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Monday, December 19, 2011

Once Upon A Time - - -


There was a very brave little boy.

Now, this little boy did not live back in fairy tale days. Oh no, THIS very brave little boy lived in the here and now in this very real world we all call home.

When one lives in the here and now in the very real world we all call home, bad or unpleasant things can happen and we do not all live "happily ever after" without passing through our share of fire and rain. The very brave little boy was about to learn this difficult lesson first hand.

One day, when the brave little boy was visiting his grandparents in "Consin," his Papoo, who besides being a Great Fisherman also happens to be a great Medical Diagnostician, noticed a lump on the brave little boy's neck, just under his chin.

"Macky," said Papoo, for that was the brave little boy's name. "Macky, lift up your chin so I can look at your neck, OK?" Macky flashed his big trusting grin at his Papoo and did as he was asked.

Macky's mother saw the "medical look" come across Papoo's face. Knowing that her father is VERY LAID BACK about all our medical needs and frequently tells us when we present with some complaint or other to "take an aspirin and call me in the morning" she looked up with quite a level of alarm in her eyes and said, "What is it, dad???"

"I think Macky has a Thyroglossal cyst here." said Papoo.

"What is THAT? Is it dangerous?" said Keri, Macky's mom.

"It isn't an emergency or anything, but when you get home take him to your doctor and see what they want to do about it." said Papoo.

And so it came to pass that the brave little boy found himself one day, waiting in the waiting room to have that mean old something-or-other cyst surgically removed from his neck.

The brave little boy didn't fret.

He didn't cry.

In fact he was all smiles writing rhyming words and making little drawings on his magic tablet.

Later the kind nurse gave him a little room all his own with his very own TV and remote control. She took his temperature and blood pressure.

Still the little boy wasn't afraid.

He did not fret.

He did not cry.

At long last "they" came in funny looking suits, shoes, hat, and masks to wheel him away from his mommy and daddy.

Still the little boy wasn't afraid.

He did not fret.

He did not cry.

No - - - he threw up his hand, grinned, and said "Byeeeee" to his mommy and daddy as "they" wheeled him down the hallway and into the hidden and hallowed sanctums of the operating room.

It must be noted here that mommy and daddy were not quite as brave as the little boy. I wasn't there, so I cannot say for sure, but I imagine tears came into their eyes and big knots came into their tummies as they watched their brave little boy being wheeled away.

What seemed like hours later, the brave little boy was wheeled back to them. This time he simply could not smile.

But he did not fret.

He did not cry.

He just had to lie very still for the "nasty old anesthesia" he had been under moments before had made him feel very ill indeed.

But you know what??? In this very real world, even with its fire and rain, when one is truly a very brave little boy, one CANNOT be kept down for long.

And that's just how it was with our very brave little boy. It didn't take long before his smile returned to his face and he was able to eat his supper which was topped off with ice cream!!!

What a brave little boy!



42N said...

Ice cream does make for quicker recoveries. I'm glad all is well with him.

Lisa said...

What a brave little boy indeed! Much braver then this reader...for I had a lump in my throat and a knot in my tummy the whole time I was reading.

God Bless brave little boys and Fisher granddaddies that just happen to be Drs. THANK GOD! :)

Now, I'm off to google Thyroglossal and to hug my littlest girl. :)

Much love to you and that brave little boy. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas Keetha

Diana Lesjak said...

Great happy ending... I love stories about Brave Little Boys that end with Happy Endings! Great job Papoo!

Anonymous said...

He is SOOO much braver than me. Children are so resilient, aren't they? Good thing it is all taken care of now. (Personally, I think you should think about getting this cute little story published in a storybook for children. Good job!)

Tami said...

The way you told this story is beautiful! I'm glad for the happy ending of the brave little boy!

Terra said...

What a brave little boy indeed, and it is good that condition was diagnosed and treated successfully.

Brenda said...

Bless his heart! He probably did better than I would have. Glad that smile returned so quickly.

Ann in the UP said...

Truly a well told tale of bravery and Having Right Win Out in the End! Good boy, Macky!!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, bless his little heart! He is a brave boy! So thankful everything turned out o.k.!!

Shanthi said...

God bless the brave little boy! Glad that all is well. Wish Macky a Merry Christmas and Happy New year from us.

Theresa said...

Oh what a BRAVE little boy! I am so happy to hear that all went well with the surgery! Papoo deserves something extra in his stocking this Christmas:) BIG HUGS to all and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

RuthnJasper said...

What an ADORABLE little man - so much braver than I would have been!

I'm not sure, but I think Father Christmas ESPECIALLY likes lovely, brave little boys who set such a good example to everyone.

This brought a tear to my eye - what a lucky little lad he his, to grow up surrounded by so much love - and I've no doubt that, as he grows, he will do many things to make you all extremely proud.

Sometimes I worry about the future of the world - but as long as there are good men, like your little lad, around I think it's all going to be OK.

Much love to you & your family Keetha,

Jasper and Ruth xxx

Keri said...

AND he made a new friend to boot! :) This is great, Mom!