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Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Teas" Are A Few of My Favorite Things - - -

I realize "things" really aren't very important. They have no eternal value. And yet I confess, I do have some favorite things - - - little treasures.

While I did not find any of these in a "thrifty" manner, I am linking to Leigh's "Thrifty Thursday" at her request. Welcome to my blog if you came here for the first time today via her Mr. Linky.

Way up there on my list are "tiny fine china tea things." This is one of my antique children's tea sets. It is large enough to be what I would call demitasse.

I found this little set in Monterrey, Mexico. It is glazed pottery and each mug is about an inch high.

Demitasse teapot with matching sugar and creamer.

I bought this set new in 1997 - 12 years ago - so I guess technically it isn't an antique yet.

Who wants to come have a tea party with me? I think we could just about make two cups in this little rosy gem.

Sometimes when we're on vacation I look for a new treasure. I found this one on one of our infamous summer Hayward, Wisconsin treks.

This demitasse cup and saucer was a gift from my friend Vangie. The child's "toy" tea cup and saucer is an antique, it was made is occupied Japan.

Straight from Cracker Barrel - - - a china tea-spoon.

The rest of these pictured items are all demitasse sugar and creamers. This one is English china covered with a gold glaze and and nestled on a matching leaf tray.

From one of my Hayward trips.

These violets are way up on the top of my favorites list.

This was my first demitasse set. It was given to us as a wedding gift by my Aunt Janet. I guess it's probably an antique by now, being 34 years old! If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see that I managed to break the creamer. I can't remember now how I did that - - - but I know it was all my fault.

By the way, the dresser scarf upon which they are sitting was embroidered by my paternal grandmother as part of her hope chest.

Coming soon to this blog: more favorites!!!



I can't find my blog said...

cups like this remind me of my grandmas. I luckily got some of their things.

I love your violets!

Keetha Broyles said...

Headless - - - did you notice TWO of my sets have violets? I have another violet item - - - not part of a tea set - - - to post at a later date too. I'm going to see if you notice it! :-)

haley said...

i LOVE the set you got in mexico! i just don't have an eye for stuff like that, but it's something i would have had to have if i had found it!

Keri said...

Is the cheese dish from Grandma a similar pattern to the violet set you bought for $33.99?

I knew you had several of these sets but I didn't realize you had THAT many!

P.S. My word verification is "cower". So I COWER at your tea-set-collecting prowess.

Anonymous said...

The ladies from our church are having a "tea" next weekend. You should come down and see if there are any tea sets you like! :-)

My word verification is "unched" not sure where to go with that one!

Jewel said...

I too really like the set from Mexico!

Are these all sitting around your house displayed or did you just get them out for a photo shoot for your blog? haha

Martin LaBar said...

Ah. Confession, the last resort of bloggers.

Nice stuff. Monterrey, eh?

Keetha Broyles said...

Yes Jewel, these are out and about in my house. I even have a few others I didn't show here.

Keri - - - the cheese dish will be in another post, and it is similar yet completely different than my other violets.

Shannon said...

I did not know this about you. I'm sure little Piper will want to have tea parties with you someday!

Keetha Broyles said...

Ah - - - but we'll have to get her OLD enough to NOT break any of them, won't we????? I didn't show it on here, but we DO have a plastic modern-day Disney tea set for the kids to play with.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

LOve. Love. Love!!!

Join me for thrifty Thursday this week is you can!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Once again...I just love your sets. Gorgeous! When I do come up to IN one day, we'll have to have a tea party.

Tardevil said...

Coming over from Leigh's. I love your tea sets! My favorites are also the violets and the one you got for your wedding from your aunt=beautiful!

"J" said...

Hi!!!!! I'm here *thanks* to Leigh and her Thrifty Thursday!!!!

I use to collect Tea cups - just for the beauty!!!! Differnt ones, different colors, etc.....

Anonymous said...

wow,I love----------these.They are all so delicate and feminine.I love your treasures...Ann

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

LOVE your tea sets...I don't care where you got them. I'm usually a roses gal but there is something about that violets set that is soooo appealing.

j said...

Hey! What are all of those tea sets doing up today? It's Friday right??


Love your thrifty collections!

Carey said...

That Mexican pottery is gorgeous!

Tardevil said...

I don't know whether or not you know "Miss Janice" from the blog Etiquette with Miss Janice". She did a whole series of posts on the etiquette of tea. If you haven't read it, I thought you might be interested (I think it was in Jan.) Have a great weekend!

linda t said...

I love cool looking creamers and sugar bowl sets!
I have a little collection going on, but keep bringing out the same ole one. I must mix it up a bit.
Thanks for the reminder!

Keetha Broyles said...

Well, I never actually USE mine - - - I just collect them!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Nothing I love better than teacups, teapots, and tea parties. I have the same Sadler teapot with the little roses. I got mine for a song at an antique mall and it's my favorite of all. Mine is not in the best condition but I still ♥ love it. Thanks for all your comments and I'm so glad I've met you. I think we have a lot in common! ♥