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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How About a Fun Little Panoramic Tour?


My little camera has a panorama feature that I barely ever use.

So - - - the other day I decided to give you a little pan of the place. The pictures are long and skinny. Hey, maybe I should have someone photograph ME this way!!!

Instant weight loss without all the dieting and work-outs.

Don't worry - - - I'm not doing either diets OR work-outs.

By the way, don't forget that if you click on these pictures they will get larger for a better view. That's pretty important in light of how thin and skinny these are.

This view is from the front door panning to my left. You'll notice I still have up my Christmas decor - - - and WILL have until at least the 9th of January.

What? Didn't you know the holiday season lasts all the way to the BCS National Championship Bowl Game??? Well 'round here it does.

I'm especially fond of the LARGE ornament adorning the couch. It stays around all year long. I don't have a Christmas box big enough to store it away for the off season.

This is a shorter pan of the area between the computer room and our bedroom.

The dry sink or wash stand that Sister Pam gave me is the STAR of this space. I just LOVE the bowl and pitcher and the Moravian Star candle holders.

Now a pan from the center of the room to my right toward the door. You can barely see our dining area just beyond the love seat.

Not sure what's on the telly, but taking into consideration that large couch ornamentation I'd bet, if I was a betting "man" which I'm not, it was some boring fishing show.

Yes, I said boring.

As opposed to football, which is of course fascinating.

Pan of the dining room. (From standing in the kitchen doorway.)

I was going to say there was a "pan" but no "pot" in this shot - - - then I realized there very much IS a pot in the shot - - - can you find it?

And finally, a pan of the kitchen into the dining room. You can just catch the corner of the kitchen counter top in the righthand lower corner.

And yes that IS my trash bag hanging out on the basement door. Door knobs make the BESTEST hangers for trash bags. Go ahead, give it a try.

And that completes our fun little panoramic tour.

Oh, one last thing before we go - - - Brunhilda and Borris can be seen in one of these pictures, can you spot 'em???

It's sorta like "Where's Waldo!"



Pam said...

Thanks for the perfectly pleasing panoramic picture tour. Your plan panned out rather nicely!

Erin said...

Fun! I wish they'd do that for real estate listings!

Keri said...

I'm also especially fond of that big ornament! :)

I found the pot...but I can't find the PAN!

(I see the PAM, though...har har har!)

Cindy said...

Wonderful! And, I LOVE FOOTBALL! Ain't it a great year to be a Packer Backer? My second team is the Saints, so proud of Brees. Let's see how the Huskers do in their Bowl Game...Badgers too (of course).

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Gosh it all look so lovely Keetha!
You've been holding out on us and not sharing your great decorating skills!
Happy New year my friend!
Let's really get together soon!

Tami said...

I can't find the Pot! Where are my glasses?? Nice pictures, you have a gorgeous home.

mzzbev said...

Starting at the top of your blog, thrilled with the beautiful snowy view and then to invite us into your homey warm house, mmmm I can already smell the pot roast aromas coming from the kitchen with a football game on the telee I'd love to sip a cup of hot cocoa on your comfy sofa too. Wish my camera had a panoramic feature. Thanks for sharing and Happy Bowling and New Year!!

nancygrayce said...

Love your pan pictures! And I did find the pot!

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

podso said...

I do the same with my trash bags! Just did so today. so handy. Your camera did a good job! That's ornament on the couch is a keeper and I'd probably keep it out all year too! Lastly I always enjoy a look at "our" cabinet--we have the same one, now painted green. :-) Love it.