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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Linebacker Bucky


Somebody new came to live with us on Christmas Day!!!

Just look at him - - - he LOOKS like a Wisconsin lineman - - - right down to his "snub" nose.

Currently he is "living" beside the Christmas Kitty right up in the living room - - - but he has plans to descend into the Football Cave with me to help cheer the OTHER Badgers on to victory in the Rose Bowl.

"My boys" have to meet, greet, and beat the Oregon Ducks. Linebacker Bucky says he can single-pawedly beat down any duck.

I don't think he KNOWS about the Oregon Ducks. They are some MIGHTY FAST DUCKS.

I'll admit it right here and now - - - - I'm NERVOUS about the game.

If you aren't a college football fan, you can't relate to this at all. That's OK - - - I don't relate real well to scrap booking or thrifting or house "decoring".

We each have our thing.

College football is mine.

On Monday night, "my boys" will head onto the gridiron in Pasadena at the grandaddy of all college bowls - the Rose.

Russell Wilson, our "lights out" QB will lead them.

Montee Ball, our record setting running back, will RUSH. He very well may break Barry Sander's all time single season TD record during that game.

All the linemen, safeties, corners, tight ends, and even the kicker will do their part too.

I KNOW all "my boys" will play their hearts out.

They want to win more than I do - - - and that is a whole heap of a lot.

Their coaches will be coaching, coaching, coaching.

Even the REAL Bucky will go and he'll be doing push-ups on the sidelines for EVERY point scored, he'll be dancing, he'll be cheering he'll be doing ALL HE CAN DO to help "our boys" win.

And me??? What will I be doing??? I'll be down in my Football Cave,

Decked out in ALL my Badger gear - chewing holes in the chair upholstery - yelling at the TV to "spur" "the boys" on - and doing anything else I can think of to "HEP" us win.

I can TASTE the win.

And what will happen if we end up with an unwin????

Well - - - - let's just say, I shan't be very social for a while, if I even LIVE to tell about it.

On Wisconsin!!!!!!!!



42N said...

Go Wisconsin. Make sure the Big Ten wins this one - can't have the Pac 10 claim victory. Have fun cheering the Badgers on - I will do the same but after the Hawks' bowl this friday night (late.)

Ann in the UP said...

I am worried too. Those Ducks are FAST!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Don't ever make excuses for the things you are into! (Or not into!)

I can't find my blog said...

Oh, I think Bucky and the boys will pull it out. They even said so on the tv today. Don't worry though. I'm a little closer to Pasadena and I'll be yellin' so they can hear me! Granted, they'll be able to hear you too, all the way from Wisconsin, but still.