "crop" and now the "pencil" tools. (See - - - I TOLD you it is LUDICROUS that I'm teaching a computer tutorial!)

If you hold your cursor over each tool symbol, words will miraculously appear which tell you what the tool does. Right click on the pencil tool (which looks like a pencil - - - go figure!)

Once you have clicked on the pencil, some choices will pop up. You will need to click on the "color" box and choose the color you wish to use. So far I've only selected white - - - that taxed my abilities plenty.

Next, there will be a tiny box with a circle in it. That circle is the SIZE your pencil line diameter will be on the picture. Click on that box and a CHOICE of pencil line diameters will come up. Click on the one you like.

(photo from and doctored by Keepie)
Now, place your cursor over the picture, hold down the left click, and begin writing. You will end up with something like this.

WARNING - - - I have not yet figured out how to UNDO the writing, so plan before you write. I'm SURE there is an undo button somewhere, I just have yet to find it.

I did my writing while my picture was unresized, so I was writing on a BIG photo - - - made the writing process easier. When I resized it, the writing got smaller too.

Have fun - - - hope this helps.

OK all you Broyles children, you may stop laughing and go change your pants now. Mama says.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thanks. I put it in my favorites and will go back and try it out.
You did a great job explaining it.

j said...

I love that you taught something and then said 'I'm not sure how to undo it.' I just cracked up.

I use the paint program on my computer to write on pics. My daughter had to show me how to use it :)

j said...

I think I am going to steal one of your quotes for my sidebar. Surely you don't mind... *insert puppy eyes and weak grin*

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Okay - NOW I'm the new kid on the block! I really did think it went through earlier.

Funny - I just wrote on a graphic picture for my post tomorrow. Something new for me. I did mine on Photobucket.

I understand about the kids.....


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am laughing right now but it's because my kids roll their eyes at me when I mention trying to do stuff on the computer also. But to be honest they get to technical like I know what the heck they are YOU, I understand what you are saying and I'm going to try it! See you did teach us something!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Oooh, you use the little pencil icon - I see! I think if you go to the top of the page there is an EDIT button - if you click that there should be a spot in that drop down menu that says "Undo" and that could erase what you've done.

Great job explaining :) It must be the teacher in you lol

Cute little badgers? Why would you pick that animal anyway??

Kristin - The Goat

Jewel said...

Check out
It's really easy... my mom could probably even do it too! ;D

nancygrayce said...

I understood everything you said! And that's interesting in itself!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

will try this out!